Sunday, October 31, 2010

Torah Codes: 5771: Atomic Threat, Bin Laden, Yemen and Geula

Yesterday a plane carrying an explosive device from Yemen, headed for the United States, was intercepted in Britain. [Full story here]

Interestingly, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson uploaded some new videos just 4 days prior to this: some new Torah Code discoveries which show that the words Yemen, Bin Laden, and atomic are encoded together.  In Video #4 of this series, Rabbi Glazerson shows that this year, 5771, is potentially the year of Geula (Redemption).

The four videos appear below:

A longer video on this subject by Rabbi Glazerson can be seen at Torah Anytime


  1. Glad to see you're writing about the Redemption again.

    Your blog continues to inspire.

    - JEOD.

  2. sweet devorah!!!

    thanks for much for this post, i am going to sell my house, leave my business head to haaretz awaiting the geula! thank you


  3. JEOD: Thanks.

    DrM: Take me with you !