Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5771 - Moshiach - A Hidden Secret in the Carmel Fire ?

Rabbi David Katz at Torah Anytime gives a wonderful shiur on 5771: The Geulah.... it may be difficult for some people to follow Rabbi Katz's gematrias, and Yaak has obligingly blogged his thoughts and explanations for those of us who need them - (see link below).

In the shiur, we learn that the word   "HaCarmel" has a gematria of 5770 (again see Yaak's blog for details) -

Click here for Yaak's blog post New 5771 Geula Predictions


  1. Devorah,

    Didn't you decide not to focus on predictions of Moshiach?

    We'll know when he comes...


  2. It's not a prediction (note the questionmark at the end of the blog title), it's an education. It's hidden codes in the Torah, which someone of my level of learning couldn't ever find or even understand until someone like Rabbi Katz makes a shiur we can download.

    I think it's a privilege to be able to listen to someone of this calibre give a shiur like this.... and he does say at the end of the shiur that we do not know when Moshiach will come.

    Nevertheless, we can hope.

  3. If you look at the last words of Isaiah chp. 60, "Be'itah Achishena/In it's time I will hasten it", if you take the word "Be'itah" and spell it backwords, you will have "Hay Tav Ayin Bet". In the word "Achishena", the 3rd to last letter is Shin. If you take it out of the 3rd to last place in "Achishena" and place it as the 3rd to last letter in "Beitah", you now have an exact spelling of "Hay Tav Shin Ayin Bet/5772." The remainder of the letters from "Achishena" are alef, het, yod, nun, hay, which have a numerical value of 74, the same value as the word "ad"(until). Therefore, this could secretly read UNTIL 5772, which could mean during 5771 until 5772 starts, or during 5772. (I am not making predictions, I'm just showing my observations which may or may not be signifficant.)

  4. Go to this link for JTF forum comments on this shiur:,51573.30.html

  5. I think every year is a potential for Moshiach appearing... We all need to tip the scales, each one of us, just do a little bit more, and collectively we'll bring Moshiach!
    Tizku l'Mitzvos!