Monday, December 13, 2010

Weather we like it or not

Before the coming of Moshiach, we will not be able to predict the weather. I have no written source for that comment, but I remember learning it a long time ago.   The weather's been strange for a long time now: one day there's global warming, and the next there's an ice age.   Don't believe anything the weathermen tell you, they really don't know.  So there's no need to worry, everything is exactly as it should be: see No Wonder Israel's Weather Is So Confusing and  Wacky Israeli Weather

Cartoon: Mordechai Becher/David Podbere


Lytamyn said...

Simple search words: Owning Weather 2025. Has been verified as in practice, not "just a research paper". The UN's recent ban on geoengineering is just "out there". They can't stop the Beast. Only HaShem can, when He's good and ready.

Joyful Living said...

Best quote ever, that always seems to apply, by none other than Reb Shabtai Zisel (aka Bob Dylan) who said wryly and concisely: *You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows*.

vincent said...

Hello to you from the other side of the earth. Just want to let you know a small little nice thingy;
The Royal Netherlands Metrological gives as a forecast for overhere from tuesday (dinsdag)Dec 21 to tuesday dec 28: 'unknown'
scroll a little down and you will see!
(verwachtingen voor dinsdag 21december t/m disdag 28 dec)
I don't remember them ever having this forecast, sometimes they say 50% change of continuing so and so and 50% change of different weather, or 60 /40 or something, but never this. Well anyway,
Bye !

Anonymous said...

Hello Lytamyn,
Seems u r a newcomer to Shiratdevorah?
As a long-time fan of this blog I think i'de write re the weather that :not "Only HaShem can, when he's good and ready but that: "Hashem is Good. Always! period!
And "He's ready" - always!
And that He acts - axactly as He pleases, exactly when He pleases. For the benefit of Mankind.
It is us, humans, who don't know bull sh--!
I dare not swear, here:) lol.
I have learned so much from this blog and I hope/trust that u will 2.