Friday, February 11, 2011

Why the world is falling apart

Forwarded to me via email (this seems to back up the words of Rabbi Ben Artzi:  The Shechinah abandoned the whole world)
Subject: from RBS list - Rav Ofer Erez - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MESSAGE

I was zoche to make it to a shiur by Rav Erez Ofer tonight who is a student of Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit"a. He said some very powerful ideas, but there was something very specific he said which I must share with you all.

The way the world receives it's sustenance is like this. It first comes into the Beit Hamikdash, then it flows into Jerusalem and then into all of Israel. Finally it goes through seventy different windows positioned around Israel out to the rest of the world. The Rav explained that even without the Beit Hamikdash, this system is still in place, however it is now happening in a hidden way. When the Temple was standing, this process was revealed to all.

He said that now all the Tzaddikim are saying that the system of outflow has now changed and that the world is no longer receiving any sustenance from Israel (the windows that flow out to the world have closed). Not only that, but whatever shefa / Divine Abundance is out there is actually receding and coming back to Israel. We will very soon be at a point where all of it has left the world and only Israel will have shefa / Divine Abundance.

He said that this is the reason why now we are seeing parts of the world completely fall apart and collapse this process will just continue and keep on getting more and more severe until there is nothing left. The more shefa that leaves the world, the more destruction and collapse will continue to befall it.

(I am now adding: Us as Jews need to take this message very seriously. If any of us live out in different parts of the world, we have to realize that there will very soon be nothing left. Things will not get better, they will just continue to get worse. Nothing of the physical world will have any value soon. Not even gold or silver, forget about it, it will all soon be completely worthless when the shefa is gone. Get out now with whatever you can and as quickly as you can and come here to Eretz Yisrael for the final redemption of our people, Amen.)

G-d bless and Shabbat Shalom,
Yehoshua ben Rachel


Devash said...

This is even scaring me now. To think that what we've waited for so long is really upon us and how can we ever really be ready?

10rainbow said...

Devash, please pray for us. i cant understand why the 70 nations refuse to wake up and do teshuva. its never too late. we of the 70 nations dont deserve to be saved but if we were deserving enough to be created for israel's sake, then definitly for israel's sake and on all your people's intercessions Hashem will punish us deservingly but will save us. the holy sages taught that noah should have outreached to the other nations but failed to do so unlike avraham. and we are children of avraham.
the holy sages taught that Hashem created everything in opposites and so i understand this to mean we of the 70 nations were created opposite to israel, so looking at us who do not ofllow the 7 laws israel will know what they should not be while we looking at israel should know what we are meant to strive for in the 6 laws given to adam and the 7th via noah. re meat.
i too feel very frightened here. no one seems to be accepting isr as the light to all nations but they do admit its all from G-d. blessings.

ratzon said...

actually, it is the reverse. the last time the shefa came to the jews first (directly) was during the first temple of shlomo hamelech. then, because of the perfect alignment of all worlds, the point between the keruvim served as a direct channel to am yisrael, thus there was incredible wealth. since its destruction, the shefa has gone first to the other nations, with israel only receiving the "crumbs". (even the second temple did not rectify this--there was no ark, no keruvim, etc.) this was a tremendous suffering for the shechina, bearer of shefa. the main tikkun mashiach brings is to restore this channel to provide direct shefa to the jews first, then to the rest of the world. this is beneficial for everyone. (or as a tsfat mekubal said a few years ago, "until now, the shefa has been descending through a sewer channel, in a little bit, it will be flowing down through a golden channel...") this is a very delicate process, since the life-force of the world is at stake and the other side is fighting tooth and nail over it. you can't turn off the old faucet completely before the new pipeline is established... (9/11 catalyzed a significant transition, since the twin towers were definitely a major financial channel for the world.)

Devorah said...

Comment from DS:

The autistics have stated similarly several months ago that the Shechinah is receding from the world returning fully to Eretz Yisrael.
The Maharsha concludes in his commentary on Talmud Sanhedrin 98a which quotes Ezekiel 32:14


"Where will the fish go when the waters congeal and cause the fish to die?
The fish will swim away from the oceans of the world returning back to Eretz Yisrael."

Since the Gemara elsewhere explains that 9/10ths of the world's blessing is given to the land of Israel, from which it flows, suddenly the Maharsha makes perfect sense to me since the bracha of fish also originate there!
Then we will see the final and complete redemption, Amen.

By the way check out the Ibn Ezra on sefer Doniel 12:11
I have been waiting for the last couple of years for his pairush to come to fruition both the starting and ending points.
"When the Northen King (Gog, the leader of all the terrorists) will take Egypt, then wait three + years until the redeemer will come and bring the redemption."

Daniel20359 said...

Why is it always "70 nations"? There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of nations. I believe that just in the Americas alone, at one point, there were over 1,000languages spoken. So, how do you group evryone outside the nation of Israel into only 70? Even just in Africa, I'm sure you'll find way more than 70.

Devorah said...

Daniel, there are 70 nations, the fact that you can count many more is just that these main 70 nations have subdivided (so to speak).

ratzon said...

a fantastic explanation in english of the structure of the 70 nations and the nation of israel can be found in the ramchal's (r' moshe chaim luzzatto) book "the way of G-d" a translation of "derech Hashem" put out by feldheim. it is in the chapter called "israel and the nations." the whole book is wonderful. thank you for such a great blog with great content.

Peace, Quiet, Joy said...

The world isn't falling apart. Illusions are collapsing. That is all. Shabbat Shalom.

Aaron said...

Hello and a good erev Shabbos! There are three descendents from whom all of the 70 nations descend from. We all come from Adam Harishon (the first man). however, Shem Ham and Yapheth are the three men that are from the time of Noach. The 70 nations stem from these men. The Egyptians that are in Egypt are not the same actual Egyptans from the time of Yetzias Mitzraim (when we lived and left Egypt) thousand of years ago. What happened was at the time of the tower of Babel we were mixed and the eact lineage of these nations is really no longer identifiable. The only lineage that is for fact is Israel Meaning, the Italians of today are not necessarily the Romans of yester year and so on. There are 70 nations plus the Nation of Israel. All other "nations" are peoples yet not nations. They may speak a multitude of languages that equal more than 70 , yet there are still 70 groups of people that are considered nations. It is much deeper than what I am able to impart..... Have a wonderful Shabbos.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Shekhinah really returns to Tzion in 5772, the year of Shmini Atzereth, when only Israel is blessed through Mashiach ben Yosef. There is no way that the Erev Rav or the Meraglim amongst our sages can stop this from happening this time around.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

As far as interpreting the 1290 days of Sefer Daniel as being from when Gog takes Egypt + 3 1/2 years, this has not happened yet. Gog Bush, Jr. never conquered Egypt and neither has Achmadinejad, who is obviously not the King of the North.

First Mashiach ben Yosef will appear and be our first redeemer, and only then will this final King of the North make an appearance. He will be the 11th horn in Daniel's vision in chapter seven. He is not yet on the scene. I believe that I read that MBY will rule for four or five years. So there is still time for this final Gog to make an appearance through the historical process since this final Gog is the one who actually divides Yerushalayim and tries to set up the PA State through force. By this time there will be no Hamas since MBY will have wiped Amalek off the face of the earth.

Moriya said...

It's the Jews who have to do teshuva. The nations have no voltage to affect Heaven.

This is what the Rabbis in the USA are saying. Isn't it interesting that they don't agree with what the Rabbis in Israel are saying?
Revolution in Egypt and what we Jews must do to prevent a worldwide Holocaust.

Moriya said...

The people in Israel who work outside Israel should also quit so that they only stay inside Israel and suffer? It doesn't make sense that they spend more than half their time outside Israel for parnassah leaving their wives and children inside Israel to hold the fort. The State of Israel does not have jobs for every Jew. The Land of Israel has plenty of agricultural jobs for Yidden, but they are not being offered to immigrant Jews. The language barrier is a big problem. I've been at both worlds. There are so many references in Tanach and our daily Siddur that Hashem will send Moshiach to redeem the Jews from all corners of the world, after he comes. That's one of his jobs.

We should focus on Teshuva, all Jews, particularly those in the Holy Land, because Jews who live in the Holy Land have a greater responsibility to maintain its sanctity than those in the Chutz. Those in EY are in the "palace", those outside are still wandering.

Devorah said...

Quoting Moriya: There are so many references in Tanach and our daily Siddur that Hashem will send Moshiach to redeem the Jews from all corners of the world, after he comes.


stuie said...

"Quoting Moriya: There are so many references in Tanach and our daily Siddur that Hashem will send Moshiach to redeem the Jews from all corners of the world, after he comes. "

So we shouldn't stress out right now about not being able to come - now - when it's dark, because mashiach will redeem us after he comes?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

When Mashiach ben David comes, then all Jews who have survived will be gathered from the four corners of the Earth. What happens in the interim is the greater concern. In which place will our teshuvah reap a harvest of Divine protection. Will Jewish communities in the Diaspora survive the worldwide rise of Amalek or the collapse of the dollar? The answer to these questions is not really known because outside of EY, there is no natural special protection for Jews who live amongst the Goyim when they turn bad. Just look at Paris and London to see to what lengths Jews have to go through to protect themselves. Perhaps, great spriritual forces will arise to protect the dispersed communities throughout the world. Perhaps. But under those circumstances the natural order is funneled through the angels of the various nations who want to block such protection. This is why Rav Kadouri five years ago recommended that everyone come now. Whatever natural disasters occur for instance are not going to supernaturally stop at Flatbush Avenue unless some supernatural wall of protection is erected at that moment. It is different in the Land of Israel. The supernatural is part of the Teva. Anyone who lives here with HaShem will tell you how parnassah here seems to come out of thin air or out of nothing. So it will be with the coming of Mashiach ben Yosef. He will arise in a very natural way apparently out of nowhere when we do teshuvah for our sins of common indecency. G-d will give us no choice but to do that teshuvah, for the alternative will be our destruction. The expulsions from Gaza and the Northern Shomron will be paid for in kind, for it will be precisely from the places in Northern Gaza that were evacuated in 2005 and the places that were unilaterally left in Southern Lebanon in 2000 that the missiles will fly. But the people will hear G-d's call, and Mashiach ben Yosef will arise here, b'kerev ha'aretz, not on Flatbush Ave. If you cannot make it now for one of a number of good reasons, so be it. But whether miracle walls arise on Flatbush Ave. is depending upon a miracle that usually does not happen outside of the Land of Israel on a regular basis. I really hope and pray that all good people, Jews and non-Jews are saved from what is about to happen. I just don't know if that will occur. It might. But we have better assurances that the Klal will be protected here. By the way, it is a very bad sign when the good Rav in the shiur has to keep asking whether those who are listening to him are thinking about what is going on in Egypt at least as much as the approaching blizzard. Also now that Ron Paul, yemach shmo, has won the latest Republican straw poll, whom will Jews vote for in 2012 after the dollar has already collapsed? Come now, if your circumstances allow, with more than your pajamas in a plastic bag.

Devorah said...

Stuie: .... we are taught that in the Final Redemption, no one will be left behind, as it is written, "…who makes plans so that no one may be kept banished." (Samuel II 14:14)

See this link: (cached)