Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to get your prayers answered

There is a very simple way to have prayers answered.  It's so simple, and yet most people haven't yet managed to achieve it.  Hashem is giving people a shove in the right direction, by making things very difficult for many of us, with no help to be found in this generation with the face of a dog.

The way to do it is to come to understand that there is nothing and no-one who can supply what you need, but Hashem.

As Rabbi Yigal Haimoff explains in his shiur Depend Only On Hashem :

Moshiach will not come until all Jews have come to the realization that there is no-one to depend on, no-one to ask, but Hashem. 

But we're not there yet.

Because even while we are praying to G-d, we are also thinking that other people can help us as well. 
Until we get to the point where we are like a newborn baby, solely dependant on its mother for sustenance and survival, our prayers will not achieve what we want them to.

The more a person is solely dependant on Hashem, the more likely it is that he will get whatever he's praying for.   But if Hashem sees that a person also relies on someone else to rescue him, G-d will say ok, that person can help you, you don't need Me yet.
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Moriya's Place said...

QuarkCherry: Hashem has given doctors permission to heal. Issues regarding health have to be relegated to a human doctor, as long as you know that Hashem is sending his refuah to you through His shaliach, a human doctor. I hope this shiur will help with understanding this.

"Permission to Heal"

in the vanguard said...

By the way, the gemora's depiction of a generation characterized by "the face of a dog" can have this meaning, as I heard it once explained:

You know how the dog sprints forward, running ahead of his master. It might seem the dog is leading his master. But in fact, the dog always turns his head to see where his master is going, and follows his master "from the front".

Similarly today, we have "leaders" who take leadership positions, but in truth keep looking over their shoulders, to see what the polls say, so they can stay in the "lead", more concerned to keep their seats than they are to lead the people.

Moriah said...

", we have "leaders" who take leadership positions, but in truth keep looking over their shoulders,..."

Like Israel, looking over her shoulder to see if she has permission to defend her people or build on her land...

in the vanguard said...

That's right Moriah - You know what I mean.

Devorah said...

The tail is wagging the dog.