Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Torah Codes

There's a lot of information from "The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin that never happened. Years that have already safely passed were found encoded with disasters that never happened.  Nevertheless, Japan is singled out to be in great danger:

"The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin warns us that a series of quakes around the world will occur: (Bloggers' note: Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, Japan....)

Hashem wants Moshiach now, and he will force the world to want the Geula (the revelation of G-d in the world).

In every vision of the Apocalypse, the final blow is a massive earthquake.

The United States, China, Japan, and Israel are all encoded with "great earthquake" in the near future.
But the one country most likely in danger is Japan, according to the Bible Code.
Japan is the country most clearly encoded with a great earthquake. It, and Israel, are repeatedly stated to be in great danger.

The nations of Iran and Libya: The text of the bible, and the code within it, seem to work together, predicting a huge destructive battle (World War III), that will begin with a battle between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations.

Another possibility- for the way the end will play out- which is encoded in the bible, is the collision of an asteroid with the earth.

Read the whole thing here:  A Perfect World Now


Moriah said...
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Devorah said...

I know. He wasn't writing for a specific event, the information in the article is timeless.

Moriah said...

What appears in parentheses is yours?

"The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin warns us that a series of quakes around the world will occur: (Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, Japan....)

Devorah said...

Yup. Sorry that wasn't very clear, I'll fix it.

Moriah said...

"...the information in the article is timeless."

That it was written two years ago makes it more disturbing/meaningful. Also the mention of Libya..

DrM said...

hold on . . was this in Drosnin's original bible code book? that was written like 10 years ago?!?! are sure? I had that book but i threw it out since there were so many things in it that never came true. but this is crazy!! which book are you pulling it from and what edition?!?!


Devorah said...

I had the book too, but I lent it to someone and never got it back.

I don't know which book it's from, but I do know the blogger who published it, and he doesn't make things up..... if I can get in touch with him (I lost his email address) I'll ask.

Rivka said...

It is incredible to read the article, A Perfect World Now, written in May of 2009 and see there what is happening now--Hard to dimiss Bible codes!!

Xtremeblue said...

I read bible code 1 and now am on 2.
The first book mentions japan and earthquake and atom. Well, we had an earthquake in japan and of course the nuclear meltdown of the plant in Fukushima. Perhaps the dates are not exact since the torah is alive and ever changing. 5 futures 5 roads and perhaps 5 different time frames.