Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tests of Integrity

Art: Mike Worrall
 In Pursuit of Parnassah (c)  Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser

R’ Yisroel of Rizhin noted that one of the major challenges that people will face in the ikvesa d’meshicha – the days before the arrival of Moshiach -- will involve economic issues and financial matters.

The gemara describes two phases of life as being “koshin k’krias yam suf – as difficult as the splitting of the Red Sea”: Shidduchim [Sotah 2a] and parnossoh [Pesachim 118a].

The Bobover Rov zt”l makes an observation concerning the commonality in both of these. He notes that when a person gets married his task is to establish a home that is a bastion of commitment, a beacon of light, and a foundation for spiritual growth. The person must build up his emunah in Hashem and evoke the Siyata D’Shmaya in order to make progress in this yeoman undertaking. Similarly, providing a steady income for one’s family is an equally arduous task, and the person’s emunah in Hashem is often put to a demanding test.

The ultimate challenge is to ascertain whether the individual will remain on the derech ha’emes (the path of truth)  through any difficulties he encounters. Despite adversity, will the Yid be able to continue upholding the Torah, carefully follow the halacha, and always realize that Hashem is the provider Who runs the world? Will he remain resilient in his belief that it is Hashem Who grants us our livelihood and bestows us, as well, with a life partner?

A primary principle to keep in mind concerning the pursuit of parnassah, is that one must always be trustworthy in business, his integrity must be unconditional, and all his dealings must be legitimate, with a strict adherence to all the pertinent halachos. When we want Hashem’s bracha to descend and direct our parnassah, we have to ensure that all our own exertion in this effort is scrupulous.

It is noted that we say the tefillah, “Yisgadel v’yiskadesh shmei rabbah – May His great Name be exalted and sanctified". How do we pay tribute to the Ribono Shel Olam? The first letter of each of these four words (the roshei teivos) – yud, vov, shin, reish – spells “yosher” meaning honest and straight. The most noble way of glorifying Hashem’s Name is through one’s integrity, personally and in business.

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Leah said...

Beautiful. Very true. I know money is a test for us right now. For so many yidden it is - really. It's all over. Even many wealthy yidden are having financially hard times. It is a day to day test and yet there is so much ruchnius potential in it as well as knowing that we are not the only ones and it's relation to these days that we live in influences me to think that it sounds like Hashem wants Jews to be united in our efforts to come back to Hashem.....

Devorah said...

As another Devorah said to me, Hashem is showing us all (at the end of days) that we can't rely on anyone or anything, only Hashem.

Leah said...

Yes, very true. Emunah is the key.