Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teshuvah: Transcending Time

Teshuvah has the power of retroactivity, for although the past is no longer under a man's prerogative, nevertheless G-d, Who is beyond any category of time and therefore transcends the categories of time and limitation - has endowed teshuvah with a special and wonderful quality, by means of which man can regain mastery over his past.

Moreover, by means of this special power of teshuvah, man is able not only to render the past neutral and ineffective, but he can even reverse it and turn it into something positive. as our Sages of blessed memory expressed it: "Willful wrongs become, in his case, as though they were merits" [Yoma 86b]

"This power of teshuvah, whereby man is enabled to regain control over the past, is possible because, on the one hand it is derived from a source which transcends the category of time, as mentioned above.....

"....and, on the other hand, it is drawn upon fully and implemented in a way that it permeats the whole being of the repenter, reaching to the very core of his Divine soul, which likewise transcends time and change, and always "remains loyal to Godliness" because it is "verily a part of Godliness above".

Source: Excerpted from a public letter written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe during the days of Selichos 5720 - [Gutnick Chumash]

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