Monday, June 13, 2011

Up-dated: Collapsed Church - New Zealand Quake

Buildings have been evacuated and at least two people rescued from a collapsed church as Christchurch was rocked by a number of aftershocks, the largest measuring 6.0 in magnitude.

Further big aftershocks continue to rock the city, as reports flow in of further building collapses and building damage.

Police said St John's Church in central Christchurch had collapsed trapping two people, who had been rescued.
Source: Rotorua Daily Post

New Zealand:  Christchurch has been struck by a powerful 5.5 magnitude earthquake which was felt as far south as Dunedin.
The quake was at a depth of 11km, centred 10km south of Christchurch, off the coast of Sumner.

".....there was severe shaking with the ground "moving side-to side......People started running out of the building, they were quite frightened."
The shake was felt in Ashburton, Timaru and Dunedin.
Damage report
There have been reports of liquefaction bubbling up from the ground in the central Christchurch suburb of Richmond and the outer suburbs.

Source: NZ Herald


Anonymous said...

correct me if i am wrong, but is not the new zealand pm a jew, albeit, non observant. both his parents are said to be jews, however, it is also said that he gives much donations for jewish causes. i hope and pray if the above is true, he will wake up to his holy heritage and be first a practising jew and then a pm.

Devorah said...

10rainbow: the NZ PM is technically Jewish, but I don't think he likes to be reminded of it. He went along with the ban on Jewish shechita for cattle, (although in NZ chickens can still be killed in a kosher way, cattle can not) - but I believe that was due to political/financial reasons and not because he has anything against Jewish slaughter methods.

Almost off topic: but kosher cheese/kosher powdered milk is produced in NZ and exported to Australia and round the world.