Friday, June 10, 2011

Ontario: Another Church Steeple Down

The high winds tore the steeple off this church in Sarsfield, Ont.

Severe weather is sweeping across southern and central Ontario, leading to at least one reported death on Wednesday and spawning several tornado reports.

East of the city, in the rural community of Sarsfield, high winds tore the steeple off the St-Hugues Catholic Church, which was built in the late 19th century.

That would be the fourth steeple destroyed this year

Source: CBC News

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Jonathan said...

At the ideal time to pray Maariv early (7:22) we started getting olive-sized hail. This, on a day that was 37deg. C earlier.

The storm was seemingly directly overhead here in Thornhill - no delay between thinder and lightning. In fact, I'm sure the thunder created a number of sonic booms, judging by the sound. I've never heard a storm so intense, nor seen one so close!

I immediately read my young kids what Moshe experienced on Sinai, and what day this was, and davened jile they enjoyed the storm.

"I'm scared Dad!" said my 4 year old... But I assured him, "Don't worry, we're safe and protected. This is just a reminder for everyone."