Friday, June 24, 2011

Torah vs Hawking - 2012 and beyond

Rabbi David Katz has uploaded a fascinating 5-part video shiur.  If you're interested in Comet Elenin, the earthquakes and volcanoes, the Temple Mount UFO , the 2012 theory, the Mayan calendar, The God Particle and the Hadron Collider, time travel, Stephen Hawking, the cardinal cross in the sky,solar flares, the eclipses and the summer solstice, 666, the secret of the number 6, Daniel's 1290 days, mincha gedola and the coming of Moshiach..... you'll find it all here. 

Also see: The Case for a 5772-based Geula


  1. Quite fascinating. If only I understood more of the physics.

  2. I listened to the tapes. They are a bit over my head- although fascinating......