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Baba Elazar zt"l, Judgments and Moshiach ben Yosef

The murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira, the “Baba Elazar” on Thursday night saved the people of Israel from other tragedies, leading rabbis said Friday.

“Harsh punishments were decreed on the people of Israel, and he wanted to nullify them,” said the slain rabbi's brother, Rabbi Baruch Abuhatzeira, also known as the Baba Baruch, speaking at Rabbi Abuhatzeira's funeral. [Israel National News]

The following is written by Rabbi Yaakov Bar Nahman

Masa’ei 5771 (?5951?)

Our parshah opens with the telling of our travels and tribulation through the wilderness. It is known that the lives of each of us also go through a series of travels and tribulations paralleling those of our ancestors in the wilderness. Some more obvious than others. Later on in the parshah it is brought what is to be done with a man who kills another. If by accident, then he runs off to the Ir Miklath to escape the avengers. If by intent to murder, then he may not and is to be put to death.

We also know that every parshah hints to what happens that week.

Knowing that something is going to happen is not always insurance against shock. People in close contact with me have been hearing me saying that there is a heavy ‘din’ [judgment] on Am Yisrael, and that heavy hard things are coming. With the tragic horrifying murder of Leiby Kletzky zassa”l in Boro Park we saw a Korban Ssibur [sacrifice for the sins of the public] for our brothers/sisters there. Aside from the horror of the actual event, how many people took more notice than that? In our circle [don’t ask for explanation] we asked  amongst ourselves “What next? What is this a part of?”

Then when the Admo’r of Spinka zassa”l passed away this week, the concerns grew larger. We realized that the ‘din’ is as heavy as we read it, if not more so, and that HaShem is taking the clean and pure ones as ‘kaparah’ and we started to worry more. Especially so, since we are now in the three weeks of Bein Hameissarim [3 weeks between 17th of Tamuz and 9th of Av] which is always a time of din.

So you ask if HaShem is taking them as kaparah on the nation, why worry - we go free, no?  No it’s not that simple. That is NOT the way of eternal truth. That concept of a person going kaparah for all your sins and you walking away free is PART of the mistake of the xtian cult.

Look back at the laws of the korbanoth of the Mishkan/Beit HaMikdash. The pardon from HaShem was NOT automatic. Slaughtering a calf or goat or bull did NOT automatically clean anyone from sin!  First was needed the conscious intent of transmitting the stigma of the sin onto the animal.

Then of great and absolute importance, it required a conscious intent of realization of one's wrongdoing, of true desire of stopping the habit, of regret, of asking HaShem for forgiveness and, if the act caused sorrow or damage to anyone, you had to ask forgiveness of him/her and repair what needed repair. All these are stages of tshuvah. Without tshuvah the sacrifice did NOT help the person one mite! Quite the opposite is true. For by slaughtering the animal without doing tshuvah it was a purposeless killing and an attempt to con HaShem. Woe to one who would do such a foolish move!

The horrifying death of Leiby Kletzky zassa”l and sorrowful passing of the Spinka Rebbe zassa”l only work as kapara if the communities do tshuvah, and if they/we don’t then oy vavoy!

There is a Midrash called “Milkhamot HaMashiah” wherein the end-times evil king who is destined to cause more suffering to Bnei Yisrael than any previous ruler in history is identified. This evil beast is mentioned as “the one whom the Gentiles call the anti-xst.” In Muslim literature he is called Arimahn. In Torah literature he is called Armilus. The identity, origins and role of Armilus have been documented in Torah literature since the days of the 2nd Beit Mikdash.    

Saadia Gaon's Tradition of Armilus
Saadia Gaon [born 892; died 942] is the earliest trustworthy authority that speaks of Armilus. He mentions the following as a tradition of the ancients, hence of the eighth century at the latest: If the Jews do not prove themselves worthy of Messianic salvation, God will force them to repentance by terrible persecutions. In consequence of these persecutions, a scion of the tribe of Joseph will arise and wrest Jerusalem from the hands of the Edomites, that is, from the xtians; the Arabic text of Landauer, p. 239, has correctly "Jerusalem," and not "Temple," as in the Hebrew translation, which has it owing to an erroneous interpretation of the Arabic "al bait al muḳaddas." Thereupon the king, Armilus, will conquer and sack the Holy City, kill the inhabitants together with "the man [Messiah] of the tribe of Joseph," and then begin a general campaign against the Jews, forcing them to flee into the desert, where they will suffer untold misery. When they have been purified by sorrow and pain, the Messiah Ben David will appear, wrest Jerusalem from Armilus, slay him, and thereby bring the true salvation.

Armilus appears frequently in the later Apocalyptic Midrashim, such as Midrash Va-Yosha, Sefer Zerubbavel, and Nistarot shel R. Shimon b. Yohai. He is also mentioned in the Targum pseudo-Jonathan, Yishayahu. 11:14 and in the Targum Yerushalmi A [Dvarim/Deut. 34:3]. Armilus is first mentioned otherwise in Saadiah Gaon's Emunot ve-De'ot [Ma'amar 8], apparently under the influence of Sefer Zerubbavel. The legend of Armilus thus originated not earlier than the beginning of the gaonic period. Its basis, however, is the Talmudic telling of Mashiahh Ben Joseph, who would be slain at the gates of Yerushalayim in the war between the nations prior to the redemption that would come through Mashiahh Ben David [Suk. 52a]. In Otot ha-Mashi'ah [Midreshei Ge'ullah, p. 320], there is reference to "the Sat’n Armilus whom the Gentiles call Anti-xt" but this is no proof of Xtian influence.

Armilus and his evil deeds are described in detail only in the above-mentioned later Hebrew Midrashim now republished with detailed introduction and valuable notes, by J. Even Shemuel [Kaufmann] in his Midreshei Ge'ullah [1942, 1944]. Armilus is the least of the kings, the son of a bondwoman, and monstrous in appearance [Midreshei Ge'ullah, Sefer Eliyahu, 42; Yemot ha-Mashi'ah, 96–97; Nistarot shel R. Shimon b. Yohai, 4, 195; see also textual variants, 382b, 402]. He is frequently referred to briefly as "the son of a stone." This brief reference is fully explained in a legend: "They tell that in Rome there is a marble statue of a beautiful maiden, fashioned not by human hand but by the Holy One blessed be He, who created it in His might. The wicked of the nations of the world, the sons of Belial, come and warm her and lie with her (*), and He preserves their seed within the stone from which He creates a being and forms it into a child, whereupon she splits asunder and there issues from her the likeness of a man whose name is the Sat’n Armilus, whom the Gentiles call Antixt. He is 12 cubits tall and two cubits broad, there is a span between his eyes which are crooked and red, his hair is golden-colored, the soles of his feet are green, and he has two heads [can be interpreted as what has been called “double-speak” typical of certain politicians]" [Pirkei ha-Mashi'ah, in Midreshei Ge'ullah, p. 320]. Though the physically monstrous depictions can also be parable-type aspects and not actual physical features.

This Armilus will deceive the whole world into believing that he is God and will reign over the entire world. He will come with ten kings and together they will fight over Yerushalayim, and Armilus will slay Mashiahh Ben Yosef, as well as many righteous men with him, and "Israel will mourn for him as one that is in bitterness for his only son" [cf. Zech. 12:19–12]. Armilus will banish Israel "to the wilderness" and it will be a time of unprecedented distress for Israel: there will be increasing famine, and the Gentiles will expel the Jews from their lands, and they will hide in caves and towers. Armilus will conquer not only Yerusahlayim but also Antioch [the capital of Syria, where non-Jewish Xtianity originated—Acts 11:26]. "He will take the stone from which he was born," and make her "the chief of all idolatry." All the Gentiles will bow down to her, burn incense and pour out libations to her, "and whosoever will venture to look upon her will be unable to do so, for no man can look upon her face by reason of her beauty" [Sefer Zerubbavel, in Midreshei Ge'ullah, p. 80ff.]

[*= There is a source that claims that this statue is in the sub-basements of the Vatican and that there is a secret group of “chosen” members of that building's officiators who do exactly that there.]

This creature, Armilus by name—the Gentiles called him Anti-xt, will set himself up as Messiah, even as God Himself, being recognized as such by the sons of Esau, that is, by the xtians. He outwardly agrees to accept as his doctrine the Gospels, which the xtians lay before him.

After an interval of forty-five days, during which the Jews unworthy of the Messianic glory die out [compare the similar statement in reference to the liberation from Egypt], and the remnant have shown their true worth in sore trials and bitter sufferings in the desert, the Angel Michael will blow his trumpet; then the Massiahh ben David and Eliyahu will appear, gather the dispersed of Israel, and proceed to Jerusalem. Armilus, inflamed against the Jews, will march against the Massiahh. But now HaShem HIMSELF will go to war against Armilus and his army and destroy them. The Army of HaShem made of the Angels and the Teli will do the work while humankind has found themselves unable to fight the terrible beast Armilus.

As I have said many times before, the war is not only a physical military campaign. The central fields of battle are spiritual and moral. The influences upon our people in all currents of Jewish society from one end of the spectrum to the other are hot fields of battle.

Now with all that as an introduction let me proceed. This past week I felt the din on our nation becoming heavier and heavier. This I heard also from a colleague. For the past two weeks I’ve been telling myself that I have got to go visit Rabi Baba Elazar while he’s still alive.  Then I asked myself “What do you mean still alive? He’s not that old, he’s about my age, maybe even younger”. There had been increasing talk of him being Mashiahh ben Yosef or at least very closely connected. This yom shlishi Baba Sali zessavek”l appeared in a dream to a family member stating that there is a gzar din [a sentence of heavenly judgment] on the family, beware.

From the following day I started getting “bad feelings” that something really hard is about to happen. I was “waiting for the other shoe to drop”.

What I did not know at that time was that a melamed [teacher] in a Talmud Torah [cheider/boys’ elementary school] in the hhareidi city of Elad told his young students “Boys, pray that no one kills Mashiahh Ben Yosef”. An odd statement to plop before little boys.

Last night at about 11pm M I started doing some paperwork for my Yeshiva. Then I felt something “off” and time disappeared. I don’t know where ¾ of an hour disappeared to. At 12:30 with immense effort I managed to continue typing and faxing the letters. The effort required to do my normal night studies, Tikun Hhassoth and bedtime seder Kriyath Shema were like running uphill with full battle gear plus. I felt super exhausted, couldn’t see straight. Plopped into feeling half dead. I dreamt of an announcement of a big mekubal dying and discussing what is done in the Heavenly Court with him. Into the dream appeared also the current president of the USA whom I have said several times that I strongly suspect that he is Armilus, or at least a major agent of that monstrous false messiah king whom many Jews [JINO’s] will foolishly support in his attack on Israel. I knew something was up but what?

This morning while praying shahharit the puzzle came clear.

That very same melamed from Elad had gone to Rabi Elazar’s regular nighttime kabalat kahal [receiving visitors asking for his blessings and guidance]. He entered the Beit Kneset shouting “Pikuahh Nefesh Pikuahh Nefesh!” [S.O.S.]. Everybody stood aside and let him pass them by to get to the door of the Rav’s room. The shamashim [assistants] of the Rav stood aside too and let him in and everyone, including the shamashim [who usually never left him alone] left the room. A minute or so later the man from Elad left the room and drove away in his car. The shamashim entered the room and saw Rebi Elazar zessavek”l had “fainted”. Then they noticed the blood.

One or two of them fainted on the spot. They screamed “bloody murder, the Rabi has been murdered" and several men in the Beit Kneset fainted as well.

Police were notified and closed all exits of Beer-Sheva and caught the murderer near an exit.

Oy yoy, willy wy what a loss!!!! I tell you now loud and clear. Even people close to him, people who turned to him for every question, did not know how big and important he was for Am Yisrael, and if so then for the world at large as well.

I was in shock. Knowing that something heavy was coming helped none. I was in shock and still am. It took me a couple hours to be able to collect my mind to be able to continue praying.

I remember a couple decades ago when Baba Sali zessavek”l and Baba Meir zessavek”l were notified the same type of message regarding Baba Sali himself and that Baba Meir pleaded before the Heavenly Court that they take him instead and so they did. However they still took Baba Sali zessavek”l a year later.

Baba Sali’s holy grandfather Rabi Yaakov zessavek”l Hay’d was also murdered. That was by an Egyptian Arab who stabbed him to death. Rabi David Abuhhassirah zessavek”l Hay’d was murdered by a Moroccan Arab governor who had him shot out of a cannon.

These holy and pure men went as kaparah Korbanoth Ssibur for Am Yisrael. We ALL have to do tshuvah, seriously and fast.

All the more in this one where is a BIG chance that yes there is a connection to the concept of Mashiahh Ben Yosef.

But you ask how can this be - after all he was murdered in Beer Sheva and not at the gates of Yerushalayim? Now hear that our great teacher Hahhakham Rabi Ben Ssion Aba Shaul zessavek”l taught us that any city here which is a town of Torah has the aspect of Yerushalayim. There in Beer Sheva where Rav Elazar’s home and Beit Kneset and Beit Midrash are is a “town of Torah”. Also being as he is buried in Har Hazeitim [Mount of Olives] which is definitely a gate of Yerushalayim. All this fits the picture well enough.

Is there a good possibility that this stage of the Armilus tract is unfolding? Yes. Do we know for sure? Those who say openly and clearly don’t know; those who know won’t say openly and clearly. Not yet anyhow.

Only this we do know - that yes things are moving, moving fast and heavy and the tempo is picking up.

It’s high time for all of us to get our acts together. What this means I’ve been telling you for some months now. More than that I cannot say.


shimonmatisyahu said...

Check out my latest post #113- "We Are All ONE"- at for the Torah take on the murder of the kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Abu-Hatzera, in relationship to the murder of Leiby Kletzky a few weeks ago - and the similarity of the Hebrew names of the murderer and murdered IN BOTH CASES. This is a MUST read for every Jew who clearly wants to do something to help Klal Yisrael.

Shudiil Moorgan said...

what do this generation's sages say concerning the younger jewish 1/2 brother of current muslim-christian president?

Shudiil Moorgan said...

"Ruth Ndesandjo
Born Ruth Beatrice Baker, in US c. 1937, to Maurice Joseph Baker and Ida Baker of Newton, Massachusetts. Ruth was a 1954 graduate of Brookline High School in Brookline, Massachusetts, and a 1958 graduate of Simmons College in Boston with a degree in business. Ruth was a suburban elementary school teacher when she met and began dating Barack Sr. in Cambridge in June 1964, a month before Barack Sr.'s return to Kenya in August 1964. Ruth followed Obama Sr. back to Kenya five weeks later, and married Barack Obama Sr. in Kenya in a civil ceremony on December 24, 1964. Barack Sr.'s third wife and later a private kindergarten director in Kenya. Ruth's two sons with Barack Obama, Sr., are Mark and David Ndesandjo; her third son, Joseph Ndesandjo, was born c. 1980 from a subsequent marriage to a Tanzanian man named Ndesandjo.

Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo
Barack Obama's half-brother, son of Ruth Nidesand and Barack Obama Sr. He runs an Internet company called WorldNexus that advises Chinese corporations how best to reach international customers. Mark graduated from Brown University, studied physics at Stanford University, received an MBA from Emory University, and has lived in Shenzhen, China, since 2002. Through his mother, he is Jewish and is married to Liu Xuehua (also spelled Liu Zue Hua in some reports), a Chinese woman from Henan Province. He is also an accomplished pianist. In November 2009, he held a press conference for the upcoming publication of his semi-autobiographical novel Nairobi to Shenzhen, and stated that he also planned to write a proper autobiography which would go into more detail about his relationship with Barack Obama.

David Ndesandjo (1967–1987)
Barack Obama's half-brother (also known as David Opiyo Obama), son of Ruth Nidesand and Barack Obama Sr. Killed in a motorcycle accident."

Respectfully Devorah, information with regard to Joseph ben Ruth is scant, yet fairly public, but should be confidential to your burgeoning flock, who should accelerate davening, please.


Eliyahu ben Keturah

Anonymous said...

Folasade said...

Can the murderer now claim Hashem made me do it -to cancel out a harsh decree on Israel !!

A lot of the non tanach sources and bloggers prognostications and exegesis are so dangerous.

What Hashem said in the tanach is the Geulah and Maschiac will come for sure. Who, How, When is completely in His hand and no one will ever know til it actually happens.

The human mind can't be blank, everybody who is watching and waiting for the geulah have their geulah lenses view and interpretation of world events. GUESSES are not bad as long as they are not passed off as divinely (or ruach hakodesh) inspired exegesis or information.

Devorah said...

Shudiil: "burgeoning flock" - that's funny.
I don't think Obama's brother is problematic, whether he is Jewish or not. It's the Big O himself we have to worry about.

Devorah said...

Related: Murderer made reference to MBYe

Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Big O is about to lose the economic prowess of his country. There is no way that the US comes out of this August 2nd debacle unscathed. A drop in the credit rating of US Bonds is a 100% certainty now that Boehner has passed his softer cutting bill in the House of Reps. And even with the new bill, compromise will be almost impossible because the Tea Party Repubs. will not accept any bill where Boehner caves. And Obummer will not compromise either. So now we will watch America wither. This is all happening starting on Mincha Gedolah of the 6th Millennium.

Hitler yemach shmo already accomplished most of the bloodshed that Armilius was supposed to accomplish. After the Shoah HaShem is not expecting Torah and Shabbat observance from the Klal, but he is expecting common decency for which a tinok shenishba is not exempt. This includes the area of living in countries or states which are now giving ketubot to men lying with men. This more than anything seems to be the common denominator of all this dying of Tzaddikim since NY passed its same sex marriage law over a month ago. Israel does not perform these ceremonies but does accept these Unions that are performed elsewhere, giving them equal status to properly married folk. Also the most recent lying with males parade was just a few hours before Baba Elazar's murder.

So human decency in its seven major categories known as Noachide Laws is the area which we must work on the most.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to start making the lists of dates, places and names of Jewish murders by *terrorists* and *car accidents* over the last years.

Apparently there is a systematic spiritual war being waged against Jews in Israel to undermine their cohesiveness and unity and to create an atmosphere of fear, dread, doom and uncertainty.

The murder of Rabbi Abuchatzeira is the latest - the culprit, no doubt what is known as a Manchurian Candidate. Rabbi Abuchatzeira follows a long list of those assassinated for political reasons by the *powers that be*.

The programmers of this hitman knew exactly who and why they needed to remove the rabbi. They specifically chose someone who was close to him. If anyone is following the Hebrew news on this he was in *psychiatric care* and *suffered from hallucinations that his room was being entered by madrichim at night*. This is exactly how the mind control operators do their work - through hypnotics, drugs, hypnosis, fracturing of the psyche and reprogramming the mind to murder then forget everything.

Why kill the grandson of the Baba Sali? He was simply too much of an interference in their evil plans. As soon as he was murdered, a palpable darkness descended on Israel. This is exactly what the *powers that be* wanted. This is the state in which they can now swoop down and prey on the masses and finish the job.

Anonymous said...

thanks dov bar leib. i was hoping you would comment on this as your input is always valuable and much needed. i was really shaky on reading of the holy tzaddik's brutal death. how long more???
as a noahide i fully agree with you that a human being should atleast follow the basic principles of humanity.

Leah said...

I was speaking with a learned friend earlier on Shabbat and he and I were saying that Rabbi Pinchas Winston, shlita, was saying in spoken words as well as his writings that we have no clue just how fast things are really going and how it is really speeding up. One rabbi mentions to really sit down and write out what we are individually doing wrong ant to do teshuvah and really seriously change. Work on it. I am going to do this.
We can not allow that these deaths go into a fog two weeks from now. Too much and too big is happening.....

Devorah said...

Just noticed that Rav Bar Nahmann mentions an interval of 45 days: "After an interval of forty-five days, during which the Jews unworthy of the Messianic glory die out..."

There's 45 days between 11/11/11 and Sept 27 which is three days before Rosh Hashanah, and the day before Comet Elenin comes into direct alignment with the Earth and the Sun, and may well obscure the sun.

Just saying....

Michal said...

Stupid me, but what if Hashem is trying to see how well we can protect and care for each other? What if little Leiby were the one that we have been telling Hashem we want so badly? What if it were Rabbi Elazar Abuhatzeira, what if were the next ONE OF US? How do you know WHO he could have been? What COULD have happened, what we MIGHT have merited?
What if Hashem sent us Moshe Rabbeinu and nobody cared to not kill him because he couldn't defend himself, because he was too young?
Hashem could be sending us all of these great and beautiful souls, and we do what with them?
So, how can we merit moshiach if we cannot protect his soul long enough for it to come to maturity.
What if he is telling us, "Listen, I keep sending you the leaders you keep asking for, but their souls don't want to come back anymore, if they are not even safe there long enough to live to do all of this hard work for you.
All I keep thinking, is-he could have been the one. Or this one could have, we will never know what they could have meant for Israel and Judaism. We have to love and protect each other more.
Did we drive this one away, and that one who will destroy us, we give our holiest site to in order that they can take it over and crush it?

Anonymous said...

One thought on the comet:

The Zohar (Bolok 212) foretells that the appearance of a huge comet in the heavens will portend the destruction of Rome, world calamities, earthquakes, fighting in Jerusalem, and the advent of the Moshiach! "A star will step forth out of Yaakov" (Bamidbar 24) - "if the Jews merit it, the redemption will arrive like a comet" (Ohr Hachayim)!

Devorah said...

Yes Anon, I think it is Kochav Yaakov IY"H.

Anonymous said...

Movie starring the murderer -

Leah said...

So, once again, "we need to merit it". We really need to sit down and do teshuvah or something or we will not merit it. It's very frustrating to know that The Mashiach can come and we are not bringing him. He is already on earth and we are supposed to bring him out and we are not doing so.
When are we going to wake up/ A tzaddik and an innocent were killed and we do not want anymore of these tradgedies...

Anonymous said...

the gra says explicitly in kol hator to dov leibs insightful comment the begining of geulah is delayed because of those who hate god ie the homosexual stuff out of control in western society in many places and those who hate israel ie the vatican , hamas , the erev rav !

Anonymous said...

Re Dov bar Leib's comment about Hashem not expecting the same level of Shabbos and Yom Tov observance after the Shoah is kevirah!!!

Dov Bar-Leib said...

HaShem expects Shabbat and Yom Tov observance from the 10- 15% who know better, more amongst the Sephardim than amongst the Ashkenazim because Jewish suffering in Xtian Europe was ten times worse than it was in the Muslim world. The vast majority of Ashkenazim are tinokim shenishbu. Therefore at this juncture in history, He only expects them to be decent. Sorry we cannot impose the Torah on the vast majority of Ashkenazic Jews who either reject G-d because of the visceral hatred that they have for G-d because of the intensity of Jewish suffering or because they simply deny that G-d exists for the same reason. But we can impose G-d's view of common decency, for HaShem is not mevater on issues of common decency even for a tinok shenishba. Forcing secular Jews to keep Shabbat will get us nowhere fast. Yet, in areas of common decency like the attempt to impose lying with males as an equivalent lifestyle must be met with stiff resistance. Rami Levy for instance is a decent man. He may not yet be Shomer Shabbat, but he has vowed to supply the Fogel family with food until the youngest family member turns 18. He personally drives to Itamar every week to do so. Now, do you want to call him a rasha for not keeping Shabbat?

Devorah said...

There are different levels of "keeping Shabbat". You will probably find that a large percentage of Jews who do not formally observe Shabbat, nevertheless do have a Friday night family meal every week, and keep Shabbat in their own way.
These same Jews will turn up at shul every year for Yom Kippur.

Same thing goes for kashrut. There are many levels of kashrut, for some people abstaining from pig products is all they do, but that is a big deal too.

Anonymous said...

No one said that Judiasm is all or nothing.No one is saying that a person who does not observe perfectly is a rasha. Who has such a right to judge someone else? In the same vane, no one has a right to mitigate the ultimate Torah observance as required by the Torah! Every little mitzva observed is great in Hashem's eyes. Hahem knows what to expect from whom because He put them in their situations and provided for them all the tools and opportunities to know what they need to know. So we are not to judge anyone for his or her observance. I only take offence to a blanket statement from Dov bar Leib who with one sentence has declared on Hashem's behalf what Hashem expects post the Shoah.

Devorah said...

Well he's clarified it now, so you can calm down.
Why are you so angry?
Chill out.

Anonymous said...

Why are there so many of us who are so unforgiving of imperfection - so holy who sit and contemplate the sins of other Jews(driving to shul etc) and then speak lashon hara all day long? If there is one thing I have found since discovering Chofetz Chaim' Laws of Proper Speech' is a huge percent of Jews do not know exactly what lashon hara is. They think it's gossiping or telling a falsehood about someone. Therefore they think as long as they speak what they think is the truth, it's permitted. How we judge our fellow Jew, that's how we are judged by Hashem - mida kneged mida. I wish every Jew could receive a copy of this book because once you begin to read it and grasp the concepts, the reader becomes painfully aware of how much he/she has transgressed the laws of proper speech. This is a huge obstacle in the way of Olam Haba as Hashem despises this kind of speech. And nothing separates us from loving our brother than looking at them constantly with a critical eye - looking for fault.. May we all find the good in each Jew and keep this in mind at all times..

PS: Anger is a something to be overcome. Anger is from arrogance and is a great sin. One who lashes out in anger is like an idol worshiper...