Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't Mess with Shechita

Remember the Freak Storm in Holland video last week.... the incredible lightning that struck as soon as Shechita was messed with in that part of the world ?    Melbourne Australia had a rare earthquake the other day, which shook them all up..... and here's why:

[You may read this article in the original at AJNWatch]

Were the people of Melbourne and surrounding country areas the addressees of a (not-so) gentle warning message aimed at the state and federal governments?  Saying: "Don't mess with Shechita!"

To many in the community it may indeed seem so.

Only 9 days after the Sunday Age gave front-page coverage to an ignorant and biased anti-Shechita campaign, most of the city and environs felt a 'heavenly jolt' which they claim is a forewarning of what may happen if anti-Shechita laws are implemented.

They cite as proof the case of New Zealand where last year the government declared plans to ban Shechita - under pressure from a minister who was later allegedly found to have a strong conflict of interest in the matter.

Well, we all know what has happened in New Zealand since that time. Not one, but two devastating and destructive earthquakes plus hundreds of aftershocks have almost totally destroyed life in the city of Christchurch. In fact they just had another one today - this time in the North Island.

So who knows? Maybe there is some link between Shechita bans and earthquakes...

Someone, (possibly Michael Danby and David Southwick) should pass on the message to Julia Gillard and Ted Baillieu - "Don't risk it!"

Source: WARNING: "Don't start with Shechita!"


Leah said...

It's always so interesting...on the one hand no one is allowed to state what Hashem is diong- in other words to put in Hashem's non-corporeal mouth, On the other hand, one would have to walking around with his eyes closed to not see the hand of Hashem in any of this.....

Anonymous said...

I live in The Netherlands. When the storm came, I thought immediately that this was the ' punishment ' because of the new law on kosher slaughter. We should be glad that we where punished so ‘gentle’. Or is this just the beginning?

Devorah said...

If that was the beginning, I would hate to see the end. Never seen anything like that lightning, and I am a storm watcher... take care !