Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seeing the Light

by Rav Yaakov Bar Nahman

Balak 5771

Our parshah begins with a recounting of King Balak’s fear that this immense nation that just escaped Egypt would gobble up his kingdom. Did you notice that the Bnei Yisrael did not threaten him, did not even mention going through his territory, that absolutely no mention is made of any plans against Midian? Yet in spite of that he felt threatened. And due to that imagined threat he felt a need to do something drastic to protect himself.

Notice something? Didn’t we see something like this a while ago in another state? Look back a few months. What did the king of Egypt say to his counselors when the Bnei Yisrael who lived there shortly after Yosef’s death started multiplying like rabbits?

The very same thing - he imagined a threat and begged for a drastic plot to counter that threat. If you’ll pardon the cliché, the rest is history. Guess what. Who was one of the later Pharaoh’s advisors, the one who recommended killing the baby boys? It was Bilaam. It is the very same Bilaam who is now being invited by Balak to curse Bnei Yisrael.

Before I go on in this vein, permit me please to sidetrack a bit. We need to ask why Balak and Bilaam were so worried about the Bnei Yisrael getting into the land of Israel? They posed no threat to Balak’s kingdom nor to the kingdom Bilaam dwelled in. So what bugged them so much?

Both of these men and their people lived lives full of gross base lusts and vice. Both knew that if this nation with its “almost an angel” leader Moshe, would enter the land of Israel, it would initiate a major change in the entire world. The time of gross base lusts vice would be over, gone forever. This they were not ready to comply with. They felt a need to stop such a “disaster” at any cost. They were more than ready to have the Bnei Yisrael live their lives of purity and deveikuth (adherence) to HaShem, for us to eat mahn and drink miraculously-drawn water for ever, just as long as we'd stay in the desert.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Today the U(nited) N(incompoops), the E(xtraneous) U(glies), the U(ngodly) S(tinking) Department of State along with its private army aka the CIA et al are all willing to have Jews live outside of Israel, of course under various and varying restrictions, but are doing all they can to make life here in OUR Holy Land impossible for us. The entire goal is to attempt to prevent, or at least delay, the final total Geula, chas veshalom.

Though many of them don’t realize why they are doing it, the reason behind their drives is the very same.

Wait a minute. What was that? “Many of them” don’t realize? In the highest places many governments of the world, in many influential corporations and socio-economic organisations etc, do know. In fact they are part of the mechanism of the above mentioned conspiracy.

They are “watchers” and their servants, Dark Side lords and their spiritual/mental slaves. By the way that includes some members of the government of the state of Israel. Yes.

Bilaam - the king’s wizard/sorcerer. He had a power of nevuah equal or greater than even Moshe. To understand more what is going on here as well as in past and future meetings with the power of nevuah, we must better understand what Nevuah actually means. The common translation of “prophecy” is not altogether correct. It is only a part of what nevuah is. The root of the word means to draw from, as in drawing from a well or spring, to bring. The Navi has power to draw from THE source of power. Most of our children are born with more or less of an innate gateway to attain this ability but through the years lose it. This ability can be developed further until actual ability to use it is attained. Some people are given it to some extent or other as a gift.

Yet this gift or developed ability can be a two-way sword, a trap. Attained in purity and humility, used in purity and humility, it can lead a person (yes - man or woman) to the highest of spiritual heights. However if not in purity, if rather in arrogance and impurity, it will lead one into being a tool and eventually slave of the Dark Side of the very force behind it.

Bilaam was such a one. He was not the first and not the last. He was a lord of the Dark Side, The Sitra Ahhra. Mentions of this alliance are in old books of kabala and in the scroll of “The Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness” from the Dead Sea scrolls. Read by surface understanding one merely sees it as a fantastical story of a war between the Israelites vs. the Romans. Read with a deeper view and understanding of what goes on behind the curtains and see that this scroll was not preserved for naught, that there is a real and Divinely-guided reason why it was finally found in relatively recent times. One can realise that it is an analogy of what is yet to come. One also realizes that we are being taught that there really is a high force and that a Light Side = good and a Dark Side = evil, and that there is to be a final war between them.

Moshe and our other “Light Side” prophets were able to do phenomenal feats, so why would anyone go and get himself involved in the Dark Side? The answer to that question in terms that most people will understand we can find in such an unlikely place as a popular movie. A few decades ago there was a series of movies relating a long ongoing war between the sides of Light and Dark. The key characters were men who could use spiritual powers drawn from a high source known as “The Force”. Yet as in real life this “Force” had a Light side and a Dark side. The Dark Side armies had slaughtered almost all the “knights” of the Side of Light and had conquered most of the galaxy. In that series there was an aged sage of the Side of Light named “Yoda”, apparently the last remaining of the old group of Light Side knights. A young new apprentice to the Light side asked this “Yoda” “Is it true that the Dark side of the force is more powerful?”

Now pay close attention to his answer, for it is important in your understanding of what happens in our real life world.

“No, it is not more powerful; only easier to use. It is more seducing. One feels as if one gets more power quicker and easier. However it enslaves those who use it.”

This is what happens when a person tries to get to spiritual powers without going to the path of purity and humility. This happens to him/her even if originally the desire was to go for the side of Light. The dark side latches on to anyone who is not striving for purity and humility. Remember that Chazal (our Sages) warned that HaShem/The Sh’khina stated about anyone who is arrogant: “He and I cannot exist in the same plane”. They also warned us that pride, anger and arrogance remove a person from the world.

The use of occult powers by rulers is not ancient history alone. In more recent times we saw how an insignificant illegitimately born Austrian orphan and his equally low life cronies rose to power in Germany, built an axis of evil power that threw the world into the deadliest and most destructive war ever on this planet. In Haiti a ruler there named “Poppa Doc” also ruled for decades using occult powers to attain and maintain a draconian rule of terror over his nation. These are two examples of obvious extremes. KNOW that there are many such occult powered rulers in the world. But their governments are quieter about it. It is not as obvious. But it IS there.

Along with that the common people are being inundated with occult implements for controlling them without their knowing it. They are being made to feel at “everyday comfort” level whilst being surrounded by vice and occult. KNOW that the two go together. Vice, immodesty, drugs, licentiousness etc make a person “easy pickin’s” for control and for enslavement by occult forces.

The seduction is done in many ways, including very insidious ones. The dark side has lots of patience and is stubborn in its war plan.

Anybody remember the era of the hippie revolution in USA? Looked benign enough didn’t it? Now see what was behind it. Among the most popular and seemingly
benign things was a band called Crosby Stills and Nash. In an interview with Crosby (if I recall correctly) he told of the game plan. “We were out to make a revolution, to take over the country. … We knew that we couldn’t get away with physically kidnapping their kids so we did it by the music and the words of the songs. We kidnapped their minds. …”

By kidnapping their minds, he and others like him also kidnapped their souls, kidnapped to the service of the Dark Side.

Another example is seen from an interview with Mick Jagger from the rock group called “The Rolling Stones” regarding the riot that occurred during a performance of their hit “Sympathy for the Devil”. He had used a group of thugs from the “Hells Angels” motorcycle gang for bodyguards and “keepers of order” at the concert. In brief, some attendees were murdered and others wounded by these “keepers of order”. In the interview Jagger admitted that the result of playing this song always resulted in a riot. He too was into kidnapping the minds and souls of the youths.

In those days the use of various mind bending drugs had become popular. Do you see the connection? Modest dress and behavior began to disappear. Do you see the connection? Perversions become more common and openly done. Do you see the connection?

More and more countries, states and cities are working to make Kosher meat and Brit Milah illegal. There  is now an ongoing lawsuit in a city in the USA where a Jewish family is being forbidden to have a mezuzah on the doorpost of their home in a condominium. Next will be actions against public observance of our Holy days and walking about wearing a kippa etc. Do you see the connection?

World wide drug usage, perversions, immodest and perverse fashions of clothing, movies etc etc are the run of the mill. Diseases that never existed before, or were uncommon are now also run of the mill.

Do you see the connection?

You now have a USA president who rose to public eye from nowhere. He has no history. No one remembers going to school with him, being in college with him, even people who were in the very same course in the very same college in the very same year he allegedly was. Nobody but nobody remembers him. His political record was a big zero. He was known as the most non-attendant representative of his state. Yet somehow he suddenly shot up like a volcano to “stardom” and presidency. While the man who ran against him proved his legitimate right to run for president, this one did not and rather did all possible to avoid the point. Now even the “proof” that his crew advertised to the world turns out to be a forgery. Yet nothing is done by the law enforcement arms of the USA government about it. Is there any connection to the fact that his mother in law practices voodoo, that he has a miniature voodoo idol on his keychain?

These are mere examples of part of what is happening behind the scenes in our world.

But fear not, just as in that movie series, in the end the knights of the Side of Light eventually won against he Dark Side, so too it is foretold in our books of wisdom, e.g. Tanakh, Zohar, Gemara and various other books of Kabala, and promised by HaShem, who after all runs the entire world, will the “Light Side of the Force” the power of good - truth - win.

In the meantime each of us must do what we can to armor ourselves and our near and dear ones against seduction and influence by the dark side powers.  We must strengthen ourselves in modesty (but not go nuts about it like “the burka women”) and know that one must NOT be draped in blackness to be modest, behave modestly, be in humility, ask HaShem to show us each the way to HIS absolute truth, ask HIM to enlighten our eyes and heart to follow the true Tzadikim and to those who will lead us in the ways HE desires for HIS world as mentioned in parshath Eikev.

Know, hope, pray and strive for the day when the true Mashiahh will appear and do what he must do, and that it be very soon and in mercy.


squaell said...

Hello Devorah,

The article from Rav Yaakov Bar Nahman is great. Who is he ? can you post the link from where did you get it or do you have e-mail on him ?


Devorah said...

He's my new favourite rabbi, I'll forward your comment on to him.

Devorah said...

Rav Yaakov is from Beitar Ilit. He also writes on, he's close to Rav Lazer Brody shlita and Rav Shalom Arush, shilta.

Elliot said...

Congratulations, an excellent article. Was just discussing this topic on Friday night with my wife; some of the pop-stars / songwriters had something akin to nevuah, their songs became anthems for a whole generation. But, as Rashi says about Bilaam, they broke down the barriers of morality, leading to where we are today.