Monday, August 22, 2011

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(1) from the Autistics:  [HT: Andrew]

"I’m speaking not only to Chilonim and to Datiim Leumim, I am speaking to the Frum, to the Charaidim who have taken their Yiddishkeit and turned it into the Egel HaZahav. I don’t know what else to tell you. I can only tell you this for sure. You are getting now a week, maybe two, maybe three to change yourselves, because if not the full weight of the Din is going to fall on you and you will not survive to greet Moshiach.

Those who do Teshuva, who do realize what is happening, who do know that Hashem is giving us a very stern and grim warning, those true Yidden will greet Moshiach Tzidkainu bring Korbonos once again, and Be’ezras Hashem live again life in a complete way, and not with all the suffering of this terrible Golus.

I want to say that the warning that I gave is serious, very serious. Now is the time to realize what the truth is, because soon very much of the world will be absolutely destroyed and very, very much of the population of the world will disappear. I only want Am Yisroel to be saved I am very worried because it looks like most of the Yidden are fast asleep. "

Source: Dani 18

(2) from Nir ben Artzi:

The missiles sent towards Israel are done for the purpose of waking the Jewish nation from its slumber. All the Jewish demonstrations- We mustn’t forget our Divine image! It is forbidden to have wanton hatred in the Holy Land. We must achieve in a way that is decent and not hurting any Jew.  The Holy One is creating chaos in the Arab countries so that they should fight among themselves. He confuses and confounds them like He did with the generation of the Tower of Babel. Were they to know, Hashem should save us, that all of nature’s upheavals, all conflicts between nations and within nations, vascillation in economy and chaos among world leaders- ALL is in the hands of the Creator, with the purpose of removing evil from the world, and to push every Jew into Eretz Yisrael. In Europe the chaos and conflicts will continue, France will follow England, and many other nations will follow. In the near future, the gentiles will disturb the Jews in the world, looting their businesses, cars and homes. 

This is a warning- the Creator is tightening the belt around the Jews to get them to come to Eretz Yisrael!

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Bat Aliyah said...

Thanks for the mention. The link appears broken. Here's the corrected link for the full post on BatAliyah:

Devorah said...

Thanks, fixed it now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not paying any attention to the Austics anymore.. I started reading them 5 years ago and they were pouring out the hysterics then -- "it's going to happen, it's going to happen -- pretty soon, in a little while, before you know it, right around the corner, just a matter of time. I find it offensive their terms "real" Jews. The threats that if women didn't stop wearing wigs and start wearing shawls, black tights and "quiet shoes...What utter BS. Any believing Jew realizes Hashem is running this world and He is VERY ACTIVE in the world right now. But I guess even though I'm shomer Shabbos, keep kosher, dress fully covered, daven , recite tehillim, -- if I don't get black tights and a cover myself with "wide clothes," and a shawl I won't be considered a "real" Jew and I'll suffer the tortures of ghenninom.....

Devorah said...

I wonder what a real Jew is? It's the kind of thing written on anti-semitic sites..... example: "they are not real Jews, they are khazars..."

ShifraChana said...

I concur... these comments seem to reek of sinas chinam and fear... odd and out of alignment when we are taught that ahavas chinam and bitachon is key to the geula b'rachamim.

Not that we don't each have much we can work on... and must! The Lubavitcher Rebbe spoke about these issues for so long... but always with love and respect for every Jew, urging that we be responsible, stand up tall and strong and TRUST HASHEM - and show that trust to the world.

Jean-Marie Rondeau said...

Personally, I believe all self-respecting person should dress with modesty for his/herself and other's respect. I do not think anyone needs overdoing it. Colors are the marks of the creation; its obvious.

Before discrediting the sayings of the autistics and other, perhaps one should look at Rabbi Glazerson last videos ; Eilat terror attack part 1 & 2.

Devorah said...

I haven't listened to those Torah codes videos re Eilat, I'll find them and put them on the blog anyway.
Thanks JMR.

Jesterhead45 said...

I seem to remember an article where one of the Autistics is going on about how eating spicy food is sinful (how so!?) and more recently one rallying against Jews going to kosher restaurants, since it is part of a trend where Jews are copying non-Jews and becoming increasingly "Westernised" (from clothing, money, materialism, etc).

If their main point is about encouraging Jews to detach themselves from Western Culture that is currently falling apart into madness and slowly turning into something repulsive, while returning to their Hebrew / Israelite roots in Eretz Yisrael, fair enough.

Though then the question is how to does one go about detaching from the West and returning to our roots? If they are encouraging non-religious Jews to abandon say, Western dress for example, than what makes the dress of religious Jews any less Western?

After all, “the 3-piece suit is a traditional garment also known as the Sunday’s best.” (

Is it possible to post some Jewish or Kabbalistic articles / links regarding those born with physical and mental disabilities? While it is easy to say that the souls of disabled people are more spiritually elevated or connected (as someone with Aspergers I can't say I feel any of that), surely there is more to it than that because I seem to recall an article or two (maybe from KosherTorah, I’m not sure) that puts people with inborn disabilities in a less positive light (e.g. a person is born blind due to not guarding their eyes in a previous life or something similar).

Besides, what is one to make of Autistics who act more like one would expect from persecuting angels from the afterlife in spreading fear and despair? That is not going to make people whose circumstances precludes them from making Aliya, get on the first flight to Israel (and then what?)

Devorah said...

I'll try and find something about the Torah's viewpoint on being born with disabilities.

But as I understand it, before we are born (again), we are in the World of Truth, and we know what our soul needs to work on.

Therefore, for example, someone who took pleasure in listening to loshon hora during their lifetime, would choose to come back as a deaf person as a tikkun.
Or someone who has an anger problem would choose to work on that anger, and would be born with an angry temper, but would be given all the necessary ingredients in their life to work on their anger and fix it this time round. Whatever bad character trait you are born with, that is the thing you particularly need to work on. It's not an accident, or a random lottery.

Some people say that Downs Syndrome children are tzadikim who have been given the chance to live without being responsible for any sin they may do, and others say they were reshaim in their former life, and this is their "punishment" - but does anyone really know? And perhaps each case is different.

Anonymous said...

Rebbe Nachman once said: There will come a time when simple people will be as few as "hen's teeth" [my expression].
It seems quite obvious that simple, G-d fearing people are a rarity in this hi-tech sophisticated world.


Anonymous said...

Forget Autistics! All you have to do is LISTEN TO HASHEM! No intermediary - no interpretation. Real simple. Re-eh.

Anonymous said...

i heard over this from a man israel who came here america to save jews// .. he went to rav kook from tibres & his friend to Rav Batzri from jeruselm and they both gave the same answer within year it will begin rosh hashana--hoshana rabba 5772 economy doller will fail the riot will start looting jewish business perscution of jews by black people"."

Moriah said...

If we in galut are to shun western ways, fashions and thinking, why then, with all due respect do the Autistics - who live in Israel - dress like Polish nobleman from the 17th century? Have you seen how they dress? Since when is this Jewish? Why not get rid of the big striemels, short pants and tights? This is hypocrisy.