Friday, August 5, 2011

New Image of Elenin

It should be quite obvious by now that I know zero about comets - thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post.  Here is a new image of Comet Elenin from Gustave Miller dated 8/2/11, the link to the photo is Observadores-cometas  [first photo on the page]  Please leave a comment if you can contribute anything useful to explain what we're looking at.

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Anonymous said...

The image is a COMPOSITE image published by the observatory for study by astronomers world wide. The various images making up this mosaic are of the SAME object, seen at different magnifications and with different filters.

The round object in each frame is Elenin, the smears are stars (the instrument is tracking the comet after all) or what appear to be filter anomalies (the colored smears).

One object, multiple images in one frame.

The upper right-hand image includes a scale which seems to indicate the diameter of the comet's coma. I'm unsure of the unit of measurement on the scale or of the color coding on that particular image.