Sunday, August 28, 2011


Written by Rabbi Yaakov Bar Nahman


Re’ei 5771 (?5951?)

This morning when I did my “connection session” I got a message of what to say in this dvar Torah. The central images were of the missvah of Shiluahh Haken, the sending off of the nest. At first that seemed strange to me for this missvah does not appear in this week’s parshah. So I asked and was answered. What this is and means I will tell further down.

Our parshah begins with: Dvarim/Deut’ 11:26 “Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse: 27 the blessing, if you will hearken unto the commandments of HaShem your God, which I command you this day; 28 and the curse, if you will not hearken unto the commandments of HaShem your God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known.”

Then a bit later on we are told; 12:8 “You shall not do like what we do here today, every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes; 9 for you are not yet come to the rest and to the inheritance, which the HaShem your God given you. 10 But when you go over the Jordan, and dwell in the land which the HaShem your God causes you to inherit, and He gives you rest from all your enemies round about, so that you can dwell in safety.”

Are we bringing upon ourselves blessings or curses? Newton’s law of cause and effect, action and reaction are mere material mirror images of HaShem’s laws.

Our Muslim neighbors are most obviously polishing their eyes and sharpening their fangs for an all out combined heavy attack on the state of Israel. Anybody who believes that there are “only” 10,000 rockets/missiles aimed at the State is in a dream of great underestimation. If you count in all the Katyushas, Grads, Scuds of various generations, Shihabs 1 and 2, S-300’s, radar guided missiles, sophisticated laser guided anti-tank missiles such as the one that hit the school bus a few months ago, etc etc that are here already you’d see that there are many more than that. Plus more Katyushas and Grads, as well as mortars, being produced daily in Gaza strip, Jenin, El Hhader etc munitions workshops. Know that there are munitions workshops in Israeli Arab towns as well. The bigger models are continuing to be smuggled as they are supplied by various countries including, but definitely not limited to, China.

Syria has announced its ability and readiness to destroy Tel-Aviv with missiles, Egypt has announced its view that the Camp David accords of that absurd excuse for a peace treaty is no longer viable or worth even the paper it was written on. In Lebanon Hhizbulla rules the show and as you likely know has a vast store of missiles etc just waiting to let loose on us here. I don’t have to remind you what intentions Iran and Iraq have. TransJordan has cagily voiced its readiness to join in any war against Israel. The planned attack is to make the attacks of 1948 and 1972 (Yom Kippur/October war) look like child’s play.

Don’t be fool enough to trust any backing from Turkey, or from any other country for that matter.

So you say to me, “But HaShem promised to see to it: “gives you rest from all your enemies round about, so that you can dwell in safety”.

Yes HE did say that but don’t take things out of context. HE put a condition. See that in 11:26-28 in the opening lines above.

Strange things are happening in the world. Aside from riots in a wide range of countries like there never was before, weird weather, earthquakes in unlikely places, many very powerful earthquakes and many more then ever before in human history. The big one in Virginia, was in an unlikely place and its shock waves went very far. The only building to have severe damage was the catholic cathedral in Washington DC. It is second in size only to the Vatican. It’s even bigger than the large fortress cathedrals in Germany. It has 4 spires; each had a cross on it. Those crosses went crashing down to the ground during that quake.

The great Mekubal Rabbi Rav Levi Sa’adya Nahhmani of blessed and holy memory told that in a vision he was told by Heaven that xtianity is the chief bane of the world and must be felled for the true arrival of the true Mashiahh. In his vision a fiery angel with 12 wings gave him a large axe and told him to chop down a big wooden cross that was stood before him. Now we saw HaShem fell the crosses from that big important cathedral.
HaShem is saying something folks.

Am I saying this to scare you? No. This is not just for scaring. It is for waking you up to the fact that things are going forward in the script that HaShem wrote millennia ago. The finale of the opera is on its way. HaShem is getting ready to say “Fenito la Comedia”.

But we have work to do.

It is high time we, all of mankind, step backward and take a good hard look at what we have been doing to the perfect world that HaShem put us in. To take a good long hard look at how we have been behaving. It is time to fix up our intentions and deeds. A time to slough off our attachment to base material lusts, and return to what HE wanted of us, that is to strive for the spiritual and moral side of existence, to desire to lust to strive for connecting to HIM; for the mere sake of being connected to HIM.

It is also a time when there will be a plethora of false prophets as well as false messiahs & all kinds of cults that seek to “teach spirituality” but it is all false & covert idolatry. We must all learn to beware of them. This week’s parshah also warns of what will happen to those who follow false prophets. (13:2-19)

So what is the connection to what I was shown, Shiluahh Haken, literally meaning the sending of the nest? The missvah consists of finding a bird’s nest in a place not owned by the person sending off the mother bird (or waiting for her to fly off on her own) ditto the father bird in species where they take turn on the nest. Then taking the eggs or chicks (you can of course replace them afterward but if you intend to do that wear gloves so that the parent birds won’t smell you on their eggs/chicks. If a human odor is on them then the parent is likely to abandon them.).

What does this strange sounding mysterious missvah mean to us?

I will tell only part and hint the rest, for I am not permitted more than that. Whoever merits understanding will understand from that, be it at first or being it after some contemplation.

The mother bird is the Sh’khina, the nest symbolises both the place of the Beit Mikdash and the hiding place of Mashiahh until the time comes for HaShem to reveal him.

For chicks to be born the eggs must hatch, break open, and the chicks cry out to their mother to feed them and the father and/or mother teach them to fly.

Read again, think well, think beyond the simple meaning of actual birds. Do not merely think, feel taste go beyond…. Then understand what is the additional meaning behind “Re’ei” – See I have given before you a blessing and a curse….


Steve said...

This is not to say anything against what you have written, but you did make just one minor error in your blog. The national cathedral in DC is not catholic but episcopal.

Devorah said...

Also see: Lecture by Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson: Why did the Jews reject Christianity?

Joe said...

Whilst the ultimate meaning of this mitzva is concealed from us in the present world, the Zohar states, " The shechina is separated from its nest,the Beit ha Mikdash in Yerushalayim, and My sons(the fledglings) dwell among the goyim. Is there none among you to arouse My compassion and defend them?"

The Almighty then cries out, "For My own sake, for My own sake, will I do it; for why should My Name be profaned?" Yeshayahu 48:11.

BTW : The Washington National Cathedral has the distinct chutzpah of proclaiming itself "the national house of prayer."
Maybe they should have read Yeshayahu 56:7.
Is it any wonder that the walls they are a crumbling down.

Dvora said...

After Hashem, your God, shall you follow (13:5)
According to the Chafetz Chaim, "anyone who recognizes the greatness of God, in contrast to his own humble stature, establishes a certain distance between himself and God. It is only through the power of this recognition of God's awesomeness that one can come close to Him" This affluent society that we live in has forgotten the source of it all.
"If a human odor is on them then the parent is likely to abandon them" refers to the sins of the parents being metted out on their children (and future generations).
Overall parents have abandoned their roles as teachers. We were commanded to teach them to our children and most have failed.
It is clearly evident that God is very disappointed in mankind/humanity as a whole, but there are models of success and my community in Houston, Texas is one of them.
Eitz Chayim He Lamachazikim Bah.
God is waiting for the chicks to cry out to their Mother. Perhaps the plagues that we are witnessing in our days will be the wake up call.
Naseh V'nishmah... and in this weeks Parsha Shmor V'Shamata. How can a person agree to observe something which he never heard?

Anonymous said...

When you say "connection session" are you talking about meditation or channeling?

Devorah said...

I didn't write that, you'll have to ask Rav bar Nahman, or maybe someone will leave a comment on his behalf.

Anonymous said...

How would I ask Rab Bar Nahman?

Devorah said...

You can find the Rav here:

Devorah said...

NOT "channeling". That is dangerous. It is the way not goyim/seculars who do not have the kosher ways to enter spiritual realms. Spiritual realms are dangerous for anyone not clean spiritually. Channelers are being fooled by dark side entities who disguise themselves as light side entities. Somewhere along the line the pay dearly for those 'connections'.

The most absurd is when they imagine that they are contacting angels. An angel who would respond to someone who does not keep commandments (be it the Noahhide or our Sinai etc commandments) would simply fry the fool.

I use a kosher method of what you might call meditation.
Rav Yaakov Bar-Nahman

Anonymous said...

D'vora from Heuston Texas,
Thx for your kind words of Torah.
They r a breath of fressh air in this spiritually polluted society.
L'Shana Tova tikatevu v'teichatemu to ALL good people!

Anonymous said...

Devorah, who is this Rav Yaakov Bar-Nachman?


Nature cannot tolerate a vacuum.

That is a phenomenon for the cause of Hurricanes.


Anonymous said...

That was a very deep and meaningful comment.
Also, I found it very poignant and moving.
Would that the Shechinah Hakdosha retun to Her 'nest' and to Her 'fledglings'! Bekarov, bekarov - very, very soon!


Devorah said...

Rav bar Nahmann is in Israel, you can find him here: