Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Washington Cathedral Damaged in Quake

A spokesman for Washington National Cathedral says at least three of the four pinnacles on the central tower have fallen off and the central tower appears to be leaning.
Notice the pinnacles on the top, and how the far right pinnacle appears to be sawed off. (WTOP Photo/Dave Preston).
Source and more at: Wtop


  1. How many churches knocked.down ? Can u make an article with all the churches that were hit lately? It s happening all over the world ,right?

  2. Click on the Label STEEPLES under the post.
    I didn't blog every one, there were a lot more according to someone I know, but not all of them made the news, or I may have missed a few along the way.

  3. If you click on that label you will notice that the first one down was Christchurch in the big quake of Feb 22.
    This quake on the east coast of America was Aug 22.
    Exactly six months.

  4. Another one here: St Thomas the Apostle Church in Wilmington Del.

  5. Eli said:-
    We know from Rashi's commentary on the night of Makos Bechoras (Smiting of the first-born in Egypt) Hashem takes vengeance first of all on the deities of the nations.


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