Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comet Elenin: Regenerating !

Source: Spaceobs [see comments there]

Nice article, thanks for the write up. Did you see the latest images though from just a few hours ago obtained by John Glossop and posted by Rob Kaufman?

From these images it would appear that it is regenerating a coma! It has definitely split into at least two parts, but may not be completely disintegrating and losing all of its volatiles. Could it be that the initial diffusion and fading of the coma as seen in the last few days was simply due to the effects of the CME of the 19th? That the CME caused a flare up and that flare up depleted the volatiles on the surfaces and then it took more than a week now for the activity to build up enough to be seen again from earth? How many CME interactions do we know of with long period comets? I couldn't be many, and consequently we are probably learning something new here.

It may very well be considering these latest images that this is merely a splitting of the nucleus and come the 23rd when we can get a good view via SOHO we might see a big beautiful comet Elenin sitting there! =D

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