Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama-Netanyahu Press Conference [video]

Leaders discuss hopes for peace in the region during the UN General Assembly. September 21, 2011.


  1. Obama: 'The bond between Israel and America is unbreakable.'

    Translation: 'I need the Jewish vote to win my next election.'

  2. Netanyahu appears needy.

  3. He looks like a martini: shaken, but not stirred.

  4. Does Obama ever smile? If so, where should I stop the video to see?

  5. Anonymous,: he used to smile, the false messiah smile when he was campaigning, and even with a halo shining over his head and the crowd going beserk of him. hailing him as the messiah. now the crowd is perhaps going beserk for other reasons , his three year negative rule, and he is not smiling. believe me, he smiled alot at the beginning.
    he is singing a different tune, he needs J money and support and i pray he does not get it.


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