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Timely Advice

from Rav Yaakov bar Nahman
Nissavim-Vayeilekh 5771-5951

29: 9 “You are standing this day all of you before HaShem your God: your heads, your tribes, your elders, and your officers, even all the men of Israel, 10 your little ones, your wives, and your stranger that is in the midst of your camp, from the hewer of your wood unto the drawer of your water; 11 that you should enter into the covenant of HaShem your God--and into His oath--which HaShem your God makes with you this day; 12 that He may establish you this day unto Himself for a people, and that He may be unto you a God, as He spoke to you, and as He swore unto your fathers, to Avraham, to Yisshhak, and to Yaakov. 13 Not only with you do I make this covenant and this oath; 14 but with them who stand here with us this day before HaShem our God, and also with they who are not here with us this day—“

HaShem is telling us very plainly that ALL the commandments given were for ALL generations, for ALL communities and “brands” of Judaism, and included converts as well.

HE also puts before us the plain truth of “free choice” and recognition of the laws of cause and effect. Knock your head against a brick wall and booby it’s gonna hurt. Not only is it gonna hurt, but as long as you keep banging your head against that brick wall no aspirin in the wall is going to help you, plus eventually you will cause yourself permanent serious damage. Sin and you close a pipeline of Divine sustenance to you, be it on an individual level of a group level; cause and effect, measure for measure. It’s that simple.

Deny the ONE who made the world and declared the 7th day as a day of non-production/non-alteration of existence and deny the rules of that day, then expect that creation will go against you. Deny the rules of family purity and or deny the need to teach and bring up your children the Torah way, then don’t expect much joy from your descendants. Those are just two examples. You folks are smart enough to think and realize more.

It is significant that every year these two parshioth come right next to Rosh Hashanah; either together before, or one before and one after.

Here we are folks less than one week before The Big Day of Judgment of the Year, Rosh Hashanah the 48 hour day. Everybody ready? Are you sure? Do you know that every little thing you did or thought is registered “up there”? Yes the entire year is on record and will be examined in detail.

However, there is a chance that you just might come to Rosh Hashanah more or less clean. How is that? If you did a personalized admission session every day then there is not much, if anything at all, left to judge you on come Rosh Hashanah. You may know that there is in USA and I think several other countries a law called “double jeopardy law”, which states that once a person has been judged on a crime he cannot be judged again. Well folks that law was copied from our Torah and Divine laws.

So if you did hitbodeduth with that admission session daily what is there left? Ooooh, what if we didn’t do that? Well now you still a few days to try to catch up BUT you can never remember everything you did every single day of the year, at least not consciously. But try your best, get rid of the most you can from your docket. Then add to that a plea to HIM THE BIG BOSS stating that HE knows that your little mortal mind is incapable of remembering every detail of every day. Ask HIM to let the details be covered by several more general titles; e.g. Dear HaShem YOU know even better than I that during the year there were days that I did ….., and ……. and ……. I don’t remember the exact details where when precisely how etc, but I admit having done them, I am regret having done them, I wish to never do it again, PLEASE HELP me not repeat those sins, please guide and help me repair what needs to be repaired.

That should cut down the size of your docket somewhat, BUT ONLY IF you are serious about it, and ONLY IF you really try to tell/admit as much as humanly possible, and TRULY intend to do better.

BUT there is another catch, a VERY BIG catch to boot.

Are you ready?

It’s one I have mentioned several times, but it’s so very important that I will say it again.

If you harmed, insulted etc another person and did not ask his/her forgiveness and did not truly attempt to repair any damage done then KNOW that you have set up an immense hardened steel and reinforced concrete barrier that blocks forgiveness by HaShem even for sins between you and HIM.

OMG ………….. you fainted?

You called your husband/wife/co-worker etc an idiot, if you have not apologized and calmed the injury by Rosh Hashanah, neither Rosh Hashanah nor Yom Kipur will clean your record, and your record of Divine offences will not be cleaned either.

Rosh Hashanah is the Day of the Coronation of The King of Kings, King of the multiverse. HE is The Supreme Judge. HE is also the ultimate father of all of us.

As a parent, how do you feel when your kids are nasty and harmful to each other?

As a parent, when you see one of your children hurt a sibling, that sibling suffers, maybe even cries in pain and or grief, and then the child who did the harm refuses to apologise and to soothe the injured sibling, yet comes to ask you a favor, asks for something, how will you respond?

You got the idea.

Well what if the person refuses to accept my apology? You have to try 3 times. By Halakha, if after 3 attempts to apologise and there are 10 witnesses that you tried to apologise and make amends and that person stands adamant in refusal, you are free and s/he is considered an evil one.

What if s/he never knew that it was I who did the harm, and it would only awaken the bad feelings and likely cause more sorrow than good? In that case don’t tell him/her, send a messenger or anonymous letter with apology and any recompense needed.

What if neither of the above are possible? Then pour out your heart to HaShem that such is the case and the recompense money use for ssdakah, zikui harabim (merit the public – e.g. buy and hand out free Torah CD’s, books and the like).

Rosh Hashanah is the 48 hour day of judgment and Yom Kipur is the 24 hour day of appeals. From now to, and including, the day before Rosh Hashanah do all the vidui (admission/confession) you possibly can, especially the day before. Then during Rosh Hashanah DO NOT do any at all, it’s super dangerous to do so.

Instead do this; ask HaShem to help you do good, to help you improve, in deeds in thoughts in desires etc. For example; HaShem please help guard my eyes to not desire and to not look at women for their femininity, to not be ruled by lusts, to be honest in my dealings, to pray better, to put my heart into my prayers and blessings, to be kinder to others, etc. That is the kind of tshuvah to do on Rosh Hashanah.

Saying the 10 tehilim of Rabi Nahman’s Tikun HaKlali (general repair) is very good to do on Rosh Hashanah as well, do it several times those two days.

Also do not sleep the first day, at least not till after noon. It is said by Hhaza”l that the mazal (luck/fortune) of one who does sleep that morning will also sleep during the ensuing year.

Soooooo WAKE UP!

While you’re at it spend some time during Rosh Hashanah to pray for the world, pray for HaShem to give more people a chance to mend their ways before Mashiahh does become revealed and do his job. YES we want him desperately and soon. Yet along with that we want the final process to be as mercifully as possible.

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