Thursday, September 8, 2011

Washington Cathedral - First the Quake, then a Crane

A 500-ton heavy-duty crane fell at the National Cathedral Wednesday morning, crushing two buildings on the campus, officials said.

“The crane did not collapse on the cathedral itself,” said cathedral spokeswoman Meredith MacKenzie.

It was on site at the cathedral to help with damage caused by last month’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake.

D.C. fire department Battalion Chief John Donnelly said one man was taken to a local hospital. The man was not believed to be seriously injured. Chief Donnelly said officials were uncertain of the cause of the accident, which occurred as the crane was lifting materials to the roof of the cathedral.

The work was being performed despite heavy rains and high wind gusts in the Washington area. Chief Donnelly could not say if weather conditions were a factor.

Source and more: Washington Post

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