Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's All Good

Written by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

Rabbi Baruch of Mezhibozh was reciting the prayer before Kiddush Friday night, and as he read "I thank You G-d for all the kindnesses that You have done for me, and for those that You will do for me in the future...." he paused and reflected, "Why must I thank G-d in advance for future kindnesses? Why not just wait until those kindnesses occur and thank Him then?" After a few moments of meditation, Rabbi Baruch said: "Ah, I understand. When those kindnesses in the future occur, they may be packaged in such a manner that I will not recognize them as kindnesses, but perhaps experience them as sufferings, and I will then not be in a position to appreciate them and be grateful for them. That is why I must thank G-d for them in advance."

After a few moments, Rabbi Baruch began to weep. "How tragic" he said, "that G-d will be doing kindnesses for me and I will not be able to recognize them as such."


  1. This is the chizuk I needed now ,my oldest child went off the derech and I am srtuggling with this nisayon.

  2. I think its miraculous if any child STAYS on the derech these days.

  3. Anonymous #1 as a Jewish mother I feel very keenly with you and I am glad that this story brings you the chizuk you so badly crave and need. I don't need to tell you to pray b/c I am sure you that that's exactly what you are doing, by day and by night, whether in words or in your heart. Hashem hears you...
    And may he answer you speedily....