Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Soul Mazal on Israel National Radio

I know, I know, I've mentioned this a few times now..... Rabbi Katz can tell you amazing things about names, using the Vilna Gaon's insights, and gematria.  And even Tamar Yonah who, by her own admission, is a skeptic, thinks this is an incredible revelation: the ability to de-code the previously unseen wisdom contained in everyone's name..... and she made sure she put him through his paces before she'd allow him on her show....so it's not just me, or the dozens of people queuing up to get their names read... it's a genuine, kosher and totally mindblowing experience which I recommend without reservation.

For those who missed it, here is  Tamar Yonah's interview with Rabbi David Katz at Israel National News where he does Benyomin Netanyahu's name - although it should be noted that this is a very abbreviated and edited version of the name, and did not disclose any personal information which would be unsuitable for a public broadcast [it's in the last half hour of the show] - note that personal name readings are usually 30 minutes long and very detailed, and involve a great deal of work and meditation on the name, as well as a personal recording for the customer to keep.  All information remains totally confidential, and no last names are [necessarily] needed, ensuring your privacy is secured.

Here is a quick download of the interview for anyone who doesn't want to wade thru the entire show:

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  1. I now understand why I have such a connection to the land of Israel and to my father Avraham and Sarah. Rabbi Katz amazed me with the reading of my name which I gave him permission to use on his site



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