Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christchurch Cathedral Damaged Again

Friday's quakes knocked out a further portion of the Western Wall of Christchurch Cathedral
[Photo Geoff Sloan]

Earthquake experts were surprised by the violence of the newest tremors beneath Christchurch, with reports showing ground acceleration far greater than expected for magnitude 5 and 6 quakes.

Four quakes of magnitude 5 or greater hit yesterday, the largest one a magnitude 6 which occurred 10km north of Lyttelton, and only 6km deep in Christchurch's hard basaltic rock.

The faultline of the largest quake was estimated to be 7km to 8km long, and its rupture caused the earth to slip about a metre.

Source and more: NZ Herald

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Anonymous said...

happy chanukka. was it not in your site nimoy spoke of a quake on 24 dec, as some understood on the mayan calendar and not 2012. well, it happened on the 23. i am not trying to link it except that its time for the pope to wake up and stop being antisemitic.