Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dreams of the Future

There is a type of grace ["Chein"] that enables a person to see the future a dreams. If someone has this grace, he can ask for a vision and perceive the future in a dream.

The Talmud teaches us "Just as grain cannot exist without chaff, so dreams cannot exist without nonsense."

Dreams contain predictions of the future, but they are intertwined with much worthless chaff.

There is also the clear dream of the prophet, regarding which it is written [Num. 12:6] "I will speak to him in a dream."  This is the dream of the person who has grace.

Such a person can also predict the future through the dreams of another. When he hears the other's dream, the worthless chaff falls away and only the clear vision falls upon his ears. Yosef had such grace. He is called "A fruitful son by the fountain". Rashi explains that his fruitfulness was that of grace. He therefore had accurate dreams and was able to interpret and make use of them. They are also included in the Torah.

The Torah also teaches us that Yosef had a unique ability in interpreting dreams.

Rabbi Nachman's Wisdom - by Rabbi Nathan of Nemirov

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