Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Elvis and the Lawnmower

It's summer holidays in Australia.... I'm not doing too much typing, so please forgive the lack of Torah posts lately... things will return to normal soon.

but in the meantime, here's a tale of a crocodile named Elvis and a lawnmower:

A huge saltwater crocodile has charged at two workers at a reptile park north of Sydney and stolen their lawnmower.
The five-metre croc, named Elvis, attacked the staff at the Australian Reptile Park at Gosford after they went into its enclosure about 9am (AEST) today.
The men used their lawnmowers as a barrier when the hulking beast lunged. They escaped unharmed.
The 50-year-old croc lost two teeth in the encounter and is now guarding one of the lawnmowers.
"Elvis is sitting at the bottom of the lagoon with the lawnmower next to him. He's guarding it," said park spokeswoman Libby Bain.
"Obviously we have to go in and retrieve the mower.
"It's not something we think he would eat but it's encroaching on his territory and he believes it is his."



Anonymous said...

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle...

Joe said...

Devorah..... I want one !!! A crocodile and waterproof lawnmower. Comes in handy in the Aussie Tropics.
Just what I needed.

ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDING.....he's at the bottom of the pool slurping on a 4 stroke cocktail :-)

lawnmower said...

I like Australia except those wild animals.

Devorah said...

Lawnmower: the wild animals don't roam the streets... you have to go deep into the bush or desert to encounter them.