Friday, December 2, 2011

If Christianity goes, so does Europe

Sign of the times: St James Church England
by Peter Mullen / Telegraph UK

Many people are breathing a restrained sigh of relief this morning after the cavalry, in the form of the US Federal Reserve, rode to the rescue of European financial institutions. Of course, it is uncertain whether this move will help solve Europe’s lending crisis or whether it merely postpones the day when the euro collapses – followed perhaps by the defeat of the European Project itself.

Whatever the future holds, we need to understand that the economic collapse is not the main crisis which engulfs Europe. More significantly, we see the EU developing into the ever-tighter totalitarianism which was envisaged from its inception. The founding fathers of the EU never foresaw a democratic union. The founders of the project, such as Coundenhove-Kalergi and Jean Monnet, always assumed there would be government not by elected statesmen but by technocrats. This is indeed what we have seen recently in the appointment of such men to supreme power in Greece and Italy.

But this creeping totalitarianism is not the root of our problem. Our crisis is a spiritual crisis, a crisis of identity. 

As the philosopher and former President of the Italian Senate, Professor Marcello Pera said, “Christianity is so consubstantial with the West, that any surrender on its part would have devastating consequences.”
But all references to Europe’s Christian character have been expunged by the EU bureaucrats. Europe is now officially secular. Pope Benedict XVI identified our real crisis with terrifying clarity:

“The EU is godless. But then it is unthinkable that the EU could build a common European house while ignoring Europe’s identity. Europe is a historical, cultural and moral identity before it is a geographic, economic or political reality. It is an identity built on a set of values which Christianity played a part in moulding.”


Anonymous said...

all i know is this pope is amalaks king ......

Anonymous said...

I don't know what they mean, "If Christianity goes, so does Europe" Hasn't Christianity for all intents and purposes been cleansed from Europe by the socialists and secular humanists? Isn't it true that the cathedrals and churches are being abandoned by the pleasure seeking atheists and being taken over by the Muslim human tsunami? There's no question about where Europe is going and why. It is circling the drain as we speak. Christianity's get-up and go, has got up and went. America is next.

Anonymous said...

Restoring a minimal belief in a Higher Power and respecting the Bible as a sacred text is part of the solution-- such would be an antidote against outright atheism, relativism, hedonism, narcissism. This would enhance personal and national identity and to a degree be a barrier against full throttle Moslem immigration.

However, the pope and the Roman Catholic Church, and Xianity in general, are not, repeat not, part of the solution. Not only because of the church's anti-Israel stance on so many issues,its vile history re European Jews, its anti-semitic theological crudites, its recent homosexual scandals-- but because educated Europeans,if they want religion, generally do not want "the old time religion" and its simplistic answers, but rather a higher-level kind of spirituality, more like Buddhism at its best. Indeed, Judaism with an extrovertic friendly face, shorn of narrow-minded emphasis on the minutia of halacha, would also appeal-- as it once did in Roman times, and in what might be called intellectual circles.