Friday, December 23, 2011

'Vicious' Christchurch earthquake

Rocks fall from a cliff in the Christchurch suburb of Sumner. Photo: Reuters

Christchurch has been hit by a major 5.3 aftershock, after a "vicious" 5.8 quake hit the city at 1.58pm this afternoon. The 5.8-magnitude quake sent the airport building swaying from side to side and shoppers scurried from a supermarket as products fell from shelves.

The intial quake, at a depth of 8km and centred off Pegasus Bay, has caused major power outages, undisclosed damage and liquefaction in the eastern suburbs.

Newstalk ZB reports up to 15,000 are without power in the eastern suburbs. Orion is assessing the situation and will "provide an update as soon as possible."

Live Updates and more at: Sydney Morning Herald

Liquefaction  in Christchurch [Photo Laura Campbell]


mj said...

Wow, not a good year for jc, I expect another one hiting Rome.

Leah said...

Please take care, Devorah.

Devorah said...

Fortunately I'm not in New Zealand, although a tsunami could feasibly come our way if the quake was big enough. It all seems to be centred on Christchurch, as usual.

Leah said...

Got it. I keep forgetting that you have summer there now. Be well and freilichen Chanukah.