Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Reason for the [continuing] Economic Crisis

Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh analyzes the Hebrew word for "peace" [shalom], relating it also to "payment" [shalem, or leshalem]. This means that in their spiritual source, peace and the current world monetary crisis created by people not paying their debts are linked. In order to emerge from the current crisis, our duty is to pay our debts, both monetary and spiritual to one another. This requires that we feel responsible for one another, a cornerstone of Judaism.

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Joe said...

If one recalls the account in Parashat Pinchas, where Pinchas is given an eternal covenant of "SHALOM" by HaShem, the vav in shalom is broken, known as a vav "ketia." This is recorded in the written scroll of the Torah.
The incident at Ba'al Peor renders the fact that Pinchas being from Shevat Levi and Zimri being the Nasi from the Shevat Shimon even more intriguing.
As Yaacov prophesied,for the sake of Am Yisrael, it would be beneficial that Shimon and Levi be separated.
Thus the peace and or complete unity of Am Yisrael was broken because of sexual immorality by Shevat Shimon.

Pinchas aka Eliyahu ha Navi will return to unify the vav ketia and restore the Shalom Shl'mah by restoring the hearts of the children back to the Father

One last thing.

SHIMON..SHIN - MEM - AYIN - VAV - NUN SOFIT.... remove the vav and you get ........... SHMAN
LEVI.. LAMMED - VAV - YUD..remove the vav and you get..... LI.

Therefore you end up with SHMANLI or on a play of words SHMAN'LI which means "listen to ME."