Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Moshiach Haggadah: Free Download

Why does the Pesach Seder conclude with "Leshana haba b'Yirushalayim"? Is it simply the end of 15 seemingly unconnected stages describing Yetzias Mitzrayim? Or is it the start of a transformation that takes us from the First Redemption to the Final Redemption? 

 You'll find the answer in "The Moshiach Hagaddah" by the International Moshiach Campaign. 

"The Moshiach Hagaddah" presents the 15 Simonei Ha'Seder as as viewed through the perspective of Geulah. It was edited by Rabbi Binyomin Walters of Chicago IL, who edited the popular book, "Moshiach Day by Day." What's more, it will help you transform your Seder from a celebration of our past to an exciting trip that leads to our glorious future! 

The Moshiach Hagaddah, and The Moshiach Seudah Handbook, are now available as a free download. To obtain your copy, visit Moshiach Campaign



Joe said...

Todah rabba Devorah for posting this precious information in time for Pesach.

Chag Pesach Sameach to you and all your readers.

Anonymous said...

I am much beholden to Devorah, for this beautiful site.
Not being a Jew, but loving them to bits, I have benefitted so much and learning so much.
Hashem bless you and yours, Devorah,
and a Happy Peaceful and Blessed Pesach to you and all your followers.

stella c.