Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Collapse of the Cathedral of Mirandola

This picture shows Mirandola's cathedral, damaged after an earthquake on May 29, 2012. As many as 10 people were reported killed when a strong earthquake rocked northeastern Italy on Tuesday, just days after another quake in the same region wrought death and destruction. AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORINOLIVIER MORIN/AFP/GettyImages


  1. It saddens me to see Italy suffering, I love Italy and have family who live there. But I do believe that the destruction of the false religion of Christianity is being brought down in a physical manner, a simple click on the STEEPLES label will show you just how many have fallen in the past year. Coincidence? No such thing.

  2. G-d destroys their gods/idols before the Redemption.

    1. Interesting to see the Torah Codes on this: Real Bible Codes


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