Thursday, June 21, 2012

Parshas Korach: It’s All in a Name

by Rabbi Eytan Feiner 

The name “Korach” appears regarding but a few individuals in Tanach, the most notorious of whom occupies the spotlight in this week’s parsha. [1] But if a person’s name serves as the window to his core essence, encapsulating his uniqueness,[2] then how are we to understand the interesting choice of the name “Korach” for the antagonist in this parsha named after him?[3]

Naturally, our first task is to locate another place in Tanach in which the same word or shoresh is found. Our search leads us to parshas Re’eh (14:1) where we find the following: “Lo sisgodidu vi’lo sa’simu KARCHA al meis…” “Lo sisgodidu” refers to the making of an incision, the infliction of a cut on one’s body– essentially echoing the idea of perud and separation. And yes, is that not precisely what Korach accomplished in his attempt to usurp the power and authority of Moshe and Aharon? He succeeded, to a certain degree, in creating a cut and separation within the ranks of the Jewish People.[4] Interestingly enough, immediately on the heels of a “lo sisgodidu” comes the mention of making a “karcha” (same shoresh as “Korach”)…

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rabbi david katz said...

Moshiach gematria is nachash [snake]
Moshiach sends away the power of nachash in the world
Elazar is the gematria of Korach
When Korach wanted to destroy Moshe and Aaron - they were the mem alef of Geula
Conversely Elazar was the father of Pinchas who represents Moshiach Eliyahu [ref: Arizal parshas Pinchas]
Elazar was the nurturer of Moshiach Eliyahu

Moshiach Eliyahu who the Arizal identifies as PInchas ben Elazar, who was the yichud of the mem alef even greater than the mem alef yichud of Moshe and Aaron [ref: Maharal]

We see the close association of PInchas and his father Elazar in the last passuk in Sefer Yehoshua - they buried Elazar the father of Pinchas in the portion of Givat Pinchas
Givat Pinchas beino [his son] - 741 - gematria Moshiach ben Efraim

Anonymous said...

and if you add 741 - gematria Moshiah ben Efraim you will get 12. 2012?