Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit

Read more at:  Everything You Need To Know [includes where to watch online] and Transit of Venus.org and also Star of Moshiach


Fangyu said...

How spirituality and science are connected is very interesting to watch. Thanks to Devorah for sharing the information.

yaak said...

Interesting article about it here.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I just sent this to Dovid of Israel Rising, commenting on his most recent post:

The Mazal for the month of Siwan is the Twins. Like the entire zodiac the various mazalot are really channels of G-d bringing down his tZiDKut to the world in 12 or 13 separate portions in the course of the year. See the word ZoDiaK in tZiDKut. It really is the same shoresh. So the month of Siwan is the ultimate choice between Good and Evil, everlasting Life and everlasting Death. Our two inclinations for good and evil are really equal in size and scope, creating true tests of moral free will where the benefits of one over the other are really equally appearing choices. One definitely has more immediate gratification. Living in a world of constantly seeking positive world approval is definitely in the category of immediate gratification. Then there is the higher soul of the thoughtful Lonely Man of Faith, who sees infinite Truths that 99% of humanity might choose to ignore. Believe it or not this is an equally powerful choice and is the only choice that will attach one's soul to the Eternal. Nothing less than this is the choice that the members of the Knesset have this Wednesday. The good news is that either way, the Geulah will be here by Tisha B'Av. We can either choose the more sunlit road of enlightened Truth or the depraved road of groveling before World Public Opinion. I hope that we choose the former rather than the latter this full moon of Siwan where this choice is most pronounced. Either way we should be properly equipped no matter which road Klipah Noga (the Knesset) might choose on the day of the Noga (Venus) Transit. Klipah Noga unlike the other klipot can be attached to sanctity as easily as it is attached to the profane. Is it a siman tov that Noga itself will be choosing the sunlit road on that very day here in EY??

Tzvi Bar-Rashbi said...

Moshiach must come by 9th av because rav dovid abuchatzeria said also that by 9th tammuz iran shut oil moshiach reavaled

Devorah said...

You can't make these kind of statements Tzvi, that Moshiach has to come by 9 Av. Moshiach will come when Hashem decides, not when we decide.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly the Transit of Venus video jumps from our solar system to the constellation Cygnus (The Swan). Odd segue or?

Not at all, years ago I wrote an article on the location of Hashem's Throne and it's in, Cygnus.

Just take Daniel and Ezekiel's vision(s) and triangulate. Daniel saw a river of fire, The Milky Way and Ezekiel saw a lion, ox, eagle, man surrounding the Throne.

Lion Leo, Ox Taurus etc. Under His wings you take refuge... Now translate the name Albireo into Hebrew and check out Tehillim 48:2, 9 city of our G-d.

And it goes on, Albireo is a double star system and the colors well astronomers have called the pair topaz and sapphire. When you light your Shabbat candles check out the colors of the flame.

Tzvi Bar-Rashbi said...


Iris odani eliyashiv said this & she just move to israel because moshiach is coming