Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012: Signs in the Heavens and Earth [video]


Anonymous said...

I see using non Jewish sources to make a point about the end of days as problematic. Josh spoke about this in a comment not long ago. Basically, we don't need to use the "wisdom" of the goyim in spiritual matters.

bracha said...

sounds to me like 'some-one' out there is trying to distract people from real problems that need to be fixed in the here-and-now!

Sharon said...

These are signs for sure, the earth is quite disturbed, and so is the sun, both of which seem to be unleashing some fury! Add to this video the magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago (thankfully no one was hurt) and the wildfires in Colorado, both occurrences in the month of June. Wonder what's in store for us in July? May Hashem have mercy on us and may we all keep doing teshuvah and changing our self-centred ways.

Anonymous said...

Great video, Dev. The world has become a strange place.

Genoism said...

just to let you know...some of those videos, and even photos are very....very several years old. Not only that but some of them I know for a fact are photoshopped because I've even seen them on digital design sites. Though for the most part it seems true.

Oh and that part on the river being red, that's nothing new, there is algae that turns bodies of water red....google red tides.

ariela said...

For the 1st Anon.
Ummm dude it aint just goy wisdom here its just obvious something is not right. oh and I am a Jew so duh!

If its lo-tov its lo-tov. No special blood line needed to determine this.
However, we Jews had better get with Lazer Brody and get our Emmuna poppin were going to need it.
Shalom Dude Anon.

Moriah said...

There will always be those who want to discredit the truth out of fear. All of the dead animals, fish and birds are and have been in the news every day. It's not photo-shopped. The fakes are the earth noises. Yes, some of those photos are several years old. Do you think the Geulah happens in one day? Hashem has been trying to wake us us throughout history. Does that mean everything that has happened of significance is disregarded except for what happens today or the last day of history? Our Creator is giving us signs. That red you saw running in the river was blood. There were 3 places this occurred - one was Poland:


The other was Beirut and America.



For the person who said to avoid the xtian sources. Hashem is making a wake-up call for the entire world. Yes, there is special meaning for us Jews. But we cannot discredit something - a news story or video because the source is xtian. Watching won't make me believe their fairy tale..

Jeremiah 10:2

Thus saith the LORD: Learn not the way of the nations, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the nations are dismayed at them.

Devorah said...

"The Hebrew word for Nature - HaTeva has the same numerical value as Elokim - G-d. Nothing “natural” about the world - all G-d’s miracle!

Leah said...

Yes. The very fact that many in the world are talking about an "end point" or feelings of an end or something going on that is bigger, more spiritual I believe is a wake up call.