Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bulgarian Terror Attack: All Signs Point to Iran

After seven killed in attack on Israeli bus in Burgas, Netanyahu says 'murderous Iranian spreading worldwide.' Barak: We'll apprehend perpetrators

"All the signs are pointing to Iran. Only in the past few months we've seen Iran try to target Israelis in Thailand, Indian, Georgia, Cyprus and more, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following the deadly terror attack on a bus in carrying Israeli tourists in Burgas, Bulgaria.

"The murderous Iranian terror continues to target innocent people. Iranian terror is spreading worldwide...
Israel will react to it with force," he said.

Story: Ynet

Bulgarian medics video of wounded woman at a hospital after the explosion at Bourgas airport on July 18, 2012

Torah Codes: Terror Attack Bulgaria


Joe said...

May HaShem comfort those that have lost loved ones and vindicate the innocent blood of all the victims.

Leah said...

Hashem Yakom damam.

Anonymous said...

This youtube shows that it is from Iran

The Terror Attack in Bulgaria from Iran in bible code part 2 Glazerson