Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinchas: The Odd Kohen Out

Rashi tells us that even though Aaron and his children received the Kehunah at an earlier time, Pinchas did not become a Kohen until after he killed Zimri. The question arises, if Aaron and his children all became Kohanim much earlier, why wasn't Pinchas, who was living at that time, also, given the status of Kohain?

Maharal answers that Pinchas was a Katon (a minor) at that time and therefore was not included.

Torah Temimah answers, that Hashem did not want Pinchas to be considered a Kohain at the time that he killed Zimri. Since the Gemorah [Bava Basra 160b] says that the nature of Kohanim is to be hot tempered. If Pinchas had been considered a Kohain at the time that he killed Zimri, people would have attributed the act to the fact that he was a "hot headed Kohain". Therefore Hashem waited until after the incident of Zimri, allowing everyone to see that Pinchas was a zealous individual who stood up for what was right!


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Anonymous said...

When Aaron could of stood up to the erev rav he didn't. He made the golden calf. Which involved sexual immorality. When Pinchas saw sexual immorality and the idol worship that goes with it he demolished it. He probably thought to himself I am going to die, but I want to die a kiddush Hashem. Hashem made it work out since Pinchas source or drive was pure. Hashem said to himself sort to speak that's my man. Let hashem be praised forever. David and him stood up for hashem. This is why David and Eleyahu (Pinchas) will usher in meshiach. Not Moses and Aaron! They were zealious for hashem in a pure good way. Hashem will treat them how they treated him. His has there back :-). Shavua Tov.