Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sod HaChashmal

HT: Aharon

For those who are interested, here is a link to the book ''Sod HaChashmal'' - regarding the Geula in the years 5772-75.

''According to the Zohar and the Vilna Gaon, the year 5772 is the 'Keitz HaGeula Be'ita' [in its time] - are you ready?''  This article includes quotations from the ''Shomrei Emunim'' Rebbe and the Klaussenberger and Lellover Rebbes shlita as well as Rabbi David Abucchassirra shlita.''

The purpose of this article is to awaken all to do Teshuva and especially to begin studying Pnimius Hatorah which shall bring the Geula B'rachamim.

Click here: Sod HaChashmal


  1. I'm a naive Noachide, so this might be a stupid question. If there is never a period when all do Teshuva, etc., will Moshiach come at a certain point regardless? Is there a time limit?

    1. The maximum time limit is the year 6000. Cosmically speaking, as each 1000 years is equal to one day, and the year 6000 is the 7th day, we are currently at the point of mincha gedola on Friday [erev Shabbat] and Moshiach is due to arrive any time now [hopefully].

  2. Thanks, Devorah.

    This link puts the two pieces of this post and this post together and adds the latest information, some of which I translated.

  3. Thank you Devorah for this post, and all of your posts. They teach and inform us of the Days ahead and what to do to prepare ourselves... Thank you! Baruch HaShem...

  4. I read the whole informational article...whew! So much and so needed to know....

  5. What I find interesting is the Jewish economy blossoming and being successful, will cause the nations to start a world war against Israel in order to spoil and plunder its wealth after they realise their economies are collapsing.

    The attitude that many Jew-haters have regarding regarding Jewish enterprise and success along with the building up of Israel, matches exactly with Obama's belief about personal enterprise (i.e.‘You didn’t build that yourself’) as well as Obama's view that any benefit they have has perhaps not been earned, implying that enterprising people / nations (both Jewish and non-Jewish) benefited in some dishonest way that requires a ‘corrective’.

    In other words, when people like Obama look at Jews and Israel in the aggregate, and sees success almost universally across the board; he sees people who have no right or at least less rights to what they have.

    Btw, does anyone know where I can start in reading Pnimius Hatorah irl?

  6. Yes, what is Pnimius HaTorah?

  7. From what I understand it means the inner dimension of the Torah..

  8. Ty Moriah, yet what sefer would be an example of Pnimius HaTorah or is it an actual sefer with this title?

  9. Chassidus is p.t. there are hundred of books. Tanya is one of the most popular. Also kuntres umayaon, derech mitzvosecho. Etc.

  10. soooo... we have a little more than a month? I dont understand how naive everyone really is. You believe in Mashiach, but dont believe in Chazal? If someone tells you the ketz is in a certain year, he is wrong.

  11. Leah :

    Have you ever heard the term 'Pardes?'It is an acronym of the different approaches to studying Torah - Pshat, Remez, Drash, Sod. If you've ever studied Torah and the teacher says we're "going inside" it means studying the "sod." I think that's the inner dimension referred to here. If not I hope someone will correct me.

    Here's more on pardes: