Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Frankenstorm: ''Heralding in a New Era''

I received this via email, and I'm publishing it as I know many readers are interested in these messages.

Discussion about world events with Moishe’la (with his family) part 1
Subject superstorm
A Handicapped child
15 Cheshvon 5773
[Oct 30 ’12]

Mommy: Moishe’la you haven’t written for us in a long time. Maybe you have something to tell us about the superstorm that hit the Northeastern coast of the US.

Moishe’la: Sure Mommy. I have a lot to say.

Of course the Frankenstorm is a great message and a warning from Shomayim. to Goyim and Jews alike. However this great storm was sent mainly as a message to the Yidden of the Diaspora.

The massive destruction of this storm, appropriately named “Frankenstorm”, cannot be ignored. It is heralding in a new era just as the Twin towers when they fell began a new era; this storm has also begun a new era for humanity. From this point on, the world will become unrecognizable in every way. From this point on, the world powers will change. What is called nature will continue to bombard nations all over the world, and a great war is on the horizon. Financially things will fall very hard. The financial situation will be the hardest it has ever been, in all the history of this world.

This warning wasn’t a very harsh one, even though many Yidden suffered very much. Still in comparison to other warnings from Shomayim it’s relatively mild. True much damage was done, however not every Yid in the path of this great storm felt the damage. Not every Yid was without electricity, and indeed many walked away from this without even batting an eye, because the result had no effect physically on the person.

Hashem gave leeway to the Yid to either open his eyes, or keep them shut. I hope and I pray that Yidden in America will open their eyes and see that they received a Divine message, a message that can still be misinterpreted. It can be interpreted that we are so good that Hashem saved us from much worse, or it can be interpreted that the end is coming close, and Hashem is warning us by destroying much of the Egel HaZahav that we possess, but not taking a large toll in Jewish lives. Hashem is warning us that next time it will be much worse if we don’t come back to Him and rebuild this distorted Yiddishkeit that has become the Yiddishkeit of America.

I would ask the American Jews to take seriously this warning, take it very seriously. The United States of America is not a friendly country to you anymore. Not that the state of Israel loves Frum Jews. It does not! The state of Israel is ruled by the same type of people that rules the USA even if they are called Jews. Eretz Yisroel is the land of Am Yisroel and the Reshaim will disappear and we will be left with the Kedusha and with Moshiach and Olam Habah and that’s what we want. Every Yid in Eretz Yisroel that cries out to Hashem will be protected. There is no such promise about any other place in the world. Those in Yerushalayim will have particular protection if they cry out to Hashem and try to do His will. Every Yid that believes in HaKodosh Boruch Hu and trusts Him and tries to do His will, will survive Be’ezras Hashem. Every Yid that has a Yiddishe heart for the suffering of his people will be protected everywhere in the world.

Most of Am Yisroel today are Erev Rav. How do we tell who is an Erev Rav? An Erev Rav is someone who cannot cry over the troubles of another Yid. Even if he doesn’t come to tears, if he can at least feel a pain in his heart for the trouble of other Yidden, whether he knows the Yid or not, whether he likes the Yid or not, he must be capable of feeling pain for the other Yid’s troubles.

Erev Rav hate Kedusha and so does Amalek hate Kedusha. Many Yidden today are from Zera Amalek. Amalek hates Kedusha the most. Amalek has no feeling except hatred for people who are close to HaKodosh Boruch Hu. The Erev Rav also have this, but not as intense. However their whole life is the Egel HaZahav. Those Yidden who are from the Shoresh of the Erev Rav, have turned Yiddishkeit in America, into a plastic superficial Gashmiusdik shell of true Yiddishkeit which has infected the world.

Now Hashem is destroying the Egel HaZahav. Those people who will mourn the Egel HaZahav the most, the Yidden who will refuse to the last moment of their lives to admit that the Egel HaZahav is finished forever, they will be revealed as the Erev Rav.

Hashem has unleashed into the world all the Reshaim that ever existed and at the very top is the snake himself. We are being put under their power by Hashem and they will unleash on us the most terrible situations. All the Sheker is oozing out of every corner and we will feel lost in the sea of Sheker. But those Yidden who are now holding on to truth, and are willing to suffer to hold on to that truth will not lose their balance, will not lose their direction. And as much as they suffer now that’s how little they will suffer in the future. Those who are steadfastly holding on to the tail of the Egel HaZahav will be crushed by the same Egel HaZahav. Hashem is crushing the Egel HaZahav and will crush it to the end. There will be nothing of all this Gashmius that’s filled the world and almost destroyed the world. Man cannot destroy the world. Hashem created the world and He only can at His will destroy it, not man! The evil ones will be destroyed!

Yes, the worst Aveirah of this generation is the lack of Kedusha. The lack of Kedusha comes when we are steeped in materialism, when we live to gratify our senses and our desires. We cover ourselves as if we are so-called Frum with Talaisim and hats and beards etc., but inside we are not at all in, most cases, an Am Kodosh. We are not even pretending to be Am Kodosh because many of our wives look like street urchins and things have gone so out of hand that even the most Erlich of people agree to the Pritzus of their wives.

Am Yisroel is commanded to die rather than to become a Goy, to allow himself to be baptized Chas Veshalom. However, we are allowing ourselves to become no better then the Goyim. We are allowing our families to lose all of their Kedusha and I don’t have to go into details to what this has brought upon our Frum society, our so-called Frum society. We find very big problems in Kedusha up to the point that there are many serious questions with Mamzairim etc. Therefore, when our Kedusha becomes challenged, when our Kedusha turns into impurity then Am Yisroel ceases to exist, chas vesholom.

This also brings to conflicts because it’s not only the Kedusha of the body, but also the Kedusha of the mind, of the desire for Kovod and power and that brings us to the subject of Shmiras HaLoshon. All these conflicts that are raging among the Frum Yidden bring us down to the bottom of the barrel so-to-speak, and between our lack of Kedusha and our great lack of Shmiras HaLoshon, make us all but lost, all but lost.

The lack of electricity is basically the end of the Egel HaZahav as we know it. Because without electricity we are cut off from all the very worst of the Egel HaZhav. The problem is that even for our basic every day needs we have become dependent on this electric and this is a very sad situation that our everyday existence is connected with the Egel HaZahav. So now like in Mitzrayim we are going to have to depend ONLY on HaKodosh Boruch Hu and that’s the real way a Yid should live.

Another thing is that people can get ready in all kind of ways to deal with being without electricity: generators, batteries etc. But the message is not about that. The message is to depend only on HaKodosh Boruch Hu and He will save you.

There are those that will cry out “but we must do Hishtadlus, a Jew must do Hishtadlus!” However, there won’t be any Hishtadlus that you will be able to do. So if there is nothing to do then you just have to trust Hashem till the end.

Video - Mordechai ben David amidst the chaos and destruction of Hurricane Sandy's aftermath
Hat Tip Mashiach is Coming


The Absolute Truth said...

Thank you for posting this. I pray that many, many people will read it and take it seriously. It is the truth.

Anonymous said...

The worst Aveirah of this generation is the lack of Kedusha. The lack of Kedusha comes when: we allow our wives and daughters to "dress to kill" any time (weekday or Shabbos) outside of our homes.

The lack of Kedusha comes when: we allow our children to be friends with all our neighbours and schoolmates no matter if their Hashkofos match up to our standards or not.

The lack of Kedusha comes when: we go to the grocery store and purchase anything or almost everything that has a Hechsher with hebrew lettering on it, no matter if we know who the rabbi is certifying it or not, if he is trustworthy or not if he is even Shomer Shabbos or not, no need to mention eating Cholov Stam.

The lack of Kedusha comes when: we don't have a problem mixing, mingling and Shmusing with the opposite sexes at Simchas, or when we leave Shul on Shabbos, work, stand on line in the bank, or travel etc.

The lack of Kedusha comes when: we don't have a problem mocking the Rabbis speech on Shabbos morning (in front of the kids) if he was somewhat critical to our behavior, teaching our children that the Rabbi has no brains and trashing his meaningful speech, then who should they look up to? the ball players, the T.V. & movie stars?

The lack of Kedusha comes when: we allow our children to have unprotected (no filter)access to the internet.

The list goes on and on everyone can compile their own list in order to become true Ovday Hashem and keep all of the Torah commandments BsSimcha.

Anonymous said...

The video stands in stark contradiction to the message. On an individual level, it must be absolutely terrible to lose one's home and all of one's possessions, and these people need emergency assistance, but on the communal level what is the point of pouring millions of dollars into restoring this community, when the money could be spent on building a community in Israel? In Em Habanim Smeicha, Rav Teichtel talks about this exactly - the waste of investing so many resources in countries outside of Israel.

I once heard a true story of a Polish Jew in the 1920s whose business went belly up. He left Poland embittered to start over in the US, which saved his life and the lives of his family. So, what was the worst thing to happen to him, turned out to be the best thing.

Anonymous said...

Baruch Hashem, I am in Eretz Yisrael. However, all of my friends and family in the US are effected by this incredible storm. The destruction is beyond comprehension. I am not HaShem nor am I judging anyone who has suffered immeasurably by this storm.

However, I will say that seeing the thousands of sfarim and siddurim destroyed at the end of Mordechai Ben David's video in Seagate ALONE, I literally cried. I couldn't help but think, "Were people talking during davening and that is why these are gone? Were people just saying the words and not relating to whom they speak?" etc. etc. May HaShem have mercy on His children and may ALL of us wake up in our own way to come closer to the Creator of the World from this enourmous test.

Anonymous said...

How did you get this letter?

Anonymous said...

This is Anon101. How about it Devorah, are you going to finally leave Australia? I am and have been preparing to leave. It will be hard, I know it but what is the alternative. Did you hear about what happened in France? Here is the link:http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/161740#.UJfk7W8xo4k Then what, how would you leave after your husband/father is in the hospital and your house trashed. Not me, whatever I can bring after paying off the debts is it. I found out that you have to pay VAT 17% on your gold and silver, that is after you paid home country taxes and retail price for it. More money to pay off debts. NbN says you cannot leave your home country without paying your debts. Oh, I forgot, US government retirees, FEGLI covers you in Israel. I found this out today by email. Keep praying with tears that Hashem gets you out before the next wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Rebuild seagate, are you insane. Get out of the US now. Get as much money as you can and come home before the next wake up call is much worse. Why are you rebuilding?

Anonymous said...

True, we need to be mischazek ourselves in kedushah, but we cannot think of ourselves as any less than generations past. As Rabbi Dr Tweski says, we have to educate and inspire with "it's past nisht" rather than "you are bad" or "you are lacking". We are a generation who has seen a siyum hashas unlike any other gathering of Jews for kedusha since churban bayis. We are a generation who has more people learning more torah and a more generally educated frum public than in many generations.

We have a lot to work on. None of us is a Navi and we do not know why things happen. We can choose to look at this as an opportunity for sadness or as an opportunity for inspiration. Looking at the incredible reports of achdus and tsedaka, the boundless kiddush hashem as frum Jews are seen helping hundreds of our neighbors, mah tovu ohalecha ya'akov. The internet will not destroy us, because nothing can destroy. We are bnei and bnos melech. Yes, we need to wipe the dirt off our shoes because it's past nisht to live in filth. But look at our amazing capacity for kedusha!

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I am sorry. I don't understand. Shouldn't Seagate be built next to Yam HaTichon (Mediterranean Sea) here in Eretz Yisrael. You want qedushah in a city that grants marriage contracts to homosexuals? Please give me a valid reason why Jewish life should be rebuilt in a city where the next likely mayor will be an avowed lesbian. I realize Tel Aviv wants to be San Franfreako, but come here and overwhelm the Reshaim here in the Holy Land. As the article above says, G-d will help you here in Eretz Yisrael. It makes no sense to re-establish Jewish life in a city which grants marriage contracts to a serious perversion. And it is dangerous at night because New York is lawless. The looters rule when the law enforcement withdraws. Unlike places in the Deep South or the Midwest in the US, the only people taking care of each other in NYCity are your fellow Jews. Your gentile neighbors in NYCity are steeped in immorality and indecency. You can't trust them. Are you sure you want to rebuild Jewish life in such a place? We will send money to clothe you and to feed you, but not for you to rebuild in galut. There has to be an end to this insanity. Come here on a free Aliyah flight and along with 7 months Sal Klitah, we will help you rebuild HERE. Right here in EY. Call your community Sha'ar Yam (Seagate) here where your home is.

Devorah said...

As I wrote, it was emailed to me.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Ein kmo am yisrael. Now please bring that kedusha home.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

If you really insist on staying in America, at least move to a state in which Obamanation loses by a landslide by more than 10% statewide. In those states your gentile neighbors are less likely to rob you blind when the sun goes down and your home sits unprotected after a disaster. In such a place you will find more righteous gentiles who will help each other rebuild too. You should see how everyone helped each other in Joplin, Missouri after the F-5 tornado destroyed 70% of their city. They told the FEMA trucks to go away. They helped each other out of the mess. Find established Jewish communities in one of those states. Rav Ariel Bar Tzadok is building a community of holy Jews and righteous gentiles in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Check it out before you decide where you are going to rebuild if you insist on staying in the US.

Anonymous said...

How old is Moshele? His vocabulary is that of an academian in university.

Anonymous said...

Hot tears rolling down I’m so so Heartbroken !!!! to see so many Yidden and non Yidden suffer!!!

The King of Jewish music Reb. Mordechai what a Tzadik of a Yid, who ever reached out to him for help he was always responded generously to them, we must have HaKoras Hatov in return

But listen here Rabosi… unfortunately it’s not over yet. It seems that there’s another storm on the horizon “New, Storm May Hit East Coast” being reported in the news, how should we look at these hard times and what can we learn from it???

AGAIN: It’s Heartbreaking to see it coming again, but I guess if we didn’t wake up enough with the Franken-storm the first warning that Hashem sent us, we have to suffer another storm, not nice to compare but Pharaoh and the Mitzriyim also didn’t wake up from the Makos, so Hashem had to keep on pounding them with many more hardships till they eventually drowned

The storm and the warning we just had wasn’t very harsh to many of us, even though many suffered and some are still suffering, i.e. no phone service, no electric, long lines at gas stations and after waiting four hours in line they tell us “sorry buddy no more gas left” etc. I don’t get it. Haven’t we just lived through a massive storm of destruction, how can we ignore it? Hashem is literally begging us to make big changes in our lives in all aspects; He is trying so hard to wake us up from our deeeeep sleeeep. Why we are still ignoring him? The proof that we are still ignoring him is that he is sending us another storm

There are sections of the region that were damaged so badly beyond recognition. Houses burned to the ground, basements flooded, Like in Sea Gate, structures damaged beyond recognition, no refrigeration, no freezer, no Boiler, no hot water even just for Erev Shabbos showers, no stability, Thousands are trying to find a place for Shabbos. Boruch Hashem web sites have been set up for Brooklyn and Lakewood to help them, but it’s not enough to handle the thousands who still don’t have power, (and might not get back power for another seven weeks) who will be spending Shabbos in the cold and dark, many are freezing not being able to sleep because it’s so cold without the heating that we have (come to feel as a necessity at) this time of the year

NOW: Put on your thinking caps: Just in the past year: Some of The Tzoras Worldwide, we have lost so many Rabonim, Roshai Yeshivas Gedolim, Rebbes, young children, young parents, so many NEW orphans, who are filling up our Shuls and saying Kaddish for their loved ones at such a young age, that’s enough to break my heart and make me cry out to Hashem saying “Hashem we are ready to live like a true Yid” get rid of our bad habits that the Yetzer Hora implanted inside of us.

The list goes on and on, how about the financial situation? NO JOBS, The rising cost of our simple everyday needs, like water, FOOD, batteries, gas, tuition, clothing, many services that we took for granted are becoming unaffordable.

We have entered a new era, a time that the world has changed completely from the way it was for the past 5772 years, our Hishtadlus is almost worthless, why don’t we realize that with all the money in the world that thousands of us are ready to spend to get their electricity back on still they are totally helpless? No matter how wealthy we are, we are still helpless? For the big Chachomim (smarty pants) who think they can outsmart Hashem, and the storm will not affect their electricity, by having generators, do they have sufficient gas or oil to run the generators? We all know that the answer is absolutely NOT; to them too, Hashem is sending a message saying “your money is worthless I won’t enable you to purchase enough gas or oil to run your generators, because I want you to turn back to me and do Teshuva!!! Hashem is crying out loud and saying “I Love You my dear children” Help me to bring the Golus to an end hoping to see the Geulah and Moshiach today.”

^^^see part 2^^^

Anonymous said...

^^^ part 2^^^ continuation

Take a quick look (online) to what happened at NYU Hospital in NYC they prepared all kind of generators and back ups, but at the end it “all” failed, they had to evacuate hundreds of sick patients.

Now a new storm is being forecasted and if we do real Teshuva we can at least prevent it from hitting our region, I beg you my family and friends, Klal Yisroel of all ages and communities, please lets wake up now before we lose many more lives, homes etc. before we encounter more tragedies so we can make Hashem proud of our new Derech our new and improved way of life to enable us to see the Bais HaMikdosh instead of another powerful rainstorm Chas VeSholom.

With tears and love to Klall Yisroel, my prayers are with you..

Thank you

Anonymous said...

for an explanation on how this is done please go to- http://www.dani18.com

Anonymous said...

Devora, I dont't have his email, but please reply to him or may be he reads your blog.
My dear Moishela, there will be no other storm, I don't know what news you read. American Jews playing extreme role in the coming of Mashiah, you not here and you don't see it with your eyes, but I see your imaginations is working. Please don't cry that all Jews come immediately, but cry for the tsar of Shehina and rebuild the 3rd temple, that all Jews will do proper teshuva and then Mashiah will gather us from all 4 corners to EY. Regarding NYU Hospitals and all kind of generatots it is part of tikkun, why don't you ask Hashem why he let Pharo threw all male babies Jews into the River? the answer Moishela, because there nothing good will come out from those babies, and Hashem knows who have to live and die.

Anonymous said...

Almost 6 million Jews in EY, and Jews from India and Birma making aliya. This links in russian but you can use google translate. Thanks to google.


Anonymous said...

After this storm, there was an outpouring of chesed to help people who suffered losses. Doesn't that show something positive about klall Yisroel?

Anonymous said...

Oh Yes, it shows lots of positivity from Klall Yisroel but if we have Pritzus the way the girls and women dress that runes it all Chas Vesholim.