Friday, November 9, 2012

New Storm Hitting Sandy-Battered NYC, NJ, CT

A nor'easter is hitting New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with snow, rain and heavy winds. The storm is knocking out power to thousands, including some who just had it restored.

 See Article: Winter Storm Athena on the East Coast

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Genoism said...

It's really not so bad here. I had a long drive home the night before but by now most of the snow is gone from the warm day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this AMAZING heart opening Discussion with Moishe’la and his family, I wish I could get more of this straight to the point ( to the heart) kind of talk.

I totally believe that very soon we will be in a world that is totally different than the one we know of today, we can smell it in the air, Moishela is a good eye opener for me surly for many others too.

Devorah, I have an idea to suggest to you and your dedicated readers, perhaps we should down load Moishelas speeches and read it out loud at the Shabbos Meals to share it with our family and friends.
(perhaps some readers can post their opinion on this?)

Another idea: to make copies and hand it out to our neighbors and/or post it in Shul / Blogs or where ever people who are seeking the truth will get to it.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the part 4 And thanks for your blog, next time please post it driectly on your blog so I dont have to go running around the web thanks anyway.

Is interesting, thought provoking and much needed. The tests of this Yehudi generation is money/materialism/luxury and loshon harah. Hopefully somehow we can all overcome this.

Anonymous said...

I live in Brooklyn, NY in Flatbush. It is not really bad like you watching the news and you listen people who don't live here. Most frum neighborhoods have electricity, heat etc. The second "storm" was nothing comparing the weather in Moscow when people really freezing. This "storm" my kids were happy to play outside with snow because we have that rarely. And during the first storm also many frum neighborhoods did not heart. Many of us had good 1 week vacations with our famaly because the public transport closed, so we stayed home and enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

as a noahide, i may be wrong and stand corrected if i am, but i dont feel right about it being read at the shabbos table. however making copies and sending out should be ok after rabbis have read and consented to it.

the storm named athena.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Athene", "Athina" and "Pallas Athena" all redirect here. For other uses, see Athena (disambiguation), Athene (disambiguation), Athina (disambiguation) and Pallas Athena (disambiguation)

Marble Greek copy signed "Antiokhos", a first century BC variant of Phidias' fifth-century Athena Promachos that stood on the Acropolis
Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, Divine intelligence, Architecture and Crafts[1]
Patron Goddess of Athens[1]
Abode Mount Olympus
Symbol Owls (Glaucus), Olive trees, Snakes, Aegis, Armor, Helmets, Spears, Gorgoneion
Parents Zeus and Metis[2]
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Roman equivalent Minerva
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In Greek religion and mythology, Athena or Athene ( /əˈθiːnə/ or /əˈθiːniː/; Attic: Ἀθηνᾶ, Athēnā or Ἀθηναία, Athēnaia; Epic: Ἀθηναίη, Athēnaiē; Ionic: Ἀθήνη, Athēnē; Doric: Ἀθάνα, Athānā), also referred to as Pallas Athena/Athene ( /ˈpæləs/; Παλλὰς Ἀθηνᾶ; Παλλὰς Ἀθήνη), is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Minerva, Athena's Roman incarnation, embodies similar attributes.[4]
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Athena's veneration as the patron of Athens seems to have existed from the earliest times, and was so persistent that archaic myths about her were recast to adapt to cultural changes. In her role as a protector of the city (polis), many people throughout the Greek world worshiped Athena as Athena Polias (Ἀθηνᾶ Πολιάς "Athena of the city"). The city of Athens and the goddess Athena essentially bear the same name,[5] "Athenai" meaning "[many] Athenas".

Anonymous said...

Dear 10rainbow

I showed the above Moishelh post's to my Rabbi and he encouraged me to have a full discussion with the family and guests at all of the shabbos meals, BTW he asked me for a copy so he has a good lecture for this shabbos in Shull, I don't know if few meals will be enough to complete but it's a great idea to start, and we will try our best, my wife on the other hand was not so excited about the idea so we decided that she should read it first, then we had a deep discussion, now we are on the same page, and she on her own has made copies send Emails, and going to share it with some neighbors and friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Brooklyn in Da House. You are all so delusional and in Da Nial. It's not even funny - it's kind of raw, pathetic and annoying at this point.

Hang on to your hand-gliders homies, cause it's gonna be a rough ride out into the Atlantic. Bump, grind and rock and roll - back into the Holy Land. Oy vey, did I harsh your mellow - chas -ve-chalila? On wings of eagles or on a cloud, either way, you're all comin' Home.

Now - wouldn't y'all prefer to come elegantly, rather than Shake N Bake?

One week to make your minds up.

Anonymous said...

This is Anon101. Why don't people get it. We have a homeland. Okay, our parents decided to live outside of Israel but now Gd (Hashem) through nature is saying get out. If you lost all your physical possessions, that to me is get out. Do not rebuild. Take the money and run to Israel. True you need to pay off your debts. Myself, the bank owns my house, so when I sell it I might get some money depending on the housing. If you are in real estate, I am not, it is not going up according to people I talk to. I am trying to get as much money together to pay off our daughter's school loans, IY"H we will not be in debt and get out before the next wake up call. Spend 20 minutes a day working on your Hebrew. Make the decision to leave your home country today. All Jew loving people who are NOT Jewish, if you can afford, give money to Jews who want to make aliyah. In your effort to get the Jews back to their homeland, IY"H you will be rewarded. Shabbat Shalom from the East coast, US.

Anonymous said...

I also live in brooklyn and BH was not affected by the storm, but I kept a low profile about it bec really hundreds were affected and still are ,many frum communities as well, and I do feel their pain and offered to help relatives who were not that lucky.

Anonymous said...

I had enough with statements such as gates closing, last cance and now one week to make your minds up, gerarri here. regards to erev ravs in Da House.

Devorah said...

I don't believe all this ''gates closing'' nonsense either. I blog it because it invites discussion.

Anonymous said...

if your rabbi says its fine, so be it. i too , though a noahide , strictly adhere to my rabbis advice. however everything Moishelh is what the prophets and writings of the holy sages have been telling. as the torah is eternal and not just for the patriachs. everything that happens to them, reflects on us, and we have the advantage of having the holy book, and knowing where slip ups were made. yet its sad no one seems to be seeing this as such. prophets like joel, zechariah, and others have all stated what would happen at end times. and the holy zohar and its writings are available to jews via their rabbis.

Anonymous said...

That is very good advice anon101. we do give like to the rashbi site and other times when needed. we should do our best to get jews back to their Homeland, atleast those who can. my friend rahel and barak want to go back but are unable to , due to loans. i always pray to Hashem to help them or if i am given the blessing financially i will give them. can there be a greater Home than israel. why live outside as immigrant citizens. ofcourse, if one has committments, its wrong to pack up and go just like that. Hashem is preparing the holy land for HIs children. plenty of oil and natural gases have been found. if judging by amount, isr will be lead the world in all ways which makes up the light to all nations. my rabbis said it is written that when the mosiach comes, he will gather the balance of the jews from all over the world and bring them Home. if Hashem has given the means to leave early and be there to welcome the mosiach, i cant imagine any j pushing it off. its not that the doors are closed to the jews. that would never happen. G-d will never forsake His first born. but i do fear that the doors are closing on the gentile nations. our time is going to be up. Hashem gave us so much time, even if not to follow the 7 noahide laws, to have basic human values, which dov used to write about. we have to excuse for continuing the path we are on. when our doors are closed, will jews be able to leave without difficulty and suffering.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be so presumptious as to claim to know how the final geuala will be played out. However, if a religious Jew in galut has literally lost everything, as in Seagate, and is begging for millions of dollars to rebuild from scratch, the question begs to be asked, why do they not rebuild from scratch in Israel. Can they really be so obtuse as to not to see any "sign" in what is happening, to eloquently ask "what does it all mean" without reaching the obvious conclusion, to want to carry on "business as usual". Noach is criticised for not being a tsadik on the level of Avraham for not trying to save his generation, but in our generation we are not even on the level of Noach, as the rain is pouring down, destroying our individual worlds, and we do not even want to save ourselves.

Where is it written "uvnei seagate bemehira beyameinu"? If you're going to rebuild, rebuild Yerushalayim, not Seagate. And of course the name itself is ironic, if the gate to the sea, the place that is protecting the rest of dry land has fallen, what does this bode for the rest of dry land?

So this is a gate that has fallen, not closed, and it may also be a sign of things to come. I don't know whether or not the gates will close, maybe they will remain open, yet people will not be able to reach them on account of weather, social and political conditions. To those who think that "it can't happen in America", you basically don't believe in Hashem, nor do you see yourselves as part of the Jewish people. A bit harsh, a bit extreme? Maybe, but it's the truth.

Yet millions of dollars will be raised to rebuild Seagate, as it is more comforting for galut Jews to hang on to their galut, even at a multi-million dollar price tag, than to wake up.

I just want to add that it goes without saying that those who lost their homes deserve compassion and emergency relief.

Anonymous said...

Rav Reuven Feinstein Shlit"a sai: that HKB"H wants to awaken us and let us know that life cannot be as it was before as if nothing had happened. He added that we should strengthen ourselves with Torah learning of a practical nature - ללמוד לשמור לעשות ולקיים - not just learning for the sake of learning. He also added that in order to raise Talmidei Hachamim, we need to be stronger in learning Beki'us.