Friday, November 16, 2012

When Yishmael Falls in the End of Days

The Baal HaTurim states: when Yishmael falls in the End of Days, Moshiach ben David will sprout/flourish, as he is offspring of Isaac [Avinu].  See World War Gog: In Real Time

Links to: the final verses of last week's parsha [Chayei Sarah], and the first verses of this week's parsha [Toldot] which talks about the fall of Yishmael.

Below is Rabbi Glazerson's Torah Codes on The Fall of Ishmael, and Moshiach.


  1. This is Anon101. Rabbi Glazerson says to do Tsheuva but most Jews do not know how to. Devorah, can you post Rabbi Mizrachi's shiurim on Repentance. Also righteous goyim, you also have a share to the world to come because the Torah does not say only for Jews. Learn the 7 noahide laws. Do not steal, etc. I hope all Jews living outside of Israel, realize time is short. If you are learning Torah and have a Rabbi and it would be hard for you to live in Israel then stay but remember what the austistics are saying. Israel will be safer than any other country in the world, even the U.S. If you stay outside of Israel it will be harder for you. I myself am selling off stuff, learning more Hebrew and getting ready to sell my house. If it is hard now, I cannot imagine how hard it will be in the future. I cannot get the French family whose house was trashed by muslims is doing. Their father/husband in the hospital. Not me, I am getting out now. Devorah, how is it by you? Unemployment, price of food, housing, gasoline etc.

  2. There are a few lectures on the subject of Teshuva, I haven't listened to them and don't know which one you mean. Here is the link to Rabbi Mizrachi's site and one of the lectures: Teshuva: The Last Chance for Repentence

  3. at such times like this, i have been cursed by my off spring, he blames me for all things gone wrong in huis life, i have been called terrible names, I know its not really him, he has problems in his personal life. I need prayers bad, i am noahide. Please please some advice, for me
    Devorah, thank Hashem u r back here again, missed you so much.
    Please advise me please, i beg.

    Devorah you know who i am,

    1. Anonymous, i read your mail, and believe me all mothers have gone thro this one time or another, one way or another. we always take it on the person we love most, because that is the person who will still stand by us, no matter what. our children do go thro this. these are times when its best NOT to say anything but pray to Hashem.this is the moment that we truly cannot handle, and perhaps this situation came about because Hashem wants you to let Him solve it. a long time rabbi of mine gave me this advice. and when i feel things are difficult , like when they like the wrong girl, etc, i remind myself what this rabbi advised me. never never give children room to get angry with us or even if they blame us, move away. when kids hurt the parents, and the parents feel the hurt, Hashem turns towards our kids. dont give room to feel the hurt. we are bringing judgement on our kids. always think, maybe in this birth we did not do them an injustice. what about a previous birth. so that is best handled by Hashem. remember the role of parents. remember how moses left the 99 sheep and went to look for the lost one. when children (even when grown up they are still our children) feel lost, the mother is most times the scape goat. dont ever feel hurt. after all its our own child. see in what way you can help him, if possible for now, without his knowing. believe me, from experience i am saying to you, this problem is there because Hashem wants to see how you handle it. no parent is perfect, no child is perfect. just dont say anything to your son. pray very hard, and trust me, within days you will see the change.

    2. Excellent advice from 10Rainbow [as usual] !

  4. I need advise. my offspring hates me, has cursed me, and says i have been the cause of his bad life, he wants me out of the house i have no place to go, any advice from anyone will be appreiated. I am noahide.
    live on a small pension. Not allowed to have visitors, but am allowed internet. These are the signs of the time, i am trying to do repetance too, may Gd hates me, so mixed up in my mind. Please tell me show me how to right worngs,
    Glad to see Devorah back here.
    Devorah,u know me.
    stella c.

    1. Stella, a wise man once told me that people [and kids] always blame the mother for things that go wrong. Some blame both parents, others just choose the mother. I wish I had answers for you about how to fix it all up, but all I know is what I've learnt: suffering comes to the good people in this world so they can reap their reward in the next, whilst the bad people are often rewarded for their few good deeds, and have no reward in the next world. That's why the world often seems to be unjust, but really Hashem has it all worked out.
      I did notice a lecture at Rabbi Mizrahi's site, called the Concept of Suffering and its Values, click here to listen: Divine Information

  5. 10 Rainbow, I thank you from my heart.

    No, I was hurt cause I did not expect so much hatred. He has written me off, and I say, maybe I am to blame. I have not been the best mother, like so many I know, and yet this has happened to them.

    My problem is, I am Noahide, and I wonder if Hashem seems me in the same light as He does His Chosen.
    Well I am trying to leave it to the Creator, and when my mind goes to what has been sid, I try my best to bring it back to order.
    Its his house, that is my sons house, and I am an intruder, so I have big decisions to make. Maybe its all punishment from the Creator, cannot do anything except as you said pray...Hashem bless you and all.


    1. i AM a noahide. i live in a muslim country which has no syngagoues, or anything jewish. inspite of all this,not on my merits, but on israel's merits, Hashem has brought my two sons and myself to be noahides for the last 20 years but we have to keep our faith low profile here. we are in fear sometimes. Hashem NEVER punishes. i think there is actually no equivalent word to hebrew words. He corrects us. or He is trying to tell us something is wrong and we dont join the dots well, so HE goes one step further and one step further. and you must imagine how much He loves us noahides also, since we are compared to the high priest, if we seek the laws because its what Hashem gave us. though admittedly israel is special and there is no jealousy about that. we eat only clean food, we dont get kosher food here. so somehow from the time my sons were born, its now 36 years since we started eating foods according to what moses showed as clean and unclean, even when we were xtians. pray very hard. i went thro some very bad times, when my two sons were let down by girls, and initially they did not listen to me. i was trying to save them from hurt, and my rabbi said, when kids are grown up, take a few steps back. when they were young we can rush to hold them from tripping and falling, when they are grown up,they learn better from a few falls. but we must be there, to hold their hand when they stretch it out to us. its the most difficult thing to do for a mother, stand back and watch , knowing they are going to be hurt. in this world, its so difficult to keep family unity. but it is the most important thing for Hashem in that HE even allows His name to be deleted in the water in the law of a woman who is suspected of adultry. dont ever think Hashem does not love us. i will pray to hear good news from you soon.

  6. prayers for the idf and some personal names of soldiers that need your prayers.
    my very close friend, shelli, who lives near hebron, has a son going into gaza, and an elder son, being asked to report for duty. and some who are injured. please keep them the idf and these names in your prayers until G-d willing the operation is over sucessfully.

    shelli's two sons, are Michael yishai ben zeacel raizel and elimelech tzvi ben zeacel raizel
    ziv ben margalit has lost a hand.
    yehudah chai ben tzion ben sarah, doctors are fighting to save his eyes.
    yair ben sarah.
    asher ben shoshanah.

  7. To 10rainbow, please ask Devorah for my email address and write me there. I thank you in advance.
    Devorah please give here my email address. Thanks and Hashem bless you and yours.

    May Mashiach come now. Please Hashem.