Monday, December 31, 2012

Within Reach

"She sent her maidservant and she took it" [Shemot 2:5]

Chazal inform us that the basket carrying Moshe was too far for Pharoah's daughter to reach from where she was standing. Still, she stretched out her hand (amasah) in the direction of the basket and Hashem miraculously lengthened her arm for her.

R' Meir Shapiro, the rosh yeshivah of Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin, called for an emergency meeting of the leaders of Lublin to discuss a certain person whose life was in danger.  R' Shapiro demanded of them to do something to save his life.

"This matter that you speak of" responded one of the leaders, "is beyond our capabilities.  We regrettably do not believe that we can carry it out."

"In this week's parsha" replied R' Shapiro, "the Torah states: "And she sent her maidservant".  Chazal teach us that the arm of Pharoah's daughter was miraculously lengthened in order for her to take hold of Moshe's basket.

"I wonder" continued R' Shapiro, "why did Pharoah's daughter even attempt to retrieve the basket in the first place?  After all, if it is obvious to an individual that something is not within his reach, does he waste his energy trying to obtain it?"

"We see from here" concluded R' Shapiro, "that when a person is expected to accomplish something, he should not deliberate whether or not he is capable of succeeding - he must try! Let him first make an effort, and then Heaven will assist him."

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Facilitated Communication: No Halachic Justification?

This was received as a comment here - written by Ephraim.  I decided to publish it as a blog post, so everyone can read it.  If you would like to comment, please only do so if you have something factual to say, I will not be publishing anonymous insulting comments directed at Ephraim. contains no halacha. The sources are sparse and are aggadic in nature- they are not halachic sources! The basic claim is that this practice is permitted because prophecy remains somehow amongst children and fools. From there, there is an unsubstantiated jump to Facilitated Communication. Can we allow children to gaze into crystal balls, read Tarot Cards and consult the stars because they may be gifted with prophecy? Of couse not! The fact is, that does not in any way provide halachic justification for FC.

Now, the תשורת שי that I mentioned above already prohibits the practice of divining the future by means of a table of letters- even if children are involved. Certainly, that posek was aware that prophecy is found amongst children- and yet he forbade the practice anyway. Why? I suppose it's because of the methodology. Now, it's clear that divination by means of geomancy (throwing soil onto the ground, and then "reading" the random spots produced) falls under the category of קוסם. I doubt it make a difference if we get a child or an autist to throw the soil- it would still be forbidden. (Indeed, even Moshe Rabbeinu would be forbidden to perform divination! It's not about who is doing it- it's about what is being done.) Similarly, the Malbim understood the ouija board as included in the prohibition of קוסם. He did not exclude children from the prohibition. does cite R' Eliyahu Dessler, but actually distorts his message. Rav Dessler differentiates between the premonitions of a kosem (what he calls "telepaths") and a true prophet. He cites the Rambam who explains that suppressing the intellect to awaken imagination (what we would refer to as a trance state or the like) is a definition of קוסם. Rav Dessler writes that this is a inferior process to that of a true prophet.

What does Rav Dessler actually write concerning children and prophecy? He writes about them in the context of discussing forbidden divination! He writes:

זהו ענין הקוסם שהיה יכול לפעמים להגיד עתידות...ואולי מענין זה הוא מה שאמרו ז"ל (בבא בתרא יב:)"מיום שחרב בית המקדש ...ניתנה נבואה לשוטים ולתינוקות

Rough translation: "...this is the concept of forbidden divination in which a person can occasionally foretell the future.. and perhaps this is the same idea that Chazal spoke about that "From the day that the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed, prophecy was given to fools and children".

It's very clear that Rav Dessler holds that the prophecy of children and fools is in the same inferior category as a diviner.

Now, we must distinguish between FC in it's secular and spiritual forms. This is vital halachically. The secular claims of FC proponents have been disproven. It works for a few exceptional individuals, and generally speaking it has failed. Furthermore, it makes no sense scientifically. Why? Because even higher functioning autists who do speak, communicate in an idiosyncratic manner. That's part of the definition of autism. Yet, we don't see idiosyncrasies in FC messages. That would indicate that FC is not coming from the children. In summation, FC doesn't make sense and has been proven ineffective. Practices that don't make sense scientifically and also have been proven ineffective are prohibited as דרכי האמורי. This is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of poskim!

Now, the spiritual proponents of FC now step in with an even more astonishing claim. True, the messages of FC can't be explained scientifically. They agree that the messages don't contain the expected idiosyncrasies. But instead of admitting that FC is phoney, they claim that the lack of idiosyncrasies proves that the messages come directly from the soul! After all, it's been proven scientifically that it can't come from the mind of the child- so it must come from the soul. Once they make this claim, FC moves from the category of דרכי האמורי into the category of קוסם. Why? Because קוסם does not include any scientific form of prediction. Consulting a meteorologist is not forbidden, since the predictions are scientific. Only non-natural methods of prediction are forbidden. The only exceptions are the גורל הגר"א (and its equivalents) and asking a child to cite a posuk. (Think about this: why is allowed to ask a child to cite a posuk? Why is it not also permitted to ask a child to cite next weeks lotto numbers? Why davka a posuk?)

Nothing I wrote is opinon- it's all clear halacha. The halacha is clear for those who bother to learn it. Check out the Sefer HaMitzvos of the Rambam and see his definition of קסם. Also look at the entry for Kosem at

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Avoid an Evil Eye

"Ben Poras Yosef, Ben Poras Alei Ayin" [Vayechi 49:22]. Rashi says that this means that Yosef will multiply and be beyond the reach of Ayin Hara [the evil eye]. As a reward for not taking his master's wife, no one will be able, through jealously, to inflict any harm on what belongs to him.

The Shulchan Gavo'a brings from Rav Eliyahu Dessler that no matter how rich a person is, no one is ever jealous of a totally selfless person whose whole life is about giving. An element of jealousy stems from the intended or even unintended flaunting of oneself before others.

Yaakov gave Ephraim and Menashe a bracha "V'Yidgu LaRov" - they should multiply like fish. There are two attributes of fish that Yaakov had in mind. Fish are not seen from the dry land. Moreover the fish live a life totally separated from the inhabitants of the land. They don't compete with them in any way. That is why the Ayin Hara does not affect them.

If a person lives a life of Yosef, where he doesn't want what doesn't belong to him, and he lives and enjoys his material assets out of the public eye, he too will not suffer from any unwanted evil eyes.

Source: Rav Eliyahu Dessler

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Britain's Floods Worsen

Sea of Water, South Derbyshire

  • Ruined homes, flooded fields, a nightmare getaway and more rain STILL to come
  • Bodmin saw 155 mm in five days - it has a usual monthly average of 300mm
  • First Great Western: 'If you are planning to travelling to or from Devon and Cornwall it is advised to postpone your journey if at all possible'
  • 145 UK flood warnings in place - majority in Midlands and the South West
  • Three people were killed in a crash near Midlothian, which had heavy rain
  • Scotland and West Country are likely to suffer the most Xmas Eve rail
  • Up to 30mm of rain is expected to fall between midnight and noon
  • Met Office: Britain is now set for one of its wettest years since 1910

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Wasn’t Sandy Enough ?

BS”D Discussion with Moishela (and his family) [13]
A handicapped child
On the Fast day –of 10th of Teves 5773 (Dec 23’12)

Wasn’t Sandy Enough?

Q: Tatti: Why were you crying so much in your sleep last night?

A: Moishela: I am so upset; so upset, I have to cry. I can’t hold it in any longer. In the last months, Hashem has brought many tragedies into the world, many terrible tragedies, but very few Jews are getting the message. The Yidden are not listening. They are not realizing what Hashem is doing.

Since the Twin Towers fell the world has changed totally. First there was the big shock of the Twin Towers falling and the Pentagon being attacked, but little by little it was forgotten. Even as Bush prepared America for war, people still started going back to their regular mode of thought. When the Americans entered Iraq it was exciting for a while, but again everyone went back to “business as usual”. And so Hashem caused many many tragedies, many unbelievable happenings to happen during this time.

More and more people have begun to feel uncomfortable and frightened without knowing exactly why. In the last few years more and more the economies have fallen. People are out of work. People have lost most of their freedom without even realizing it. The financial state is really getting very bad. We have seen terrible murders. We’ve seen tremendous tragedies with the weather, and still we’re walking around deaf and dumb not trying to understand why HaKodosh Boruch Hu is sending us all these messages.

I can’t blame the non-Frum Jews so much but I can blame very strongly the Frum for not trying to understand Hashems messages. We Frum know that whatever happens in the world is a message to us and we better listen and try to understand what Hashem is telling us.

When I hear the Frum world going making such a fuss over the future elections in Israel, I just can’t believe it. Instead of filling the Boti Midrash and Shuls with tears, crying, Davening, begging Hashem to save us. Instead of that, we are worring which candidates are going to get into the Knesset in order to save the Yeshiva boys from the army, or in order to give more money to the Yeshivas and Kollelim. I just can’t understand how a Frum Yid can depend on the Knesset, can depend on their representatives in the Knesset to bring about more Yiddishkeit in the world. How can you depend on the money from the government, if they want to give or not give, in order to educate your children. How could it be? How could it be?
We see clearly those Yeshivas and Chadorim (schools) that have received money from the government have had to institute many many programs that are literally against Yiddishkeit!!! The Liba program is definitely a knife straight into the heart of the Frum world. I can’t understand what’s happening.

Is everyone asleep? Is everyone drugged? Is everyone crazy?

Or maybe many of the Yidden that are dressed as Charaidim, in their hearts aren’t Charaidim? Maybe secretly they would rather be Chilonim? I don’t know.

All I know is that I am very upset. I can’t believe what’s happening. And why am I so upset, and why am I crying every night? Because I know there is going to be a big disaster because we’re not listening, and Hashem is going to force us to listen. He is trying with many gentler tactics, like the bombings in the South of Israel. Yes, Yidden were killed, but so few. Every Yiddishe life of course is very important, but still for what happened very few were wounded. It was frightening. Many lost their houses, and even that wasn’t a lot when you consider the amount of missiles that fell on the South. Generally speaking it was not a hard Nissayon, not a terribly hard Nissayon.

Everyone has gone back to their nonsense as if nothing is happening. Everyone is worried about the silly elections, and who is going to get in. What’s the big deal? What’s the difference between one thief and another? All I can say is, if you don’t wake up Am Yisroel, the ones who live in Eretz Yisroel and the ones living in America, and in England, and South Africa, and in Europe, and Australia and where ever there are Yidden, WAKE UP because the next wakeup call will be so much harder, Chas VeSholom. It will be very hard, but you don’t want to listen. You don’t want to listen. I can’t understand you.

Sandy wasn’t enough? All the things that have happened in the last few years weren’t enough? Leiby z”l being killed wasn’t enough? Harav Elazar z”l being killed wasn’t enough? What else do you want? The bad financial situation that is going towards total collapse in the world isn’t enough? So Hashem will send an even greater Nisayon and maybe that will be enough.

Be’ezras Hashem the whole world will not be destroyed, but much of the world will be destroyed because you don’t listen, Am Yisroel. Those who do listen will be saved, but those who don’t listen I fear for you, Oy Lochem.

That’s why I’m crying at night. My heart breaks that Yidden are so stubborn. You don’t want to listen and don’t understand that we have to throw all the Gashimus into the garbage and just live with what we absolutely need, and we must turn to Hashem for everything because the world is going to change totally, and I don’t know if you’ll have electricity or gas or any of the other things you need and that includes food. There will be no one to rely on only Hashem. If you think that at the last moment you’ll be able to rely on Hashem without having practiced first your Emunah and Bitachon, you’re very much mistaken!

I know there is going to be big big happenings very soon in order again to try to wake us up. When that that doesn’t work, Chas VeSholom, we will go in to the final stages before Moshiach.

Again I say: How can Yidden think that being in the government is going to save them? It’s so ridiculous! The election in Israel is only one example. Look how people are into their clothing and even the toys for their children. They’re into such ridiculous things. Their lives are hanging on a string and they don’t understand it at all and they waste their time with nonsense.

I’m sorry if I cry, but it’s so overwhelming for me. I’m so worried about Am Yisroel.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Jews in the West Bank?

by Rabbi Aron Moss

Question of the Week:

As a believing Christian, I made a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I was profoundly disturbed by the Jewish state and its criminal occupation of the West Bank. The international community has condemned this time and time again. How can you justify usurping land that belongs to others?

You are entitled to your opinion on the matter. But I hope you are consistent in your beliefs. Being that you oppose a Jewish presence on the West Bank, I assume you will not be participating in any Xmas celebrations during the coming days. According to your view, there is no reason to be merry on December 25.

The Christian holidays celebrate an event that you have named a criminal act - the birth of a Jewish baby to a Jewish family in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. Your views should not allow you to have any part in this cheer, for if you did you would be giving retroactive approval to a Jewish settlement on the West Bank that dates back more than two thousand years.

Perhaps you will be joined by the UN and other humanitarian organizations around the world condemning any celebrations that are connected with this controversial birth, as such events would be recognizing the rights of a Jewish family to live on what you see as occupied territory.

However I must warn you, by espousing this view and not celebrating, you will be vastly outnumbered. The international community, by celebrating Xmas, expresses support for the fact that the West Bank has always been the home of the Jewish people.

It's Happening Again

by Giulio Meotti

Israel has room for all Jews and welcomes them, but that does not have any bearing on what is going on in Europe. Rabbi Lau predicted that European Jewish history is nearing its end.

Surprised that Israelis entering Jordan are required to deposit religious Jewish items, like skullcaps and tefillin, for "security reasons?

It's happening in many European countries as well, where Jews are once again in grave danger and Judeophobia has become the common currency of politics.

Jews in Denmark have just been warned by Israeli officials not to appear publicly wearing Jewish religious symbols such as yarmulkes or stars of David in order to avoid increasing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic altercations. “We advise Israelis who come to Denmark and want to go to the synagogue to wait to don their skull caps until they enter the building and not to wear them in the street, irrespective of whether the areas they are visiting are seen as being safe,” said Israel’s ambassador to Denmark, Arthur Avnon.

Got that? To be identifiable as a Jew in public in Europe is to invite violence. There are European areas in its bigger cities where you cannot go outside looking like a Jew - it's like being in Gaza.

In the last few weeks, an Israeli representative of the Magen David Adom was attacked at Copenhagen Central Station, while in central Copenaghen Jews who were wearing a kippah were have been physically and verbally attacked.

An elderly Israeli man was assaulted by a group of Arabic-looking men when he ate a kebab at Nørrebro. They kicked the victim several times and tore his necklace, on which a visible star of David was hanging, off.
That's why today most of Danish Jews think twice before deciding whether to wear a necklace with a Star of David on it.

In the enlightened Europe of today, there is witch hunt against any authentic Jew with a beard and a skullcap.
Jewish students have been advised not to wear a kippa in the streets in Germany either. The Jewish Abraham Geiger Theological College in Potsdam advises its rabbis against wearing a kippah in public, while the orthodox Or Avner school in Berlin has issued similar guidelines.

Whenever its pupils go on trips to the zoo or the museum, Jewish pupils are warned: "Speak German, not Hebrew, put a baseball cap over your kippah so you don't give stupid people something to get annoyed about." Camouflaged in this way, young Jews travel on Berlin's metro trains. The rector of the school has explained that "it is safer to not appear to be a Jewish person".

A few days ago Finland's Jewish community was advised not to wear the skullcap in public for fear of anti-Semitic attacks.

In Malmö, Sweden, the country which once gave the world saints like Raoul Wallenberg, members of the local synagogue decided not to keep on their kippahs upon exiting their synagogue.

Norway's Jewish Community has advised its members against speaking Hebrew loudly on the streets or wearing Jewish emblems. Norwegian police have just increased security around Oslo’s main synagogue.

A teacher, Inge Telhaug, who was wearing a Magen David around his neck under a T-shirt, was informed by the Kristiansand Adult Education Center that wearing the star could be deemed a provocation towards the many Muslim students at the school.

In France several Jews were attacked and beaten in the streets after wearing the skullcap. In Paris it is safer for young Jewish men to walk in groups, not alone. They should wear baseball caps instead of the traditional head covering to avoid being attacked by anti-Semites. In many neighborhoods of Marseille and Lyons, it is no longer safe for Jews to walk the streets.

A few weeks ago a Jewish man was attacked and rendered unconscious in a Paris metro. How did the anti-Semitic mob recognize that he was Jewish? Because of a philosophy book by the chief rabbi of Paris that he was reading in the metro when he was attacked.

Meanwhile, half the Jewish families in Villepinte, working-class suburb north of Paris, have left due to anti-Semitism, fleeing to other Paris neighborhoods considered safer for Jews, or out of France entirely. Villepinte's 40-year-old synagogue, already torched in 2001, will close because it often lacks a minyan.

In the UK, there have been many cases like that of an Orthodox child, who was wearing a kippa and tzitzit, verbally threatened and physically intimidated by a hooded youth as he travelled on a London bus.

When the faithful leave Rome's main synagogue they immediately hide the skullcap. Police patrol the area day and night.

In the Netherlands, the country of Baruch Spinoza, police officers began wearing yarmulkes to catch Dutch Jew haters in the act of physical or verbal assault. Jewish students are told to "put a cap over your kippah".

In Amsterdam, the shelter of Spanish Jews who fled from Inquisition, the twenty-five Lester M. Wolff van Ravenswade described the difficulties faced by Jews living in an open letter to the newspaper NRC Handelsblad: "I cannot go to public events dressed as a Jew, let alone go out on Saturday night. Which party do I have to vote for in order to live safely with the kippah on my head?".

Everywhere in Europe, steel barriers are in place outside certain buildings with Jewish or Israeli connections to prevent parking.

In many British areas where Jews live the "Shomrin", or guardians, patrol the streets like Israelis do in isolated "settlements" in Israel.

Last autumn the ancient Dutch synagogue of Weesp became the first synagogue in Europe since the Second World War to cancel Shabbat services due to the threats to the safety of the faithful.

Eighty years ago next January, Adolf Hitler ym's seized power in Germany.

Every time I see a Jewish child walking down the street in Vienna, Paris or Rome wearing a kippah, I know that Hitler did not get to finish his job. It makes me feel proud - or at least somewhat better.

But the Holocaust, in which two thirds of European Jewry were annihilated, did not end when Nazi Germany and its satellites were routed militarily. The spirit of annihilation continues eighty years later. That's why Israel's former chief rabbi, Meir Lau, predicted that European Jewish history is nearing its end.

Indeed, it seems a tragic but unavoidable process: Europe as a Jew-free continent or a realm of fear in which Jews will survive as "invisible", like during the Inquisition, where even lighting candles on Shabbath is a hazard because someone could see the holy flames from the street.

Europe’s streets are getting very dark these days and the sublime orchestras are playing Richard Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde” and “Die Meistersinger” once more, while the faith in “truth as beauty and beauty as truth” can again meet its horrible end.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Mayans and the Jewish Midrash

The biblical Enoch was the son of Yered who was the great great grandson of Seth, a son of Adam. Enoch lived 365 years, from 622 to 987 on the Jewish calendar. The beginning of the long count Mayan calendar is taken to be in August of the year 3114 BCE, [-3113]. This corresponds to the year 647 on the Jewish calendar. After the Rosh HaShanah holiday in the year 3114 BCE, the year on the Jewish calendar would be 646. From these dates, we can infer that the beginning of the Mayan calendar occurs during the life of Enoch.

According to the Midrash in Seder Hadorot, [Vol 1, p. 89], Enoch served God and despised the wicked people of his generation. He separated from them and hid himself away. One day when he was praying, an angel of God spoke to him telling him to go out from his house and teach the people about the ways of God and the correct ways to live. 

In the book Sefer Hayashar, we read about Enoch:

He gathered people around him and taught them about God. Word was sent around everywhere announcing that whoever wanted to know the ways of God and the good life should come to Enoch for instruction. Hungry for the truth, people eagerly gathered around him and he taught them the wisdom of God. Thus the people served God all the lifetime of Enoch. Rulers, princes, and judges, all came to hear him. He was loved and respected so much that three hundred rulers proclaimed him king over them. With gentle persuasion he was able to establish peaceful relations between all these rulers. He reigned for two hundred and forty-three years guiding all people in the ways of God.

Seder Hadorot tells that Enoch was the first one to write a book on astronomy. In the pseudepigraph Book of Enoch, a compilation of books detailing the experiences, the prophecies, and teachings of Enoch, there is a book entitled The courses of the Heavenly Luminaries. This is chapters 72 through 82 of the Book of Enoch, and they are devoted to describing the changing times for the rising and the setting of the sun through the solar year, the waxing and waning of the moon through the lunar month and year.

The ancient Greeks identified Enoch with Hermes Trismegistus. The Greeks wrote that Enoch taught the sons of men the art of building cities, the knowledge of the Zodiac, and the course of the Planets. We also find Enoch's association with astronomy and arithmetic in Sefer Yuhasin. In the Book of Jubilees, Enoch was the inventor of the art of writing. This is also so according to Masonic lore. The correlation of these accomplishments of Enoch and the meaning of the term Maya in different cultures is immediately apparent and surely not a coincidence.

The Midrash explains how Enoch obtained his knowledge. In The Zohar, Rabbi Aba said, A book was sent down to Adam through which he discerned and comprehended the supernal wisdom. [This is the book of The Generations Of Adam.] This book later came into the hands of the sons of Elohim, the sages of their generation, who were priviledged to learn from it and to glean the supernal wisdom. They grasped it and comprehended it. This book was brought down by the guardian of the secrets who is the angel Raziel and was given to Adam in the Garden of Eden. Three guardian angels went before him and guarded the book so that the external forces would not have access to it.

When Adam was expelled from the Garden of Eden, he still held on to the book. Yet as he stepped out, the book flew away from him. He prayed and cried out to his Master, and the book was returned to him again so that this wisdom would not be forgotten and the people would endeavor to attain knowledge of their Master.

We have been told that Enoch had a book, which originated from the same place as that of the Generations of Adam. And this book contains the inner secrets of wisdom.

Continue reading at: Real Bible Codes

Suffering, Passing Tests, and Miracles

Rav Isaac Sher - The Beauty of Suffering and the Torment of Gehinom

Chazal tell us the a lifetime of suffering in this world is less painful than even a moment in Gehinom. How can we compare suffering in a physical world to the suffering in a spiritual world, it is not a real comparison. Are we really comparing degrees of heat?

Rav Isaac Sher explains that there is a big difference between suffering in this world and suffering in the next world. Gehinom he says merely cleanses you of your aveiros [sins]. Once you are clean however, you are the same person you were before, only without the stains of your misdeeds. You are on the same low level.

Not so with suffering in this world. Through our suffering we grow and can reach new heights. We contemplate our pain and open new vistas of understanding of Hashem and our purpose in the world. Each step of our purification brings us closer to Hashem in ways we would have been unable to without the pain.

Maybe this resolves our question. While suffering in the next world is a punishment for our sins, suffering in this world is an opportunity for advancement. Therefore all the pain in this world which is steeped with opportunity cannot be compared to even a single moment of the hopeless of Gehinom.

Rav Chaim Zaitchek - The Nes of Passing a Nisayon [The miracle of passing a trial]

What defines a miracle? Everything in this world is controlled by Hashem. There is no difference between Hashem's ability to make plants grow or split the sea. What differentiates the two? The answer is that Hashem created a natural order in the world to allow people to believe that Hashem does not exist. An event that breaks the rules is called a miracle. It is Hashem showing us a glimpse of His total control. Nature is called Teva from the word Tava or drowning. The everyday miracles that Hashem performs in nature and to us individually are drowned beneath the surface, and out of our field of view unless we use our mind to perceive them. The word for a miracle is Nes. Nes means a flagpole. It is an event that stands out in plain view for all to see, unless one chooses to look the other way.

On a similar note the world was created to challenged us to choose good. The word for these challenges is Nisayon. Nisayon has the word Nes in it. What is the connection? The answer says Rav Chaim Zaitchek, is that we all are born with great potential for good. Our challenge is to dig deep down and use these abilities. We are tested as a means to bring this potential out into the world. A Nisayon is an opportunity to show ourselves, Hashem, and the universe the good buried within us. By passing a Nisayon we have created a Nes!

Source: Revach

Monday, December 17, 2012

Fiji braces for Cyclone Evan

Fiji is preparing for strong winds and flooding as the first impacts of Tropical Cyclone Evan are felt in the Pacific Island country.

After leaving a destructive path in Samoa last week, the category four system is bearing down on Fiji.

Evan is 480 kilometres wide and packing winds of 230 kilometres per hour, making it the strongest cyclone to threaten the country in 20 years.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ani Yosef

"I am Yosef!" [Vayigash 45:3]

The Chofetz Chaim offered the following explanation of this verse: 

When the brothers had initially arrived in Egypt, they were treated harshly by Yosef, who accused them of being spies.  The brothers were startled by what was happening to them, and they asked one another: "Why is this happening to us?  Who among us is guilty of a sin that would have brought this upon us?"

On the brothers' second trip to Egypt, they once again asked one another: "What is this that Hashem has done to us?"

However, continued the Chofetz Chaim, when the brothers heard but two words: "Ani Yosef" - I am Yosef - all of their questions were answered.  Suddenly, everything was clear - all of their misfortune had occurred as a result of having sold Yosef.

Today, as well, concluded the Chofetz Chaim, there are many people who question the way that Hashem runs His world.  "Why do the righteous suffer?" they ask.  "Why can the wicked prosper?"

However, at the End of Days, when the entire world hears Hashem utter but two words: "Ani Hashem" - I am Hashem - all of the questions will vanish.

Source: Rabbi Yisrael Bronstein

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Obama Codes

Way back in 2008, Joel Gallis a"h and Dr Robert Wolf presented an article outlining the events that would occur via Obama during the ''End of Days''. [See Obama and the Evil at the End of Days]

Today, R'Dov bar Leib has shown us some more on this subject, with the coded name of Obama appearing in the Torah where it discusses the Kings of Edom:  וְאֵלֶּה הַמְּלָכִים אֲשֶׁר מָלְכוּ בְּאֶרֶץ אֱדוֹם  .... ''And these are the kings who reigned in the land of Edom''...  [Vayishlach 36:31]
The red letters, re-arranged, spell אובאמה - Obama.

You can read Dov bar Leib's post here: The Last King of Edom

Re-post: Mayan Calender, December 21 and Judaism

Extracts from The Mayan Culture and Judaism by Rabbi M. Glazerson and Professor R. Haralick

click here
Reprinted with permission. I have extracted only a small portion of the information in the book.....I strongly recommend you purchase it  to fully understand all the concepts.

The Mayan calendar counts time until the year 2012, after which we encounter a situation of no more time from their point of view; a time when there will be complete knowledge.  We will have the power to heal, to create and to change everything.

According to Mayan astronomy, our galaxy orbits the Pleiades every 26,000 years*.   In 2012 there will be a completion of the cycle.... and there will be a new dawn for mankind.  In space there will be a situation in which the planets are directly aligned [an occurrence which happens once every 26,000 years], including the earth, the sun, the Milky Way, the Pleiades, Sirius and others. This will happen at exactly 11am on December 21, 2012,  and at 11:11 there will be a stream of new light of pure awareness that will shine without interference from the planets.

*It is important to point out that even though the calculations of the number of years in the Mayan tradition comes to numbers higher than the maximum 6,000 years of Jewish tradition, there is no inherent contradiction to the Torah of Israel. As the Ramban says in his commentary on the Torah [Genesis, 2], the world is supposed to continue for 6,000 years that mirror the six days of creation.  This refers to the physical world created within the system of time.... according to the teachings of relativity in science, the passage of time exists only in the physical world.... the greater the central mass the slower time moves, when the universe began to expand, the meter of time increased its rate. [Similar to the concept mentioned here] 

The Gemara in Nedarim [8:2] states:
Reish Lakish states: ''In the World to Come, there will be no Gehinnom [hell]. Rather, Hashem will remove the sun from its sheath, and the righteous will be healed by it, while the wicked will be punished by it, as it says [Malachi 3:19] ''A sun will come which will burn like a furnace; all the wicked and all the evildoers will be like straw, and the sun will incinerate them... But a sun of kindness will shine for those who fear Me, with healing in its rays.''

The Abarbanel explains this verse:
''The sun performs opposite actions and, depending on the circumstances, it will burn or heal. It whitens laundry and browns the ski, it melts wax and freezes salt, and therefore, whereas the evildoers who are empty and dry like straw will be burnt, the righteous ones who are damp and moist, will be healed.''

 וְעֵת-צָרָה הִיא לְיַעֲקֹב, וּמִמֶּנָּה יִוָּשֵׁעַ
''...and it is a time of trouble unto Jacob, but out of it shall he be saved'' 

It is interesting to note that the gematria of the words ''and a time of trouble'' is 772, which equals the value of the words ''time of clarity''.  This reinforces the idea that at that time it will be a time of tzara [trouble] for the wicked, and it will conversely be a time of tzohar [clarity] for the righteous.

According to the Mayan calendar, the year 1992 is the first year of the last phase [period 20] of the final stage [13th stage] of the great cycle. It is striking to note that the year 1992 was the year תשׁנ''ב  -
5752 years from the creation of the world, which was the beginning of the time after midday Friday, [on the cosmic clock] when the special Shabbat atmosphere began to descend on the world [according to the holy Arizal]. The Mayans refer to these 20 years as the purification of the earth.  During this period, the earth will become completely purified, including the hearts of the people. Evil will be uprooted and goodness will prevail.  The cycle will culminate on the 21st of December 2012, effectively ending the characteristics of civilization as we know it.  After this, humanity will advance into a new type of civilization.

Rav Kushilevsky comments that when discussing the year 2012, one must take into consideration the wellknown fact that the Vilna Gaon considers the birth pangs of Moshiach to be of 70 years' duration.  In the same vein, there are 70 words in Psalms chapter 20 which include ''May Hashem answer you on the day of trouble''.  In the year 5702, the Holocaust began in full force and, as the Aish Kodesh wrote:  ''The terrible tragedies and horrible, unnatural deaths that the cruel Nazi beasts inflicted upon the House of Israel in the year 5702, in my scope of knowledge of the words of the sages and the Book of Chronicles, there has never before been such suffering...''

From this we infer that the year 5702 began the birth pangs of Moshaich. If we add another 70 years from 5702 in order to get to the date of the actual ''birth'', we get the year 5772 - 2012.

In this time of the ''footsteps of Moshiach'' the aspect of the mixed multitudes [Erev Rav] will be strengthened and the leaders of Israel will emerge from the Erev Rav, as it says in the holy Zohar in various places. This has proven itself true when, in recent years, the government of the State of Israel has consisted of parties and ministers who are committed to fighting against the Torah values of Israel. The Rabbis in the Talmudic tractate, Sanhedrin [98:1] discussed this: ''the kings will turn into heretics'', and as it is said in the commentary, this is also referring to the kingdom of Israel.

The sages tell us in the Talmud that this state of affairs will bring Israel to recognize that ''We have no one to lean on except our Father in Heaven'', as is evident in our days when Israel is having such difficulty fighting off our enemies. This will result in the complete return [teshuvah] of the Jewish nation to their heritage, which is the foundation of the final Redemption, ''Because Israel will only be redeemed if they return''. [Sanhedrin 97: 2]

Please note: the date of December 21, 2012 is thought to be significant by many people and religions.  But Redemption can come at any time, and we hope for Moshiach every day.  The information contained in this blog post is not a prophecy or a prediction, merely a distribution of knowledge that is currently available to us.  Things can change in the blink of an eye. [More to come on this topic, stay tuned]