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Wasn’t Sandy Enough ?

BS”D Discussion with Moishela (and his family) [13]
A handicapped child
On the Fast day –of 10th of Teves 5773 (Dec 23’12)

Wasn’t Sandy Enough?

Q: Tatti: Why were you crying so much in your sleep last night?

A: Moishela: I am so upset; so upset, I have to cry. I can’t hold it in any longer. In the last months, Hashem has brought many tragedies into the world, many terrible tragedies, but very few Jews are getting the message. The Yidden are not listening. They are not realizing what Hashem is doing.

Since the Twin Towers fell the world has changed totally. First there was the big shock of the Twin Towers falling and the Pentagon being attacked, but little by little it was forgotten. Even as Bush prepared America for war, people still started going back to their regular mode of thought. When the Americans entered Iraq it was exciting for a while, but again everyone went back to “business as usual”. And so Hashem caused many many tragedies, many unbelievable happenings to happen during this time.

More and more people have begun to feel uncomfortable and frightened without knowing exactly why. In the last few years more and more the economies have fallen. People are out of work. People have lost most of their freedom without even realizing it. The financial state is really getting very bad. We have seen terrible murders. We’ve seen tremendous tragedies with the weather, and still we’re walking around deaf and dumb not trying to understand why HaKodosh Boruch Hu is sending us all these messages.

I can’t blame the non-Frum Jews so much but I can blame very strongly the Frum for not trying to understand Hashems messages. We Frum know that whatever happens in the world is a message to us and we better listen and try to understand what Hashem is telling us.

When I hear the Frum world going making such a fuss over the future elections in Israel, I just can’t believe it. Instead of filling the Boti Midrash and Shuls with tears, crying, Davening, begging Hashem to save us. Instead of that, we are worring which candidates are going to get into the Knesset in order to save the Yeshiva boys from the army, or in order to give more money to the Yeshivas and Kollelim. I just can’t understand how a Frum Yid can depend on the Knesset, can depend on their representatives in the Knesset to bring about more Yiddishkeit in the world. How can you depend on the money from the government, if they want to give or not give, in order to educate your children. How could it be? How could it be?
We see clearly those Yeshivas and Chadorim (schools) that have received money from the government have had to institute many many programs that are literally against Yiddishkeit!!! The Liba program is definitely a knife straight into the heart of the Frum world. I can’t understand what’s happening.

Is everyone asleep? Is everyone drugged? Is everyone crazy?

Or maybe many of the Yidden that are dressed as Charaidim, in their hearts aren’t Charaidim? Maybe secretly they would rather be Chilonim? I don’t know.

All I know is that I am very upset. I can’t believe what’s happening. And why am I so upset, and why am I crying every night? Because I know there is going to be a big disaster because we’re not listening, and Hashem is going to force us to listen. He is trying with many gentler tactics, like the bombings in the South of Israel. Yes, Yidden were killed, but so few. Every Yiddishe life of course is very important, but still for what happened very few were wounded. It was frightening. Many lost their houses, and even that wasn’t a lot when you consider the amount of missiles that fell on the South. Generally speaking it was not a hard Nissayon, not a terribly hard Nissayon.

Everyone has gone back to their nonsense as if nothing is happening. Everyone is worried about the silly elections, and who is going to get in. What’s the big deal? What’s the difference between one thief and another? All I can say is, if you don’t wake up Am Yisroel, the ones who live in Eretz Yisroel and the ones living in America, and in England, and South Africa, and in Europe, and Australia and where ever there are Yidden, WAKE UP because the next wakeup call will be so much harder, Chas VeSholom. It will be very hard, but you don’t want to listen. You don’t want to listen. I can’t understand you.

Sandy wasn’t enough? All the things that have happened in the last few years weren’t enough? Leiby z”l being killed wasn’t enough? Harav Elazar z”l being killed wasn’t enough? What else do you want? The bad financial situation that is going towards total collapse in the world isn’t enough? So Hashem will send an even greater Nisayon and maybe that will be enough.

Be’ezras Hashem the whole world will not be destroyed, but much of the world will be destroyed because you don’t listen, Am Yisroel. Those who do listen will be saved, but those who don’t listen I fear for you, Oy Lochem.

That’s why I’m crying at night. My heart breaks that Yidden are so stubborn. You don’t want to listen and don’t understand that we have to throw all the Gashimus into the garbage and just live with what we absolutely need, and we must turn to Hashem for everything because the world is going to change totally, and I don’t know if you’ll have electricity or gas or any of the other things you need and that includes food. There will be no one to rely on only Hashem. If you think that at the last moment you’ll be able to rely on Hashem without having practiced first your Emunah and Bitachon, you’re very much mistaken!

I know there is going to be big big happenings very soon in order again to try to wake us up. When that that doesn’t work, Chas VeSholom, we will go in to the final stages before Moshiach.

Again I say: How can Yidden think that being in the government is going to save them? It’s so ridiculous! The election in Israel is only one example. Look how people are into their clothing and even the toys for their children. They’re into such ridiculous things. Their lives are hanging on a string and they don’t understand it at all and they waste their time with nonsense.

I’m sorry if I cry, but it’s so overwhelming for me. I’m so worried about Am Yisroel.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Moishela for injecting us when we are in a need of a good boost. It's true that we forget fast but that's the nature of people in this mixed up world.

10rainbow said...

G-d bless israel. i may be wrong, and stand corrected if i am. Moishela is correct in the over exuberance relating to the elections. however, every jew has to vote, since israel chose to have a king. (today, prime minister). the rebbe said not to wait for miracles. neither did yaacov when he was to meet esau. he took steps to protect his family , first with gifts then war if necessary and prayer. i truly hope every jew will vote for a religious figure. and that they unite under one banner, which is jew. the rebbe said there is no such thing as a reform, secular or religious jew, all are jews, all are one. israel has to do its part, and Hashem will bless and may we see a truly religious party taking control. one of my rabbis in US said that he was fighting hard to get romney in. not to say romney is perfect but lesser harmful of the two. when romney lost, he accepted that Hashem's Will over rode his and others. when deserving Hashem gives us a G-d fearing leader. otherwise sometimes the wrong leader comes and we receive collective correction.

bbgn said...

"Wasn't Sandy Enough ?" No. "Episcopalian and Methodist Churches Destroyed By Fires Dec 22, 2012"

Neshama said...

Rabbi Brody Shlit"a said more or less the same in his latest video.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid he's going to have to use another tact. It's as if he's stridently cried wolf over and over again - for years! If you have kids you know this doesn't work. Yell and scream at your kids over and over threaten them and they just stop listening. Emotional blackmail doesn't work either. Personally, It's my belief the father is making all of these statements.

Anonymous said...

Moishela, I tried to spread your message but today is my last day. My Shul thinks I am crazy. I am only going to work on my Emunah/Bitachon and focus on getting the family to eretz Yisroel in the summer of 2013, IY"H. Unfortunately, the rest of the Yidden will be in for hard times and I cannot say a thing. The Greek culture won out. Ask a religious Jew if he likes sports. It started in Sparta, Greece. Movie, TV, it started with Greek plays. Ask yourself are you a hellenistic Jew or a Orthodox Jew, you cannot be both.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Neshama for pointing out to us.....

I guess if Rabbi Brody Shlita said more or less the same thing it gives more power to Moishela because it shows us that Hashem has a specific message for us and he is sending it to us in all kind of ways, or maybe Moishela is giving power to Rabbi Brodys touching worm words.

Any way "Thank You Hashem" for sending us your words through big Tzadikim.

Keter Malchut (Kabbalah Redemption) said...

B"H There will not be a big disaster, and yes Yiden are asleep in golus as it says "ani yeshena velibi er", even though we are asleep, deep inside our hearts are awake, wasting for our Beloved to knockdown the wall of the "metzius yesh nifrad". It's not our fault at this point, and as the Rebbe brings on the posuk "hu ifdeh et Israel mikol avonotam" that the Radak on the posuk says that in the end of days Hashem will see all our sins and flat out pardon each and every Yid regardless of his aveirus.

This is the path of thinking that brings to Geulah, not judgements, enough Musar already, please.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:23, Not only your shul thinks you crazy, when years ago I was "shocked by gates closing" , I was told to get autistics messages in Judaica stores and it is for free, when I went to stores they were smiling at me and thought that I am crazy too. You not the only one.
Not crazy anon

Moriah said...

Mussar's one thing. I think mussar's a Jews best friend but the drama of this is wearing thin.

Anonymous said...

Moriah, i couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

true!!! deep inside we want to be good, but we need more much action to show Hashem that we are actually doing his will and not just "want to do his will"

We need to have lots of Chizuk to keep on going till Moshiach arrives.

Anonymous said...

so maybe some more pin point straight to the point messages from Moishela will do the trick

Anonymous said...

No disrespect intended...but why is being disabled a notable attribute ?..somehow it enlightens to be disabled ?..or autistic ?

Devorah said...

Because these children are not able to communicate in a normal way, and their thoughts are generally not known.... and it is believed that they are very high souls trapped in a disabled body.... as such they have advanced knowledge but have been unable to get it across until someone discovered Facilitated Communication enabling them to provide these insights.

Anonymous said...

In the blog post of Yeranen Yaakov entitiled- Rav Mordechai Eliyahu ZT"L on the Holocaust Being Gog Umagog , there are very good comments that comment on 'end of day scenarios'. In a nutshell something like this-

After the horrors of the Holocaust it is absurd to suggest more suffering for
any of the Jewish people.

These kind of 'talks' or ideas have been blasted, publicly by the Lubavitcher Rebbe
even when such ideas/statements originated from the greatest Torah scholars.

The main thing now is to sweeten the situation.

The main thing is to increase in Ahavat Yisrael.

The discourse these past few years on the blogosphere has been on doomsday scenarios
which invariably have not materialized and a certain shift in mentality would benefit everyone such as an emphasis on the positive.

Students of pnimiut haTorah understand the concept that Erev Rav and Amalek etc. all have parallels within the person himself, yet nobody is expounds " You know
this gematria and commentary actually show that I am (G-d forbid) Erev Rav or Amalek!" Everybody 'explains' how the other is in the wrong. Rarely do people
'explain' how the other is correct unlike Beit Hillel who would first offer and explain
Beit Shammai's point of view.

As the world progresses we see how everything becomes more spiritual
for example-
Internet and technology has changed how war and regime change is brought about
in faster ways and with less bloodshed than in the past.

Physical confrontations are being replaced by intellectual/spiritual confrontations
(propaganda war through media etc.)

average lifespan has increased greatly and
technological advancements have made many things easier for humanity and Avodat

This is not to imply that one must be naive or foolish to ignore
undesirable events and not to deal with them on a practical level (lock your door to prevent theft etc.) The Torah is full of practical advice on how to deal with evil
from war to theft or otherwise, nonetheless the emphasis must be on the good.

Enough fire and brimstone, with light not might.

This is like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov said Mashiach will conquer the whole
world without firing a gunshot... in other words through his great wisdom and holiness and spiritual power he will 'conquer' the world through goodness.

Thank you for your wonderful blog and giving me the ability to learn incredible
things from it. I am sure it is very time consuming.

may Hashem bless you and yours for your efforts with all good in spiritual and physical matters.

mordechai wing

Devorah said...

Thank you Mordechai.

Anonymous said...

the Sitra Acher has done a good job on many of you & blinded you into complacency.
what was the difference by Yitzeas Mitzrayim between the Chamushim & the 4/5? which do we want to be from, 1/5 or 4/5? Rav Avigdor Miller said in each Geula only a Miut came out!

If we do not go to great lengths to do Hashem's will, being extra careful with Kashrus, Tzneus, Shmiras Shabbos ... instead of finding every heter and excuse for gashmieus of all kinds.

Anonymous said...

So nice to see the Achudut in Am yisroel. Achudut will speed um the arrival of Moshiach and we need himnow

Anonymous said...

very true Ahavas Yisroel is what we have to increase in order to be Zocha to greet Moshiach

Anonymous said...

FC is forbidden halachically. It's a violation of דרכי האמורי, קוסם and תמים תהיה.

See שו"ת תשורת שי חלק ב סימן קכט.

Anonymous said...

I guess you have your own opinions and ideas against the guidance of the Poskim and Gedolim

Anonymous said...

Just to saying "Thank You" to Moishela is no where near enough.

Moishela you should know that you have made a big difference in our lives and surly to so many others too.

I print out your teachings and take it to Shul, you teachings becomes a discussion among us in Shul, you see, we don't know who you are, so are not threatened by you statements. We're not embarrassed to admit our faults and make positive changes in our lives any more. We know the big brother "Hashem" is watching us. You have been a real eye opener.

Please keep on teaching us more often and posting it right here on "Shirat Devorah" so we can keep on improving.

The Rebetzen of our Shul wishes to get more information, and be able to greet you in person is there any way it could be done?

Shirat Devorah thanks so much for posting Moishelas teachings, is there a schedule when Moishela does his teachings? so we can plan on getting together on Monday nights instead of Bingo? please advise. Thanks..................

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Brody is great

Anonymous said...

right Hasehm is trying to use all kind of tactics to wake us up GOOD JOB MOISHELA we're all behaving like small little kids towards g-d and we need a real wolf like you to wake us up.

Anonymous said...

Keep on trying never give up

Ephraim said...

It's neither my idea, nor is it my opinion. It's the halacha. I cited a real sefer that deals with children being used reveal the future by means of a tablet of letters. Look it up. That psak was written a 100 years ago! Also study the halachos of Kosem. Any non-natural method for divining the future is prohibited. (There are some exceptions, such as the Goral HaGra, but FC is not one of them.)

You talk about Poskim? Show me a clear psak. Cite the sefer, chelek and siman. The phrase "Poskim and Gedolim" is meaningless. Who are they and where is their psak? We're talking about several issurim here.

Anonymous said...

It's only Halocha in "your" opinion look at and you'll see differently

Anonymous said...

Hay body, no matter what Moishela hits the nail on the head and gets the point through

Anonymous said...

'Any non-natural method for divining the future is prohibited.'

FC is not considered legit due to the ongoing question: Who is really doing the communicating? I give no credence to FC. For the last five years the the Autistics have been crying wolf causing Jews nothing but anxiety for not being able to leave galus. From what I understand one woman did go to Eretz Israel and it was a disaster for her. Please quit with the hysteria. I'm sick of reading "This is the last time" but still comes back every time they want to capitalize on a disaster. This is arrogance.

Ephraim said... contains no halacha. The sources are sparse and are aggadic in nature- they are not halachic sources! The basic claim is that this practice is permitted because prophecy remains somehow amongst children and fools. From there, there is an unsubstantiated jump to Facilitated Communication. Can we allow children to gaze into crystal balls, read Tarot Cards and consult the stars because they may be gifted with prophecy? Of couse not! The fact is, that does not in any way provide halachic justification for FC.

Now, the תשורת שי that I mentioned above already prohibits the practice of divining the future by means of a table of letters- even if children are involved. Certainly, that posek was aware that prophecy is found amongst children- and yet he forbade the practice anyway. Why? I suppose it's because of the methodology. Now, it's clear that divination by means of geomancy (throwing soil onto the ground, and then "reading" the random spots produced) falls under the category of קוסם. I doubt it make a difference if we get a child or an autist to throw the soil- it would still be forbidden. (Indeed, even Moshe Rabbeinu would be forbidden to perform divination! It's not about who is doing it- it's about what is being done.) Similarly, the Malbim understood the ouija board as included in the prohibition of קוסם. He did not exclude children from the prohibition.

(To be continued...)

Ephraim said...

...Continued from above. does cite R' Eliyahu Dessler, but actually distorts his message. Rav Dessler differentiates between the premonitions of a kosem (what he calls "telepaths") and a true prophet. He cites the Rambam who explains that suppressing the intellect to awaken imagination (what we would refer to as a trance state or the like) is a definition of קוסם. Rav Dessler writes that this is a inferior process to that of a true prophet.

What does Rav Dessler actually write concerning children and prophecy? He writes about them in the context of discussing forbidden divination!
He writes:

זהו ענין הקוסם שהיה יכול לפעמים להגיד עתידות...ואולי מענין זה הוא מה שאמרו ז"ל (בבא בתרא יב:)"מיום שחרב בית המקדש ...ניתנה נבואה לשוטים ולתינוקות

Rough translation: "...this is the concept of forbidden divination in which a person can occasionally foretell the future.. and perhaps this is the same idea that Chazal spoke about that "From the day that the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed, prophecy was given to fools and children".

It's very clear that Rav Dessler holds that the prophecy of children and fools is in the same inferior category as a diviner.

Now, we must distinguish between FC in it's secular and spiritual forms. This is vital halachically. The secular claims of FC proponents have been disproven. It works for a few exceptional individuals, and generally speaking it has failed. Furthermore, it makes no sense scientifically. Why? Because even higher functioning autists who do speak, communicate in an idiosyncratic manner. That's part of the definition of autism. Yet, we don't see idiosyncrasies in FC messages. That would indicate that FC is not coming from the children. In summation, FC doesn't make sense and has been proven ineffective. Practices that don't make sense scientifically and also have been proven ineffective are prohibited as דרכי האמורי. This is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of poskim!

Now, the spiritual proponents of FC now step in with an even more astonishing claim. True, the messages of FC can't be explained scientifically. They agree that the messages don't contain the expected idiosyncrasies. But instead of admitting that FC is phoney, they claim that the lack of idiosyncrasies proves that the messages come directly from the soul! After all, it's been proven scientifically that it can't come from the mind of the child- so it must come from the soul. Once they make this claim, FC moves from the category of דרכי האמורי into the category of קוסם. Why? Because קוסם does not include any scientific form of prediction. Consulting a meteorologist is not forbidden, since the predictions are scientific. Only non-natural methods of prediction are forbidden. The only exceptions are the גורל הגר"א (and its equivalents) and asking a child to cite a posuk. (Think about this: why is allowed to ask a child to cite a posuk? Why is it not also permitted to ask a child to cite next weeks lotto numbers? Why davka a posuk?)

Nothing I wrote is opinon- it's all clear halacha. The halacha is clear for those who bother to learn it. Check out the Sefer HaMitzvos of the Rambam and see his definition of קסם. Also look at the entry for Kosem at

Devorah said...

Thank you Ephraim, that is very interesting. If anyone has anything factual to respond with, go ahead. Anonymous critics with insults will not published.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I remember seeing a haskoma in one of the books which contained FC messages from autistic children. The haskoma was from an odom godol, perhaps a mashgiach from Lakewood, ztz"l, but I am not sure. But the haskoma said that using FC to predict the future is forbidden. But to arouse to do tshuva, etc, was permitted.

This is what I remember. All the best,

Anonymous said...

I don't get it, I must be very slow, tell me something, whats wrong with Moishela asking us to do Teshuva.

After all don't you want to greet Moshiach?

So Please Let me understand: Just in case Moishela (who is only asking us to do Teshuva) is telling us Prophecy you are Just going to go on strike, sit back and not do Teshuva? in the end not greet Moshiach? then blame it on Moishela?

How foolish can we be?

Let's admit (right here) that we are looking to go on with business as usual by not making positive changes in out lives and Moishela's words are Just giving us a big headache, and we don't like his harsh words that makes us feel guilty.

So instead we will try bashing his speeches in every-way possible.

Lets remember that we had many Gedolim and Rebbis in our generation who told us much Prophecy, for example the Lubavitcher Rebbi the Satmar Rabbi etc. so are we Chas VeSholom going to condemn their teachings? their advice? Hay I am a real Chosid and you can't tell me that.

Why don't we just do the "Teshuva thing" and get ready for Moishiach regardless who is encouraging us to do it?

Why because..... we don't want to..........

Anonymous said...

You know something, the real Prophets in the time of the Bais HaMikdosh cried wolf many many many years( causing Jews nothing but anxiety for not being good Jewish people) till one day the Wolf came and destroyed the Bais Hamikdosh.

Please quit with the hysteria. I'm sick of reading "This is the last time" but still comes back every time they want to capitalize on a disaster. BECAUSE WE DON'T CHANGE and we don't do Teshuva.

Anonymous said...

G-D bless you