Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Noahide / Ger In New - Ancient Light

Rabbi David Katz presents a new series of classes on in-depth learning for Noahides.   A Noahide is the name given to a [non-Jewish] person who believes in the One God [Hashem] and adheres to The Seven Laws of Noah.
Such a person is known as a Righteous Gentile, or, as we can learn from this lesson by Rabbi Katz, a Ger.

Click here To Listen To Class One Of The Noahide/Ger In Ancient Light!

  • Ger Toshav
  • Ger Tzedek
  • Ger in Talmud - Tosfos
  • Goy vs. Ger
  • Righteous Gentile
  • Ger in Rishonim
  • Brotherhood and the Gentile
  • ...and much much more

This is Class One out of a larger series, with the ultimate goal being to identify every Ger mentioned in the Torah [with over 100 places of content] and bring the relevant Chazal to light.

Source: Soul Mazal Blog


  1. Rabbi Katz,
    I thought a convert was a Ger. Is a Jewish convert and a non-Jewish person called Ger?

    1. Yes, but ideally the convert should be called a Jew. The merit of the Ger is to be a non Jew while the convert should not be reminded of his past, he is a Jew.

      Rabbi David Katz

  2. Some non-Jews who became Jews are proud of their stories and make a goodly parnossah out of publicizing their stories eg Ahuva Grey ("My sister the Jew"), Prince Nathan Gamedzeh, Asher Wade, Avraham Carmell ("So Strange My Path"), Shira Yehudit Djlilamand (numerous articles in Mishpacha Magazine), Devorah Schwartzbaum ("The Bamboo Cradle") etc etc


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