Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rabbi Lazer Brody on The End of Days [new video]

Rabbi Lazer presents an Emuna Picture of what we're to expect in the End of Days, which is the period of history which we're in today. This shiur was given in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Alef, Israel to a crowd of mainly English Speaking Olim! With his skillful artists brush, Rabbi Brody explains what we need to know and do until HaMelech HaMashiach arrives, soon and in our days, AMEN!



devora said...

Thank you so much for posting this very powerful shiur. The part about gilgulim frm the holocaust really spoke to me as I have known for many years that I am a gilgul from the holocaust who was brought here for a tikkun to come to know Hashem and spread knowledge of Hahem to the world. The way he spoke about it so clearly gave me much hizzuk. Thanks for posting!!

Neshama said...

"manly English Speaking Olim" You mean there were no ladies present? :-)
Of course, you meant "mainly" but it got me to chuckle.

Devorah said...

That's funny, it was a cut and paste job from the YouTube channel. I'll fix it up.

Neshama said...

I just finished listening to Reb Lazer, and I also thought that my neshoma was of someone that was in the Shoah. However, that came to me before I became frum. And also that one of my great grandparents was davening for me in Shomayim, which is what helped me in my search for information about them. I knew none of my ancestors, but collected all I could and was blessed with a connection. This connection was a small voice from inside that guided me.

About America, I too fear a colossal awakening of all my friends still there. I just hope they survive and really do choose to come home .

Devorah said...

Holocaust: me too. I did some research many years ago and asked a few people if they ''remembered'' being in the holocaust and wow! they all had a story. I think that will have to be another blog post.

Genoism said...

With all due respect, Rabbi Brody nor Rabbi Shalom are prophets. They should not be predicting on what will happen and telling everyone must come to Israel. Moshiach is supposed to gather the jews to israel, not anyone else.

Anonymous said...


Meanwhile here's news from the American front:

A mysterious military vehicle mobilization continues across the US, it has been ongoing for several months now with miles long trains and other convoys carrying tanks, armored vehicles and other heavy duty military equipment have been seen and photographed/ videotaped all over the country...with seemingly no official explanation as to what this is all for. More can be seen below with the kick off of "Jade Helm" military "drill" that's scheduled to last 2 months covering almost the entire southern US (officially) and with no media presence or reporting allowed on it to "protect the identity of the special forces involved." This "drill" is supposed to take place across civilian territory by the way.

Then there are the multiple Wal Marts that mysteriously closed down following the announcement of the drill and something is very fishy:

Finally just in time for the economy to crumble and already seeing hundreds and thousands of retailers going out if business guess what - new mall openings just in time for what!!??

Look at the pictures...can it happen in America? With surveillance cameras being put up on intersections and freeway on ramps and other 'escape' routes brings us back to Rav Yehuda Zev Leibowitz's warning some years ago.

Look up executive order 13603 for slave labor Mr. Obama signed into law..

- updates