Monday, September 7, 2015

Seeking Forgiveness from the Abused

Rabbi YY Jacobson delivers a powerful Elul message to survivors of child sexual abuse and to the Jewish community.



Sharona said...

I think what the survivors want is for the community to do something about it and make the community a safer and healthier place. We Jews are a holy people, who sometimes make mistakes both big and small. The important thing is that we learn how to improve ourselves so we can be the good holy people we are meant to be and spread light while connecting to Hashem

Leah said...

I always fond Rabbi Jacobson to be a most validating and compassionate man. He is simply incredible. I receive his divrei Torah on a weekly basis around Elul and he outlines them around self improvement etc. He asks questions that guide a person to his own insights.
I find his chelek of Torah to be so amazing.
Dr. Ben Sorotzkin says: "Invalidation is like murder of the soul." Rabbi Jacobson embodies the that which validates the soul and brings life to it. For this I am grateful.

Anonymous said...

My comment may not be published...

Nevetheless, Rabbi Jacobson, I applaud you. You are doing so much to help the innocents who have been taken advantage of, in all societies. Thank you Rabbi, may Hashem bless you. Amen.

May we all, Jews, Gentiles and Noachides, learn from you to stand and apologise to all whom we may have hurt knowingly and unknowlingly,

Hashem have mercy on us.

May Hashem protect ALL children where ever they be from all evil. In all societies... Amen.

Devorah, thank you for putting this up.

Happy 5776 to you and all who come to this site.
May we see Mashiach soon. Amen.

A Noachide.

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

Child abuse begins before the child is born. It is in the consciousness of the parents, it is in the act of procreation and develops for 9 months in the womb with every act, thought, word of violence. It is in the moment of birth and the meeting of the eyes, the first gaze, the first touch and the first meal it is offered. Foundations of trauma are instilled from thought, so think well. The building blocks of relationship are formulated with the senses, so be the parent that offers their child life and blessings, not curses to her soul. That she may look at herself in the mirror and see G-d's handiwork and not the distorted image of hate. All the rest that follows the formative years are like magnets to the foundation in place. Repetitive cycles of suffering without redemption. The body, soul and mind are captive and controlled by the code given before conception. And it is that code that needs to be changed and that virus of contempt that needs to be cleansed.

Why don't rabbis speak about these things?

Sarah said...

I hang onto Hashem. People are **sholes in my eyes sometimes I just think we are different species of souls. I don't care. I like to change and be different. I don't hate. I think like this: I don't want to become something evil and hating. I want to be light and holy and good. So I let it go. I want to be good and holy and forgiving. No matter what you do to me, I will not be what you are trying to make me be. I want to be the highest thing I can. You have to make your mind up and see that this life is from Hashem, given specifically to grow certain aspects of yourself.
You can do it with the correct mindset.

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much Noachide!!!


Shana Tová Umetuká for all (Bnei Israel and Bnei Noach)!!!

Moshiach Now!!!

Luiz Felipe (Bnei Noach) - S.P. - Brazil