Friday, October 9, 2015


Our thoughts and prayers are with Israel. Video: Adele bat Miriam is the name of the woman who was stabbed early Sunday morning outside of Shaar Shchem. Her husband was murdered, and her 2-year old son was also injured in the attack.



Devorah said...

A must read: The Gog Umagog War Has Been Moved to Syria

Devorah said...

Music in the video above is by Zusha

Anonymous said...

Last night, a few friends decided to pay a condolence visit at the home of the Hasid/Soldier Aharon Benita z”l who was murdered on his way from praying at the Western Wall.
To be honest, we entered the home uneasily. Although we were coming with a lot of positive energy and love, we didn’t actually know the family.
We entered the house and we were immediately received with love and hugs.
They were so happy and proud that Am Israel was coming to visit them.
Aharon’s brothers and sisters are sitting shiva. His parents are travelling back from a visit to Canada, together with another brother.
We are talking about an amazing family who loves the nation of Israel and the State of Israel.
They were so proud that the IDF was taking care of everything and helping them with all of the arrangements during the shiva in an exemplary manner.

Aharon’s brother, who is also an IDF soldier (Nahal Haredi) told us how Aharon dreamed of being a combat soldier but, because he was married, he had to take a non-combat role.
The truth is, we came to strengthen and yet we left strengthened.
This family is a credit to the people of Israel.
Before we left, the brothers and sisters told us to come back when their parents arrived – to get to know their special parents. Also, to show that the nation of Israel loves and hugs the family no matter which ‘tribe’ you belong to in Israel.
Go to comfort and hug the family – they will be happy to receive you and will be strengthened by them.
This is the minimum that we can do for this dear family.