Thursday, October 15, 2015

Shemitah Exposed III

The ''Super Shemitah'' and ''Fall Crisis'' begins. Very interesting stuff. [The video contains advertising for Berwick's own company, about which I have no knowledge or interest]

Shemitah Exposed I

Shemitah Exposed II

Also see The World Economic Order is Collapsing and This Time There Seems No Way Out


Johun said...

I'm going to make another attempt at warning jews regarding jeff Berwick and his shemitah videos..
On one video(not in the shemitah series), which deals with the future collapse of the dollar, Berwick clearly displays his actual hatred of Israel.
Foul accusations are levelled against Mossad and the Israeli government regarding 9/11, among other things!
think you'll wish you'd never heard of Mr. Berwick after watching that particular video! It was apparently made in Acapulco, Mexico recently.
Please also be aware of repeated accusations levelled against Berwick regarding passport scams in central america .
Here is one link only --you can find others on the internet:
Jews should realize,once and for all, that conspiracy theories always end up, full circle, against....JEWS!
Living in Germany, I can attest to this fact on an almost daily basis.....

Devorah said...

Thank you Johun, I agree with what you write, and I'm pretty sure Berwick will be quite surprised at the way things turn out in the near future ....

Johun said...

Thank you Devorah, for your kind understanding!
As a sidekick, I would like to mention a conversation I had a few days ago with a German Doctor!
Referring to the migrant crisis here in Germany, he insinuated that Jews are to blame for this crisis!! When asked to explain his so-called rationale, he told me that Angela Merkel's mother was Jewish; (her father was a parishioner); and that she holds dual citizenship: one German and the other Israeli! The implication is clear ; Israel and Jews are to blame ....and she is regarded as a traitor...Such thoughts are increasingly common here and gaining widespread acceptance. The antisemitic rats are emerging out of their holes in numbers again...And these thoughts from a Doctor!!
I am looking forward to coming to Israel soon and leaving Germany behind.