Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Act of Kindness

From a FB post by Rabbi S. Feldman:

Today I was very proud to witness and record The Real Israel in action. Travelling on a highway in Jerusalem with bumper to bumper traffic this afternoon, an elderly Arab driver with a flat tyre needed help. An IDF truck pulls over in front of him to help change his tyre. I asked him permission to publicise this and he very happily agreed. In the real Israel (not the one the media wants you to think exists), the Israeli army is a deeply compassionate army that does not discriminate between people in need and as we see here this is embedded in their training; to pull over in the scorching heat on their own volition to provide help to an Arab they do not know. — in Jerusalem, Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that is so true..

ps; i know i said i will not comment.. but this is truly something to be so proud of.. Thank yo Devorah for sharing.