Monday, June 20, 2016

R' Mendel Kessin - On Trump & others [continuation of Current Events]

This is a continuation of the Current Events shiur which you can find by clicking here.



Anonymous said...

Re the Erev Rav. They are the gilgulim of the Mitzrim who left Egypt (Egyptians) with the Jews. The Jews have been suffering for over 3000 years because of them.

Anonymous said...

The concept of Erev Rav is an interesting cop out that has gone on without challenge for too long. I suppose Soros, Kissinger, Rothschild, Einstein, Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders, majority of Israeli government officials e.t.c are all Erev Rav. Moshe easily passed for an Egyptian. How is the modern state of Israel any different from the so called Edom God is going to judge ?

In whichever direction you look (political, finance, entertainment e.t.c) in the current spiritual Egypt (worldwide) those who identify themselves as Jews are never at the bottom of any pile. Even among the new world order crowd Jews are majority compared to others by population. Where is this oft cited suffering in comparison to others in the world ?

Chaim Goldberg

Anonymous said...

Hello Devorah,

Could you if you approve,... (this Rabbi makes a good point in our world today), post this on your blog ?

He speaks and says the truth..:

He is good... what a lot of us need to hear.
Thanks Devorah.

HaSHEM Bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Chaim Goldberg: To answer your question, YES, those you mentioned are!